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Grave New Day, (Jess Vandermire, Vampire Hunter Book 3), Lina Gardiner


Grave New Day, (Jess Vandermire, Vampire Hunter Book 3), Lina Gardiner

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

Well, I hadn’t read book one, enjoyed book two, though with some reservations and was keen to get to this one. Sadly for me there’s one major flaw that makes it a three star. Its well written as was book two, full of great characters and fun plots but – and its a huge issue for me – I hate when characters get some unheard of mysterious new powers right at the moment they need them 😦

This book is really based so much on that happening, it occurs in one of the characters throughout, and to Jess at one point. (I didn’t Jess’ choice quite as the description suggests,  but it does make her think about what she needs to be for herself v what she needs to be to continue to fight for others. ) I like to see characters fight it out, winning by the skin of their teeth using the powers and skills we already know about. To me getting new ones just when needed is a cop out. Its a personal issue and one many readers aren’t bothered about, they simply accept it and enjoy the story, but sadly I can’t. It impact in a major way how I feel about things. This was the problem that didn’t make for a great read for me.

I did like that there was a continuation of a storyline that was left open at the end of the last book, something really sad happened but was left so that maybe, just maybe there could be some good come from it. Its kind of hard to write without giving things away, but I do love it when it gets this result. I love Regent, he’s so loyal to Jess, worked so hard over the years and still the Church gives him grief, but of course they don’t know, can’t know what he’s been doing. He’s such a strong Christian, so unwavering in his faith and I love that he answers to God only, not the church officials…well, that’s how he seems to me anyway. Jess as always is a puzzle, so strong, almost cold appearing on the outside and yet inside she’s such a moral, do the right thing, always person trying to save everyone from evil. Her friends though know her true side, and I really admire her. She’s had a tough life but worked hard to make the best of it despite the cost to herself. I didn’t like the idea of – I’ve forgotten his name, Kier? – who kept popping up just when needed. I guess that relates to my dislike of the new powers things too….It was just too timely, too convenient. It wasn’t him as a character I disliked, just the way he worked in the story. It was an interesting and unusual storyline but for me the way it played out just didn’t work.

Stars: Three, a good storyline but the way it worked out irritated me at times.


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Beyond the Grave, Book 2 of the Jess Vandermire: Vampire Hunter Series, Lina Gardiner


Beyond the Grave, Book 2 of the Jess Vandermire: Vampire Hunter Series,  Lina Gardiner

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

I’m always on the look out for a good vampire series and saw this one a while back. At the time though I had a long TBR list so this went on my wish list for later….( at one time I had so many on my BR list I divided it into two – that damn one click! Now I’m stricter, well, a little…)

So not having read book one, only the sample, I dived in to this. Its not that hard to follow though I was puzzled at some of the crits I seen referencing this as “soft porn”. Err – what? Jessica is still a virgin here! If you want an example of soft porn in books look at the later Laurell Hamilton Anita Blake series. I loved the earlier ones, but they devolved into a sex fest where it seemed like if it moved and was male Anita “needed” it – so that excused everything then 😉 Anyway, moving on…Jessica makes a good lead, strongly moral, wants to retain her humanity despite being a vampire now – and these vampires aren’t the usual romance type, but (most) kill needlessly and have absolutely no regard for humans and human life. Jess though has always had the support of her little brother. He’s a priest, though now elderly he’s still very strong and his prayers and herbals have held Jess to her humanity so far. There’s another Vampire too, James, who works for the police who is also helped by Regent’s prayers. He makes occasional appearances here but is an important part of the team. Then there’s another cop on the team, Britt, a human who’s in love with Jess but its still new, Jess is scared of hurting him and yet can’t seem to keep away. They seem to be the mainstay of the series.

Alongside that there’s the issue of what’s specific to this book, where humans are being killed by Vampires and it looks like Jess may be to blame…Britt knows her very well though, he and Regent agree it can’t be her despite the way it looks but can they find the real killer in time? Then there’s Drago, curious and secretive rich owner of a local club – he’s been offered a huge sum to get hold of Jess for a client.

