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Midnight Temptation and Midnight Surrender, Books 2 & 3 of the Touched by Midnight Series, Nancy Gideon


Midnight Temptation,Book 2 of the Touched by Midnight Series,  Nancy Gideon

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

I’d not read book one but reviews suggested that wouldn’t be an issue, and I do so adore vampire romance stories. This one didn’t really work for me though :- (

Its a beautifully written story, full of drama and action, albeit in a subtle way. Nicole doesn’t know what she is, thinks she’s ordinary, human, and we see that really she’s led a very sheltered life, with her wealthy parents keeping her secluded from others much of the time. Then she finds out, and in an awful way, just what she is. She can’t admit it to herself, even though she’s been having strange urges recently, and she flees to the city. There her possessions get stolen on the first day,  she’s struggling to survive and gets taken in by Marchand. He’s a friend of artist Camille, who gave her a lift to the city after she’s befriended him when he was painting in her village. Camille though has been murdered, his girlfriend is devastated, his friends Marchand and his brother Frederick, and Frederick’s girlfriend are puzzled and upset, who would want to kill gentle Camille? Revolution is brewing though, and alongside that danger there’s another stalking the city. Something very dangerous, connected to Nicole’s parents, and somehow Nicole comes across the persuasive and dangerous duo behind the murders. It brings her and the group of Marchand and his friends into great danger.


It sounded great, and its well written and full of scenes that felt like I was back in that period of history. I did find all the murders a little hard to accept. From the deadly duo it seemed right, they were totally amoral, but from Nicole’s father and of course Nicole now she’s in to her deadly heritage it was difficult. I just felt they were genuinely good people at heart, and feeling that how could they just accept that to live they had to kill people? Maybe when its them or you it’s different? I don’t know – usually authors find a way out for those that want it, such as being able to pick out those with evil natures, or just able to take some blood but not murder the victims, and Nicole’s dad has learned how to minimise the kills but they still need to kill to live…..I just found that hard to reconcile and still feel Nicole and co were at heart good people.

I wasn’t really hung on the romance either, its a very slow moving book, and the romance really was just a minor part of it. It felt really as if there wasn’t actually that much going on, although in a way there was. that sounds a mess doesn’t i, sorry, it’s hard to explain how I feel about this story. There were murders, the revolution and dangers from that, and of course Nicole and the deadly duo, but somehow it all felt very low key to me, the writing was well put together but the story itself just didn’t pull me in.

Stars:Two and a half, a good book, but it didn’t really work for me.

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Midnight Surrender, Book 3 of the Touched by Midnight Series, Nancy Gideon

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

It wasn’t until I was maybe a third into this book that I began to get That Feeling – you know, that idea that the characters are familiar, that you’re read something about them. due to a crossover on publishing dates I’d failed to see I’d read book two ( but not book one). This story is set maybe 30-50 years later where Arabella, who wasn’t a huge character in the last book, is now an old lady. I could see that rather than a book about a connected theme but with individual characters as I’d assumed ( similar to DB Reynolds Vampire series ), it was the characters that were connected. I’d read book two, found it an enjoyable story with some good characters but it failed to really connect with me. My issue completely, not the book, not all books suit all readers. If I’d realised that I’d have passed on this one. To my surprise though I really enjoyed this read, I felt much more familiar with the characters and enjoyed the light historical touches.

The connecting thread really is Louis, Gerard and Bianca, and the old age story of passion, lust and jealousy. When that involves vampires of course it can cover generations given their potentially long lives. Bianca still want’s Louis for herself, and now Arabella is reaching the end of her life she’s back for another try. Of course there’s the complication of Louis and Arabella’s neighbour Cassie, who has her own difficulties managing her late fathers magazine. Alongside those two issues there’s the murders plaguing the City…

Its a story of passion and intrigue, of dangers and betrayals, and set in a gentle historical context with the restraints that the era places on single ladies. I surprised myself by enjoying it – its not a can’t put down novel, but feeling I had a better knowledge of those involved I was drawn to the story and entertained to the end. Its not a story I’m likely to re read but is a series I’d like to follow to see how everything plays out.

Stars: Four, an enjoyable story with a historical touch.


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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