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Addicted to Sin, Monica James


Addicted to Sin, Monica James

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, erotica.

Strange isn’t it how books seem to come along in groups. I’d just finished reading The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown, which has a soon to be qualified psychiatrist who works for another one as a sex surrogate, and meets Natalie, and then this comes along, Dixon, Psychiatrist self diagnosed as addicted to sex, who meets the lovely and innocent Madison in the same week as in your face Juliet. Madison reminds me very much of Natalie and Dixon a bit of of Ryan, and yet they are two very different reads. Interesting how authors can create such diverse works from similar themes…

Anyway Dixon, I kind of liked him and then again I didn’t… I understood he’d been hurt but then in turn he was dishing that out to the women he f cked, and that’s all it was, a mechanical release, no emotions, no feelings and once he was finished that was it. Harsh but since That event that’s the way he’s been. I felt for him but when he meets Madison he knows she’s different, that she gives him the chance to break out of that cycle, that she deserves more, and yet he just goes with the flow and gets it on with Juliet the man eater. To be fair he then puts Madison off limits, so he’s not a cheater even though he tells Juliet its just sex between them. I just felt he was ducking out of moving forward, content with blaming his past, living his empty life even while inside he hankers for more. Madison is lovely, but she’s got shadows in her past too, things she doesn’t tell but which affect her. Somehow she and Dixon keep on meeting in odd ways, and it’s clear there’s a strong attraction between them. Then there’s Juliet and she’s just one of those I love to hate – I adore finding someone like her in a book, it adds a certain edge, brings in all sorts of nastiness from someone who’s selfish and conscienceless.

I hadn’t realised this was a part book, that it continued in a later read  until I got towards the end, and realised there wasn’t time to fit a resolution in. Its good in that it extends an interesting story and yet I so hate the wait – and add it that there’s a massive jaw dropping revelation at the end and ….well, I just hope book two doesn’t keep us waiting too long. I’m reading this now as a review book but these stories work best for me when I can read straight through, so though this will probably be a five star series for me, divided like this its spoils it and this is a 3.5/4 star read.


Stars: 3.5/4 Interesting but that wait for book two ( or more…) is so frustrating



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Anterograde, Kallysten

Anterograde, Kallysten

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  LGBTQIA, Romance

I read Kallysten’s Out of the Box series when I first bought a kindle – some years back now – somehow I’ve never got round to anymore but seeing this thought I’d try it. Was one that just didn’t work for me though, it’s not a bad book, its a great read for many but just that I didn’t connect with it.

I started by reading in the order its written, which is not chronological, but by the time I’d got to about 40% I was totally confused. It doesn’t help that this is a side book from another series, something I hadn’t realised, and maybe it would make more sense to me if I’d read others in the series. I was so lost that I restarted and did the Chronological option and that worked better for me.
I struggled though with seeing the two in a romantic light, I just didn’t feel any real connection between them most of the while, though there were odd moments when I saw a flash of it, of tenderness there. Its quite a harrowing read, how Calder would feel being so stubborn, so independent, so proud of his brain and skills, to be so reliant on others even though Eli says he doesn’t think of him as a burden. He must have been scared it would be too much at some point, and that conversation was really emotional, as was the tattoo that resulted. Actually all the tattoos were very special, the reasoning Calder gave to them, not just the purpose of them but how he would recognise that he wrote them and held the feelings they told.  It made me think how awful it would be to know nothing about the present and your place in the world every time you woke. Scary, very, very scary.  Eli was a saint – he put up with so much from Calder, much of it understandable ranting, but sometimes Calder is just plain arrogant and selfish. I guess that made the times when he showed his love to Eli more beautiful though.
The sci-fi element isn’t really present here – the hospital where they both work is dealing with constant Demon attacks, but there’s no interaction or direct contact with any supernatural entity.

Stars: This is difficult for me, it was an interesting read in that it made me think about Calder and his situation but as a book it didn’t really grip me and at times I struggled to continue with it. For me I think its a 2.5 – 3.

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