There’s a lot going on here, lots of minor issues that gradually expand to give a clearer picture. I found it a bit slow going to start, maybe if I’d read book one? I don’t know – I don’t think it would have made a difference but it sped up in the second half into almost a frenzy of action at times, and I had to keep reminding myself only hours had passed in the book, it seemed like days so much had happened. There’s a few surprises in store for everyone, Jess included, and it made for a fun read but whether it’ll join the keepers I’m undecided. It may be one of those I like more after getting further into the series, but so far I kind of find it hard to get really engrossed in the story and characters, and just feel a little detached from them. Its a good read nevertheless, just not (yet) a five star one for me. I’ve got book three on my kindle so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel about Jess, Britt and Co after that.

Stars: Four, a fun and entertaining read.

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Rain Shadow, A Bluewater Bay Novel, LA Witt


Rain Shadow, A Bluewater Bay Novel, LA Witt

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I love the Bluewater series, love LA Witt’s writing and yet with this book I never really connected. It was a good story, very real characters with problems any one of us could have regardless of sexuality – and I love that feeling of realism so I really don’t know why I didn’t feel more for this story? Its a puzzle, its got all the elements I love but I felt a bit detached somehow. I did like seeing other characters from the series and earlier books, even if it was only a reference to them – it reminded me of them and their stories.

I did feel for Jeremy over his kids reactions, and yet knowing teens ( been one, had them!) its hard not to feel for them too. They’re all about themselves, how everything affects them, its a sort of Rite of teen years. Of course whatever Jeremy and his wife tried to do would have been wrong. They tried their best and that’s all you can do. Sometimes there are no right answers, Life if messy like that. I felt for Scott too with his past, and his inability to let go of it…I could see why Jeremy presented a problem for him. I laughed at the time they got caught making out in the car ( To my kids: Look away from the page now!) Been there, done that…

It rounds off neatly and I enjoyed the way it finished but somehow I just felt that though it was a good read, it wasn’t one I’d reread and that’s unusual in an L.A.Witt story for me.

Stars: Three, a good read, enjoyed the Bluewater connection but lacked something to make it a great read for me.

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A Moment of Weakness, Brooklyn Skye

A Moment of Weakness,  Brooklyn Skye

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

I usually like Brazen reads and this sounded fun but…sadly it was a fail for me.

I didn’t like either of the main leads, Micah was a surly, arrogant individual and Laurel was just a pushover. Given Micah wants the best for his daughter, and Laurel supposedly needs the job and wants to do her best, they didn’t act that way. I didn’t feel any connection between them except lust which they both gave way to far too soon IMO.

Then the fact it was for the summer only – what was going to happen after that?  Who’d be looking after his daughter? He has to leave for his second “job” at late hours and short notice very often, and its a dangerous one where he could end in hospital or worse. That’s not what a caring father does….When you’ve kids you have to plan for every eventuality especially if you don’t have other close family to help. The ending, the scenes at the school just wouldn’t/couldn’t happen. Wouldn’t be allowed in these security conscious days. I know its fiction and you can stretch reality but this was a step too far for me.

It just didn’t work for me. I struggled with it, picking it up, putting it aside, trying again and again to get a feel for the characters and the story but I never did. Some you win some you lose and this was a lose for me. As always though everyone likes different things and there will be readers who love this story – its all very personal and its not a bad book, just one that doesn’t work for me.

Stars: Sorry, just a two – others will love it, five star it and that’s great for them but for me this story just didn’t make it.

