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Diverging Cadence, Cadence 2, Katie Hamstead



Diverging Cadence, Cadence 2,   Katie Hamstead

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, New Adult

I loved the first book, but was gutted that it was a two part instalment. I HATE waiting for sequels, find I lose the momentum. I had to reread the last few chapters of that one before starting this just to remember where we left Cadence and what was happening. Its not that long ago I read it  but I read a lot…

So Cadence is off to W. Australia, other side of the country where she met Austin the first time round. James hates that she’s so far away and feels he’s scared her off by asking her to marry him. He’s such a lovely man, been through so much to be with her and I so felt for him. Poor Cadence too – its not as if she can explain. All her family and friends are mystified at her decision, and its so tough for her to try to justify her reasons to them, but she feels she has to go, she has to meet Austin again.

She misses James terribly, and he’s so unhappy she wonders if she’s doing the right thing. But if she doesn’t then what about Austin, her first love and Melody, their daughter? They deserve a chance to live. Then she meets Austin and just as before falls in love. She’s so torn and to be honest I was angry with her at times, unfairly of course as she didn’t chose to be in this position, but it just seemed the way she’d gone this time round someone was going to get hurt with both James and Austin in love with her. The middle section where she has to lie to both is really gut wrenching, and that’s where I felt so angry at her. I can’t think of what else she could do though, she didn’t set out to cheat but has been forced into a position where she’s in love with two amazing men, and underneath she’s loyal to both though it doesn’t seem like it. Of course she can’t keep that secret forever and it causes some huge blowouts from family and friends.

Its an incredibly emotional read, and I just couldn’t see how on earth Katie could resolve it without someone getting totally broken. Even Cadence wasn’t without risk, whichever she chose she’d know that choice was responsible for the other one being heartbroken, and the consequences that could bring. and she truly loves them both. She knows what happened the first time though, and all this has been at an attempt to stop the events of that time round, but things keep changing and what seemed so simple when she started has become incredibly complex. She’s making decisions but so are others and they affect her choices too….

I shouldn’t have worried though, Katie does a superb finish, giving me the ending I needed but dared not hope for. There’s some surprises coming, things play out in a way I’d never imagined! These two books are a story I’d recommend for anyone who loves an angsty read, full of emotion, real people, issues lots of us face ( though without Cadence’s extra knowledge!) and a perfect, satisfying ending. Definitely one I’ll re read, and I know going straight through the two books will work far better for me than reading in separate parts.

Stars: Five, an amazing, satisfying and surprising conclusion

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Red Hot Holidays and A Very Alpha Christmas. Two great new anthologies


Another couple of bargain book bundles and available to preorder now. These are a great way of trying new authors at a price that’s good value. Even better all these stories are new, written for these anthologies.

Black Christmas ~ JC Andrijeski  From the anthology Red Hot Holidays.

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

I’ve really enjoyed books one and two in JC Andrijeski’s new series Quentin Black Mysteries. ( Black in White and Black as Night). He’s a Seer, and met and employed Miri in the first book. In book two he and Miri are in Bangkok when she’s the victim of another seer and undergoes the most traumatic time. We meet her now just after that, and she’s staying with Black, he’s ultra protective and careful with her after what she’s been through. He seems to feel such guilt over it but she doesn’t blame him, she doesn’t really think about it or anything, she’s just in a kind of blank fog. Its only been a few days back in the States though and he leaves, again, and with only a few hours notice. Miri undergoes a kind of shut down then, blanks everything. I so felt for her, she needed Black. Her friends and ex-work colleagues Nick and Angel are worried for her, but nothing really seems to get through. Black is desperate, she ignores his calls, doesn’t open the gifts he’s been sending, and even moves out of his apartment.

I really felt for them both, Miri needs him there and he’s…well, not there. That’s it. Yet Black is so fixed on her, so wants to be with her I just feel that it must have been something incredibly important to pull him away when he knows he needs her and she him. What though? And will Miri eventually understand? Even though they’re apart its still a very emotional story, and I was just as desperate as Black for Miri to understand, to keep in contact, still want him. He’s an odd man in many ways, but then he’s Seer, older by far and of course their ways are so very different. Its a new world to Miri, she’s still feeling her way in it and drawn though she is to Black she’s still learning so much, and after the traumas she’s been through no wonder she’s feeling fragile and abandoned. their romance seems to take two steps forward and one back all the while, and just when I think there’s some progress something else happens. Can they find their way past this setback?

Stars: Five, its a short read, and usually I don’t do these but it just feels to me like an extra, separate chapter from the last novel. A kind of epilogue.

ARC supplied by author



A Glint of Light ( Allie’s War Christmas Story) J C Andrijeski. 

