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Angel After Dark, Kahlen Aymes and The Queen, Tiffany Reisz

Angel After Dark, Kahlen Aymes
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: Romance, Erotica

Well, my biggest disappointment of this book was that is a trilogy…I didn’t realise that, had thought it was one of those where the series consists of connected books, the ones where a couple in the first book become the mainstay of book two and a couple from there make book three but each book is standalone. Luckily books two and three are out, and fortunately not expensive. That’s the upside – I can carry on ( soon as I have time from review reads) with the story while its still fresh. I like to read duos/trilogies back to back, waiting months, years even for some I lose the momentum and there’s never the same impact.

Anyway, moving on, the book: Two terrific characters, both very intelligent, hardworking, Alpha types and neither want emotional attachment for reasons personal to them. When they first set eyes on each other sparks shimmer between them, but circumstances mean they don’t actually get to meet till six months on. By then Angel has some preconceived ideas about Alex, via his “girlfriend” who phones into her show. Even though its clear her story is very one sided Angel still thinks Alex is an arrogant jerk, and TBH he doesn’t do much at first to change that opinion. Somehow, by a bit of bribery by way of donation to her favourite charity, and encouragement on her part from her friend who thinks Alex is drop dead gorgeous and worth a fling with, they have one date, that leads to another and another. Soon they’re steaming up the sheets and there’s some sizzling sexual tension between them.

Its not just a romance though, hot though it is, there’s more going on. Alex is concerned about Angels job, she’s had a couple of incidents in the past where her decisions have been unwelcome by those convicted, and now she’s embroiled in a very nasty case where everyone feels the guy is guilty but he’s clever, knows what to say, how to get round her tests and looks to get away with it. Angel is determined he won’t but then things start getting dangerous, with threats to her and her friends….Alex is scared for her safety, its clear she’s been contacted and threatened, he’s there for some of it, but she can’t discuss it with him, simply reassures him she’ll be fine, can take care of herself. He’s an alpha too though and by now she’s more than just someone he wants to teach a lesson to, he can’t sit back and do nothing while she’s under threat.

I was expecting things to begin to wrap up by 80%, and of course when it didn’t look that way that’s when I began to suspect more books. I feel its quite a sudden, abrupt ending, though there isn’t always a neat stopping point in trilogies. I do think if books are not standalone that needs to be made very, very clear upfront, but as I said at least the next part of this is out…Its got some great side characters too, not just Alex and Angel, and a plot that’s going to be really interesting, but I did feel at times this dragged, felt a bit as though it was filling space more than moving things on. Still, its well worth reading if you want a hot, sensual story with some decent plots behind it, a book that’s more than just a romance.

Stars: Four, excellent start to the trilogy

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


The Queen, Tiffany Reisz

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, erotica


Well, the final book and what a fabulous series its been. The Queen fills in those missing years, more of the story behind the story. I can recall in those first four books the gaps, and thinking “ yes, but…. what happened…. why did….how did…” and finally more answers. It seems odd in a way having this written so the holes in the early books are filled in later, but if we’d known all at the time the drama, the suspense and our whole viewpoints would have been different. For me anyway! I know when I read book one, where we met Nora, as opposed to Eleanore or Elle, and Zach and Wesley, it was like beginning halfway through now I know what happened before and how Eleanore/Elle  became Nora Sutherlin. It would have spoiled things for me if the story had been told in chronological order.

I Hated Soren after that first book, just didn’t understand why Nora loved him. I was a bit like Wes, thinking of him as some abuser, a violent uncontrollable sadist, and then we met the man himself and of course like millions of others I saw he was a much more complex character, and understood why both Nora and King loved him, adored him and would give their lives for him – he was like that about them too. King had me confused, it took a long, long while before I began to understand him and what motivated him – Love and protection, that’s all, love of people he considered His and protection for anyone to whom he considered needed and deserved it. I think I could go back and read his story and rate it higher, the few reservations I had then have changed 😉 and like others he’s won me over!! Soren, Nora, King,  they really are a complete Trinity. Its not to say that there isn’t room for Juliette and Nico and others, but that the three of them together make some kind of a whole Unit, that expands to allow others in.

So here we get all that missing info, how Nora transitioned, how she became The Queen. It wasn’t easy, wasn’t without huge issues and struggles, not least the temptation constantly to return to Soren. Nora knew though that it would mean giving up her Domme persona, that she would lose part of herself and she knew that would be wrong for her – and for Soren. He deserved the whole Nora not just part of her and yet he couldn’t right then accept her.  We know from earlier books they find a way to get there, but its been wonderful reading just how the journey went, just what struggles and traumas they encountered along the way. Some terrific characters too –Thorny in this book, my heart bled for him, and I just hope that he found happiness finally and for a long time ( yes ok :-$ I know he’s not real – but these people Feel real).

Its been a wonderful journey, I’ve learned such a lot about people, human nature, just why some people  have specific needs, that its not an issue if everyone consents, that for some it is a need not a choice, and it’s opened my eyes to so much more. I’ll miss reading about all of them, and their quirks.  Still, I can always reread – I love to do that, and maybe knowing some of the gaps, the backstory I’ll see things differently this time round. I did reread the first four while waiting to the last four, and viewed some parts very differently – I saw just how easy it is to prejudge people not knowing all the background….

Inevitably this series will, like 50 shades, spawn a myriad of similar reads * sigh* Sadly I’ve already seen ads for dodgy BDSM loving priests etc but Soren rules, for me tiffany’s characters will always be the First, and the best.

I’ve seen pleas for Tiffany to continue the series but I think ending here is right – go out at the top, not drag on til stories get tired. I’ve seen good series do just that, and TV programmes where people try to recreate the magic of a popular show, it doesn’t work, there’s a start and an end and Tiffany has done the right thing in finishing this story. She promised some shorts about them – that will be perfect, there’s any number of incidental stories along the way we’d love to read, without having to have the characters move further forward.

Stars: five, a fabulous ending.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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