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Midnight Temptation and Midnight Surrender, Books 2 & 3 of the Touched by Midnight Series, Nancy Gideon


Midnight Temptation,Book 2 of the Touched by Midnight Series,  Nancy Gideon

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

I’d not read book one but reviews suggested that wouldn’t be an issue, and I do so adore vampire romance stories. This one didn’t really work for me though :- (

Its a beautifully written story, full of drama and action, albeit in a subtle way. Nicole doesn’t know what she is, thinks she’s ordinary, human, and we see that really she’s led a very sheltered life, with her wealthy parents keeping her secluded from others much of the time. Then she finds out, and in an awful way, just what she is. She can’t admit it to herself, even though she’s been having strange urges recently, and she flees to the city. There her possessions get stolen on the first day,  she’s struggling to survive and gets taken in by Marchand. He’s a friend of artist Camille, who gave her a lift to the city after she’s befriended him when he was painting in her village. Camille though has been murdered, his girlfriend is devastated, his friends Marchand and his brother Frederick, and Frederick’s girlfriend are puzzled and upset, who would want to kill gentle Camille? Revolution is brewing though, and alongside that danger there’s another stalking the city. Something very dangerous, connected to Nicole’s parents, and somehow Nicole comes across the persuasive and dangerous duo behind the murders. It brings her and the group of Marchand and his friends into great danger.


It sounded great, and its well written and full of scenes that felt like I was back in that period of history. I did find all the murders a little hard to accept. From the deadly duo it seemed right, they were totally amoral, but from Nicole’s father and of course Nicole now she’s in to her deadly heritage it was difficult. I just felt they were genuinely good people at heart, and feeling that how could they just accept that to live they had to kill people? Maybe when its them or you it’s different? I don’t know – usually authors find a way out for those that want it, such as being able to pick out those with evil natures, or just able to take some blood but not murder the victims, and Nicole’s dad has learned how to minimise the kills but they still need to kill to live…..I just found that hard to reconcile and still feel Nicole and co were at heart good people.

I wasn’t really hung on the romance either, its a very slow moving book, and the romance really was just a minor part of it. It felt really as if there wasn’t actually that much going on, although in a way there was. that sounds a mess doesn’t i, sorry, it’s hard to explain how I feel about this story. There were murders, the revolution and dangers from that, and of course Nicole and the deadly duo, but somehow it all felt very low key to me, the writing was well put together but the story itself just didn’t pull me in.

Stars:Two and a half, a good book, but it didn’t really work for me.

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Midnight Surrender, Book 3 of the Touched by Midnight Series, Nancy Gideon

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

It wasn’t until I was maybe a third into this book that I began to get That Feeling – you know, that idea that the characters are familiar, that you’re read something about them. due to a crossover on publishing dates I’d failed to see I’d read book two ( but not book one). This story is set maybe 30-50 years later where Arabella, who wasn’t a huge character in the last book, is now an old lady. I could see that rather than a book about a connected theme but with individual characters as I’d assumed ( similar to DB Reynolds Vampire series ), it was the characters that were connected. I’d read book two, found it an enjoyable story with some good characters but it failed to really connect with me. My issue completely, not the book, not all books suit all readers. If I’d realised that I’d have passed on this one. To my surprise though I really enjoyed this read, I felt much more familiar with the characters and enjoyed the light historical touches.

The connecting thread really is Louis, Gerard and Bianca, and the old age story of passion, lust and jealousy. When that involves vampires of course it can cover generations given their potentially long lives. Bianca still want’s Louis for herself, and now Arabella is reaching the end of her life she’s back for another try. Of course there’s the complication of Louis and Arabella’s neighbour Cassie, who has her own difficulties managing her late fathers magazine. Alongside those two issues there’s the murders plaguing the City…

Its a story of passion and intrigue, of dangers and betrayals, and set in a gentle historical context with the restraints that the era places on single ladies. I surprised myself by enjoying it – its not a can’t put down novel, but feeling I had a better knowledge of those involved I was drawn to the story and entertained to the end. Its not a story I’m likely to re read but is a series I’d like to follow to see how everything plays out.

Stars: Four, an enjoyable story with a historical touch.


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Frosh: First Blush, (Frosh 1), Mónica B. Wagner


Frosh: First Blush, (Frosh 1),  Mónica B. Wagner

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, New Adult

This read reminds me very much of Abbi Glines/Jessica Sorensen/Colleen Hoover style. I’ve read a few of theirs, I wouldn’t want to make them my mainstay but sometimes I just want an easy relaxing read, with the fabulous drama and intensity that comes from books around this age group.