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:   Sci-fi and Fantasy.

A novella length book featuring Cassandra and Balidor. Cass has never been a favourite character of mine. I know she had a horrific childhood, that she’s been through some awful traumas over recent years, but though she was Allie’s friend since childhood I always felt she was jealous of Allie, took every opportunity to undermine her confidence, and that she never really acted as a friend or appreciated all that Allie has done for her.

She’s now back with the group after having betrayed them to Shadow with disastrous consequences, and of course in seclusion, under Sight and physical restraints. Balidor seems to think there’s hope for her, that they can bring her back by delving into her psyche, seeking out her past and maybe finding and breaking Shadows hold. To me though Shadow just enhanced what she really felt, she was always jealous of Allie, always selfish, always out to put herself first. She uses people in my opinion and Shadow just built on what was there. Who knows though – maybe Balidor is right, he certainly has a connection with her. Its fascinating seeing how they react to each other and just who is playing who even though I don’t like Cass much. Of course all this is unsanctioned and against protocols set by Balidor himself!

Its a shortish read, interesting and with some trademark JCA sensuality. I just can’t see things the way Balidor does, but he’s got centuries on me and I guess must know best – or is he blinded by his emotions. They’re strong things in Seers. When he’s talking to Jon about why she should be given a chance he says how Revik also has done some horrific killings in his past under Shadow and yet he was brought back. Maybe he’s right and its just my feelings about her personally that shape the way I think. It’ll be interesting to see just how/if things resolve over next book.


Stars: Four. Made me think over the emotional v the logical, and how it influences what we do.


ARC supplied by author

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From Ashes, Elise Faber and Such a Dance, Kate McMurray

From Ashes, Elise Faber

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy and paranormal

I really enjoyed the first two novels in this series and though you could read this without having read those you’ll understand the world setting and characters so much better if you start with them.

This is a shorter novel, though still a decent length and doesn’t have the adventure and suspense that backed up the romance in the first two, just a fairly straightforward romance between two troubled characters.

Gabby has a secret, something that she keeps hidden about her past, but its affecting her magic and her new life. She’s afraid that if she reveals it though everyone will hate her and she may have to leave. Its reaching the point though that her magic, which she is only now learning about, is getting beyond her control and potentially dangerous. Poor Gabby, she’s terrified of hurting someone, and yet can’t open herself up to anyone without revealing her secret. Awful situation. Throw in that every time Mason is around she turns into a blushing, tongue tied idiot – well, that’s how she feels anyway, and she’s in turmoil. She’s really attracted to Mason, and when he decides to help her its hard for her to hide it. What she doesn’t know though is that he also feels the pull between them…

Its a sweet story, with some strong sensuality. I so wanted things to work out for them but could see both sides, things they struggled with, and then there’s a pull that’s more than just simply attraction between them. If they give in to it there’s no going back. Time for some hard decisions.

I was quickly pulled back into the world Elise has created and really enjoyed this, not quite as much as the first two, but if you’re looking for an easy to read paranormal this book is perfect.

Stars: Four, excellent addition to the series

ARC supplied by author and publishers

Such a Dance,  Kate McMurray

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I really enjoyed this read. Its not a breathless faced paced, dramatic romance, but a slow, meandering read that takes us on a journey. I adored Eddie. How hard though to have a career in the public eye where people are looking out for you even when you’re not on stage, and have the leanings he does. Its a time when its tough to be gay, when its not only spurned upon but actually a criminal offence, and pursued avidly by some policemen. Sadly that’s the case still in many countries : (
Eddie is part of a comedy dance duo, and though his co star has an idea of his sexuality its not something either of them mention, and they play a husband and wife on stage and off for publicity…it’s a lonely life for Eddie though, and he gives in occasionally to some paid company. Julian, a secondary character is one of those and woven into the story perfectly.

It’s Lane though that captures Eddie’s heart. Lane has his own troubled past, but unlike Eddie he believes in love. Eddie think men can’t love other men, that its sex only, so of course it shocks him when he feels more for Lane. Throw in the fact that Lane is Mafia, runs a prohibited nightclub for men, with alcohol there too,  and its in the cards that at some point its all going to fall down. For the moment though everything is perfect – until it isn’t. Then Lane, Eddie, Julian and others are all facing disaster. Eddie and Lane have some tough decisions to make.

Its a fun read, a gentle story with some incredibly moving events and pathos. It brings back the dangers of the era to people that don’t conform to what Society feels is correct. As I said its a danger faced still for far too many people . Its a great escape read though, with me wondering how on earth Kate is going to find a safe solution for them, and desperate for a happy ending. I felt as if I was living there alongside them.

Stars: Four and a half, a wonderful, gentle read.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


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