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Plan Overboard, Toronto Collection 14, Heather Wardell

Plan Overboard, Toronto Collection 14, Heather Wardell

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Women’s fiction

I’ve enjoyed several of Heather’s novels now and one thing comes across throughout them all – the Characters. They are real, I feel as if I could touch them, understand them, sympathise with them when things go wrong and am so happy with them when everything works out well. I need that in a story to enjoy it, it needs to have people I can relate to in some way and Heather always delivers that, wrapped up in a story that is very true to life, well planned and always entertaining. That’s the purpose of a story for me – I want to be entertained, taken away from the day to day dross, and escape to another world.

There’s a gap in my reading here so I didn’t know any of the characters, but that didn’t affect my enjoyment – I was able to pick up the story easily. Corinne, poor Corinne has spent the last 20 years chasing a very exacting dream, a place in an orchestra that very rarely comes vacant. For her it has to be That orchestra, no other will do, so when she doesn’t get the coveted place she’s stunned. What now? What about all her plans? Failing to get in once the opening appeared hasn’t factored into her plans and she’s lost. Still, with that plan down she makes another, discards everyone and everything associated with Plan 1 and moves on to Plan 2. Poor Clay, her boyfriend is part of Plan 1 and he’s got to go….to me she seemed almost a control freak in her tightly regulated plans, but its what holds her together and without a plan she feels a failure. Well that’s how she seems to me.

So what’s Plan 2? A baby that’s what. Plans in place to ensure she can afford it she changes jobs, seeks out a clinic and is soon on the way to parenthood. What she didn’t factor in was meeting Austin on the cruise with her brother and friends. They get on incredibly well, feel so drawn to each other, but Austin makes it clear at the start that its for the cruise only, no contact after and indeed his family take pains to warn her he’s lovely, will make her feel so special, as if she’s the only one for him, but in the end he’s a playboy and always leaves. Events happen that show that is true while they’re out and about. Still, she only wants some fun, she’s no plans for a man in her life so it suits her. Can life be so controlled though? No, of course not and they both develop feelings they didn’t expect 😉 and have to find ways to deal with it. There’s a complication though – Corinne’s baby.

I loved both Corinne and Austin and it was clear early on that his feelings for her were unusual for him. His family were astounded at the things he did, buying her presents, giving up precious time usually spend on things he loves just to be with her. When it goes wrong it really goes wrong, and I so felt for them both. I did understand their feelings but to me they were too fixed in their ideas, the (new) Plan for Corinne, and for Austin his fears of not being able to be the man he wanted for her. At times I did get impatient with both, but of course its that drama that makes the book, that realism that made me want to shout at them.

Its a fun read, very emotional and even right to the end I was unsure how things would work out. How would Heather get them past their fears, the Plan, let Austin see he was more than he thought….and it made it so satisfying when things finally came together.

Stars: Four, a fun and realistic read


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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His Contract, Rebecca Grace Allen


His Contract,  Rebecca Grace Allen

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

This was a perfect read for me yesterday. I wanted some romance but with a solid story line, something to really pull at my emotions. This delivered all of that.

I loved Lilly, understood just how badly Damien had hurt her, not physically but emotionally. That can be just as bad and have ramifications that stay for life. Poor Lilly, she was devastated when he left her, just before her Bar exam. Since then she’s moved, lives nearer her brother and has a great group of friends that she works with. She’s still employed within the legal field, but hasn’t been able to make herself take the Bar exam. All her ambitions, her dreams, centred on that and when her confidence was so shaken its had a huge impact on her. No-one except her best friend knows what happened, and Lilly feels ashamed of her kink, of her submissive needs and has stayed away from that. Her friend doesn’t understand that world either and encourages Lilly to stay out of it.

Then she meets Jack, older man, widowed and who’s younger brother is best friends with her brother. They all go out as a group, and Jack can see from the way she reacts to something that Lilly is a Submissive, can see it in her demeanour. Somehow they begin to play, but with contracts that stipulate its play only, and to be kept private, and that suits them both. Lilly can see how attractive Jack is, and after her last disaster she wants to protect her heart. Jack doesn’t want a relationship, feels that would be disloyal to his wife and yet he needs to let his dominant side out. It suits them both for a while but emotions aren’t so easy to control as words on a piece of paper. The sex scenes between them were hot, sensual and it showed a different side to both of them, especially Jack, and it was clear to see that they both so enjoyed what they did. Its not heavy on whippings kind of BDSM but one where everything is explained as it happens so we can see just why Jack does things, just why Lilly reacts as she does and how different it was from what her previous Dom did.

Its a lovely read, watching how slowly things change, how they grow to be more to each other and of course the barriers that prevent them. Its not only that Jack is a widower, that he’s so much older, that Lilly has had a bad past relationship, but also that thing of Kink being regarded by so many as distasteful, weird, unnatural – sad isn’t it when no-one else is hurt, when both parties want and need what they’re doing. Still, that’s the world we live in, and for both of them their professions could be at risk if word gets out about their sexual tastes. Personally I want a lawyer who’s good at the job, what they do in time off I don’t care, so long as its consensual, but I understand how precarious a line it is that some people have to tread.

When it goes wrong – well, its really sad, but very understandable the way they both react. I do like this down part in a book, don’t want it all to be happy, and could see this coming, but when it happens it’s still gutting, harrowing and I felt for both of them. They’ve both some looking inwards to do, some decisions to make and I enjoyed being there with them and seeing what tipped the balance.

I liked the addition of the legal case they were dealing with, brought some reality into the story, joined the private and the workplace and made everything knit together as well as just being plain interesting!

Stars: Five, a great read

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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