Oddly I’d just started reading K A Linde. Off the Record series as its on kindle unlimited ( yep – even though I get lots of review reads I still buy books and joined KU last month as several favourite authors have books there, and lots of complete series/trilogies – I hate to wait for endings) I had only got to 20% when I started this book and it’s about ( older characters ) a reporter dating a politician who she’s got to write a profile for…  I stopped as I don’t like reading two similar books at a time when one is a review – made that mistake before and got totally confused about who and what was in each book….Shall continue now I’ve finished this one.

So, what I love about this genre is the drama, and it’s here in spades. In general the 18-21 age group make everything about them, very personal and every issue is a drama, every drama a crisis, and every crisis is simply Earth Shattering/ Heart Breaking. It makes it fun, reads like this that capture that intensity feel very real. I loved the four viewpoints way of writing too – I’m a great fan of this style as it really lets me see what each character thinks, and sometimes what one person is convinced another is doing/saying/meaning is so far from the truth.

In this read I really enjoyed the setting and the age group- sometimes authors write this group to feel more like early teens and I can’t get on with that. Its fun too seeing how in US alcohol is such a large part of uni life even though legal age is 21, here in UK its 18 but it seems that it really doesn’t matter, each group acts the same. I enjoyed the way Monica set out the characters at the beginning, and made me feel one way about some of them  and yet I felt very differently about them by the end when I knew them better – except for Charlie. Like other reviewers I just love Charlie, he’s so true to life, such a  genuine and lovely person. He’s a bit younger than the others, one of those bright kids who move up early and in some ways it shows. He’s got an incredible intelligence and yet growing up comes to everyone differently, and he just seems to still have that naive, finding his feet air about him. I felt for Ellie, she’s so determined to find The Story, and yet when she gets to know Grant better her first ideas about him as a typical Jock type seem to be wrong – or are they? They and Devon and Charlie go back and forth, thinking one thing and then seeing things that change their minds. Not everything is as it appears, and we can see already that there’s some real undercurrents brewing that begin to explode by the end of the book. There’s two more planned, so I’m sure we’ve lots more surprises and tears to come and I look forward to reading them.

Stars: Five, a really fun read with some cracking dramatic intensity and hints of future surprises unfolding

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Major Misconduct, An Aces Hockey Novel, Kelly Jamieson



Major Misconduct, An Aces Hockey Novel,  Kelly Jamieson

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

I’ve enjoyed some of Kelly’s other novels so looked forward to this one. As I’ve found before though – just because you like some of an authors work doesn’t mean you’ll love all of them, and for me this was an OK read but nothing special.

I found Lovey hard to like in some ways. Yes she’s bright and cheerful, and clearly hard working even though she seems to be regarded as a flake, but she complains they always treat her as “Lovey gets whatever she wants.”  She resents that, but to be honest from what we read of her its true. She does get what she wants, the family do give way to her, and the current drama is a case in point. She’s given up her job, she has solid reasons although the family don’t know that, but she’s decided to move to Chicago, and that she’ll live with her brother til she finds her own place. She doesn’t tell him, just turns up on his doorstep expecting him to give in, and after a little passive argument he does give way. The What Lovey Wants has struck again. I didn’t really understand why she was keeping the whole job search/own business thing a secret unless it was just that in the past she has been a flake, and fears they’ll be negative?

Her brother is great, and the hands off my sister is something most brothers would do. His flatmate Marc, the hottie Lovey lusts for is gorgeous, and very tempted by her but respects his mate’s wishes…for a while… til Lovey persuades him otherwise. More of the Lovey wants stuff. She just seemed to think that as she was attracted and so was he, it was fine to go ahead despite her brothers feelings and Marc’s reservations, never thinking of the effect on her brother and Marc’s friendship, plus of course the team rapport if she and Marc end up in an acrimonious split. That kind of irritated me. Another thing that annoyed was the constant Cheese references. I get there’s a link to her past job and current business, but the constant Cheese Whiz, for Cheese Sake, and Cheese-It’s got really aggravating and made her sound about 10 instead of 24. On the upside the sex scenes were hot, seriously erotic and I did feel a real connection between them both. Overall though the book lacked drama and interest for me, and I found myself skipping parts looking for something to actually happen….it just didn’t pull me in enough to overcome the bits that irritated me.

