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Wicked Release, Katana Collins

Wicked Release,  Katana Collins

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Erotica.

When I read Wicked Exposure I hadn’t realised there was a prequel novel, Wicked Shots. I loved it anyway and have since read Shots ( It was free on Kindle), and seeing the story from the beginning helped make sense of it.
There are numerous characters here and all connected in different ways so its easy to get confused. Still the story races along, with hot sex, a little BDSM, and a cracking adventure that kept me guessing. I went through a number of different guesses as to “who dunnit” but got it wrong each time, and kept changing my mind as the story advances.
I loved Jess, she’s been through so much and still secrets and shocks keep hurtling up on her. She’s feeling like the sister she thought she knew was really a very different person….then there’s Sam. He’s been carrying a huge secret too, and I so felt for both of them when it came out. There’s so much going on here, the drugs issue and who is behind it, is the BDSM ring connected or just a convenient cover,then there’s the murders of Cass and the doctor, and as the story continues there’s even more danger being exposed.
It becomes clear that whoever is behind things wants Jess out, but she can’t let Cass’ murder go free, can’t let the drugs ring continue, and what she doesn’t know is there is even more going on that any of them realise. Its a complete surprise on several fronts at the end from who is ultimately behind things to who is working for different sides. That ending too…what a shock, had me completely fooled!
Is a fabulous read, breathtakingly paced and full of surprise and sensuality – a solid romantic suspense and one  loved.

Stars: Five, a great finish to a fabulous series. (Or is it the finish? There’s an opening left for more!)-

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Black As Night, (Quentin Black Mystery 2), by J.C. Andrijeski

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Black As Night, (Quentin Black Mystery 2), by J.C. Andrijeski
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy and Sci-fi,  Paranormal

I loved the first in this series, and this one lives up to that great start. Its got the same terrific world building and characters as the Allie’s War series, but is lighter in feel. I love that I feel I “know” this kind of world and the character types because of all the info in AW, but if you’re new to it JCA gives enough info for the reader to keep up, understand the human/seer dynamics and characteristics without boring those who already understand it. A tough thing to do but JCA pulls it off and delivers a fabulous story once again.
Like before the main dynamic is Miri and Black. She’s angry he’s left her along for over a month, no contact, nothing after all his promises and indications he wanted more from her, and then out of the blue one of his weird calls. He needs her Now in Bangkok, and is sending a car for her in 10 mins, and his assistant ( well one of them) has already packed her case, cancelled her clients etc. Typical Black style, when he wants something done he makes it happen.
Miri is furious, tired, jet-lagged when they meet and yet that charisma, that pull to him, gets her straightaway, and soon as they’re alone he’s kissing her furiously in that intense Seer way that pulls at her insides. There’s a killer to find though, traps to lay, a child to be rescued and Miri soon gets embroiled in the drama more than either of them expected. She’s in some real danger here. Warning: This part gets graphic, and is very violent. It didn’t bother me, I saw it as essential to the storyline but for those that have issues take care. JCA pulls the reader right into her  stories and here I could feel Miri’s attack, feel her hurt and despair. She’s tough though and won’t give up. Black of course is distraught, furiously pulling strings everywhere trying to find her. He’s a very wealthy man but there are things money can’t buy.
Its an exciting, gripping story, a solid tale backing up another incredibly sensuous story. Its not one of those sex every other page reads so many stories deliver, but one where a kiss can be more sensual and erotic that out and out in your face sex of so many reads. Its the emotions that come with the actions that do it for me in these books. Its as if they are erotic by accident almost, that their action within the storyline add that edge of sensuality. Some stories try so hard it seems forced but here its just Is, it feels natural and right for the characters.  I love the culture differences between Miri and Black. She’s part Seer but until very recently thought she was – just as she thought everyone was – human. She still thinks in the way she’s always been brought up, whereas Black thinks like  a Seer, after all he’s been one for many many years! Sex to them is something essential, necessary and almost an everyday thing. He doesn’t understand Miri’s reaction when after no contact for so many weeks she’s upset when his first actions are to kind of jump her, and tell her how much, how desperate he is to f uck her…..he says it like its a kind of compliment and she’s just stunned, shocked. She wants the explanations first and he’s trying to persuade her he can tell it better through sex….poor Miri, and poor Black too! You can see so many times how they float on the edge of emotional disaster simply because they don’t understand the others actions and reactions. Like USA v GB, countries divided by a common language for them its Seers v Humans, divided by culture where the same thing means different things to each. Like Miri I’d be jealous, be wondering, given the way women seem to give Black the come on constantly, and that she’s finally coming to understand just how open they are about sex.
It all comes to a head in an exciting finish where its impossible to work out what’s going to happen because it changes constantly, minute by minute it seems with Black making plans on the fly and adapting them just as quickly. Its tough fighting an enemy who can get in your head, read your thoughts and plans….A great read, one for the keepers and I’m looking forward to book three.

Stars: Five, an exciting mystery with the spice only a Seer can bring!

ARC supplied by Author

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