Stars: Two and a half. Sadly there were too many annoyances for me, and the story lacked interest. I’m sure others will love it, as always this is just my view.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Everything I Left Unsaid, M. O’Keefe


Everything I Left Unsaid,  M. O’Keefe

review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

I was hooked in by the reference to Jodi Elen Malpas and K Bromberg but to be honest this book is nothing like any of those that I’ve read. Its a fascinating read to be appreciated for its own sake, and to me I don’t understand the comparisons. Annie isn’t anything like any of the leads in those books, Dylan like none of the men, and even the sex scenes, while hot, very hot are very different….

So we meet Annie and its clear she’s escaping from something, distraught, scared but she’s found a place for now in the trailer park. By chance she “meets” Dylan, well speaks to him anyway, when she answers a phone left down the side of the sofa. He had previous tenants watch over another resident, Ben, an older man and he asks Annie to do the same. He won’t explain why, or who Ben is, but warns Annie to keep away from him. She gets to know some of the other residents including Ben though over the weeks and can’t understand why Dylan says he’s dangerous. He just seems like a lonely, harmless older man, who gives her home grown veg and accepts her occasional meals made from them gratefully. They’re not friends, none of the residents go that far, but they speak when passing and watch out for each other.


Annie and Dylan’s calls somehow turn from conversations about Ben into some hot and heavy phone chats, and she starts to get out of her comfort zone sexually by way of instructions from Dylan. She feels safe that way, he’s just a voice, he’s never met her, doesn’t know her and she’s given him a false name so she can left her fantasies out – slowly, very slowly. She’s such a sweet girl, been so repressed first by her mother and then by….well, you have to read it. Dylan too has issues, and he’s not sure what it is about Annie, or Layla as he thinks she’s called, that keeps him wanting to hear from her, but there’s something that he can’t quite bring himself to let go of.

We meet some of the other inhabitants of the park too, not just Ben but a solitary, slightly brash lady that works as a stripper and has the odd man caller/client,  and a young mum of three who’s clearly being physically abused by her husband.  It seems to be a place where everyone is trying to find a way to live life as best they can, and they’ve all got different problems.

Time goes on, weeks pass and Annie starts to grow a little more relaxed, more confident in her everyday life, stops looking over her shoulder every time there’s a strange noise.  She and Dylan still have their odd on/off phone relationship where she tells him what she wants, and he gives her instructions on what to do next. Then danger comes to the camp and its all change….and damn it the book ends on a massive cliff-hanger – and I hate those, but I see book two is scheduled for this November so hopefully not too long to wait ;- )

It starts quietly, builds slowly and gently and then explodes into action and danger at the end, leaving me on tenterhooks waiting for book two, desperate to know more. Its a story I really loved, so very different to what I’ve read lately, and perfect for me getting tired of trilogies that are telling the same kind of story. I really want to know more of Annie and Dylan, of their pasts, and to see if they can make a future together. I desperately want them to – they deserve happiness, but somehow you just know there’s lots of barriers in store before that can happen and of course their pasts – that  never stays away too long!

Stars:Five, a fabulous, engrossing read, beautifully written and paced so as to draw the reader in slowly, revealing a bit more each chapter until it all explodes at the end.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

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Hollie Porter Builds a Raft by Eliza Gordon

Hollie Porter Builds a Raft by Eliza Gordon

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, entertainment

Well, I hadn’t read book one, though I read the sample and loved it and its a bargain price I just hadn’t the time to fit another book in….but I’m on holiday in a couple of weeks ( Centerparcs with the grandkids again!) so need some easy to read, fun, non-review reads and this is definitely going to be one of them. I need books I can put down when they announce its time to go to do x,y,z and that I can read while watching them do whatever – I don’t need a book that’s going to be so complex I get confused when I have to put it aside in a hurry, and then when I pick it up I’m lost….this kind of read will be perfect.

So – “raft (noun): when two or more otters rest together, often holding hands, so they don’t drift apart” Something I didn’t know but which sound beautiful, and is so appropriate to this read. It’s a romance, but so much more than just a love story. Its one where you’ll laugh with Hollie, cry a bit for her too, and where real life happens. I feel for her, the disasters she encounters in her everyday life just trying to help mirror the kind of things that happen to me. Some people are born to wake up immaculate and drift through life serenely, others of us wake up looking like we’ve been dragged backwards through a hedge and life seems to continue in that vein.

I loved the people we met here – even Lucy Collins – they all added to the overall feeling of a story about real people. The goat: Dad kept goats and I think of them as Spawn of the Devil. His were like Mangala, ate everything, lived to escape and run rampage, destroying everything in the way, and one of them hated females. Yes, Sapphire loved men, hated ladies, and when mum or I approached it was head down, hackles up along her back – just like an aggressive dog – and beware if we got within butting range. She meant business and we had plenty of bruises to prove it. She destroyed a few clothes too so Mangala’s antics were very believable. Lucy, one moment I hated her and the next she’d do or say something that made me feel so sad for her. Miss Betty, a mum everyone should have, and Hollie’s wondeful dad Nurse Bob.  Then there’s Ryan and God, that man is just so perfect. He knows Hollie so well, adores her, and it seems he’d move heaven and earth to keep her happy. Having had an ex who was fame and money hungry rather then wanting him for himself he values the way Hollie feels and its just so beautiful to see the way he takes her disasters in his stride.

Its more than just a romance, that shines through wonderfully, but its a journey with so many people and there’s so much going on, so much to laugh at. Hollie and the know it all little girl ( and parents ), we’ve all met that sort of person, and the two boys allowed to wee in the woods… Well, what else was she to do? Take them back with peed trousers?( I cannot say pants – here in UK they are what are worn under trousers and skirts etc. they are not outer garments! and as for panties….awful, twee word and nope, they don’t exist in my world!)

So read this book, love it , laugh with the characters and get moved to tears at times through the real emotion it contains, and when you reach the end its with a feeling of satisfaction, that despite Life, Goats and Lucy Collins, Hollie and Ryan pulled through and made their raft. ** smile**



Stars: Five, its a fabulous read and one I’ll definitely read again.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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Temptation & Tequila, Sudden Falls 2, Elizabeth Bemis

Temptation & Tequila, Sudden Falls 2, Elizabeth Bemis

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

A connected series with stand alone books. I’d not read book one so to be honest I felt a bit lost at first not really knowing the family and the backstory but hey – its got horses in it so….

Its a fun read, a HEA romance and some interesting plots ,but its very light and surface feeling for me, no real depth or dark drama although there is a bit of a suspense thread running through for Gray’s horse farm. I didn’t really agree with why he kept away, first it seemed to be one reason, and that may have been fine when he was a teen, but then now they’re older he seems to have another reason, and neither really felt strong enough given their feelings. Still, it provided the needed barrier to them being together straight off so it all worked out. I did enjoy this, liked the animal issues raised, liked seeing the whole family and the way they support each other. I was hoping for some kind of drama involving the other vet – the lady ( Alicia?) – as I hoped she’d prove to be one of those malicious, jealous, interfering types but nothing much came there. Shame, I love that sort of character n a story and she was set up perfectly!

Its one I enjoyed but wouldn’t re read, and I’m not sure I want to read more – depends on my mood I guess. This is perfect for when you want a light easy read, a book you can put aside and pick up a few days later without losing the plot and having to restart.

Stars: Three, a perfect short read for when you want light and easy romance.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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We are four cousins hailing from Australia. Love of books runs in our family and we have decided to share our exhilirating gossip sessions with you. Here you can find book reviews from multiple genres, bringing you the best of buzz worthy popular fiction.