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Headed for Trouble, Shiloh Walker

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Genre:  Romance,

I’ve read a few Shiloh walker novels now, and also her alter ego JC Daniels. Her books suit my taste, heavily dialogue based, with that magic mix of characters that feel real and plots that keep me enthralled.

This book is part of a series, about the McKay family. When we first meet then we meet Neve, she’s fragile, brittle , scared and has come home after ten years of virtually no contact. She’s a rep as a troublemaker, attention seeker, and her past is still well remembered and judged by the locals. Its not the same Neve who’s returned though.  As we get to know her and her siblings we can see that there’s so much more behind the surface judgements, there’s a huge backstory, a tragic past for the siblings  and it incorporates others from the small town.

I so felt for Neve, it was clear she was escaping from something or someone scary, and yet home which should be a refuge seemed to be a last resort, and I just wanted to know why. Then we meet Moira and Brannan and their views of the past don’t seem to be the same as Neve’s. Once they get talking its clear there’s been some major interference in Neve’s attempts at communication, leading the family to each think the other doesn’t want to keep in touch. Poor Neve, she was devastated when she realised how her attempts to contact her family had been thwarted, and that they’d blamed her for the lack of contact. It was scary too how far reaching the grasp was of the man she was running from. As we get to know them all it becomes clear that its not just Neve that’s been manipulated but all of them and its not just a case of stalking, even with the threat of violence, but a wider case bringing others into danger.

I loved the story, the way it unfolded and each slowly realised how they’d been duped. I adored Ian – who couldn’t – and was so rooting for Neve to trust him. I wasn’t sure about Moira and Brannan at first but soon came to love them too, as well as their long time housekeeper/substitute parent Ella Sue. I want to know just what exactly happened between Gideon and Moira, why they aren’t together, why on earth she married ( and thankfully divorced ) the awful Charles, and why he’s still there, poking into everyone business and acting like he’s still part of the family. I get the feeling there’s more to come from him – I do like a “good” horrible character and he fits to a T. Then there’s Hannah and Brannan, and of course the letters – what on earth happened over them? and how was it done? There’s clearly so much more to come from this story even though its got the beginnings of closure for Ian and Neve.

Its a hot and sexy read, with a perfect balance of suspense to keep me intrigued. I think the Moira/Gideon mystery is one I really want to know, though it looks like the next book is Hannah and Brannan, still as this one has so much more than just Neve and Ian so maybe will book two incorporate more than just the two main characters. I’ll be looking out for it for sure!

Stars: Five, perfect blend of romance and suspense


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The Song of Hartgrove Hall, Natasha Solomons

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Genre:  Literary Fiction.

I don’t watch Downton, though daughter and daughter in law love it. I do like historical fiction though, especially that set in UK involving the big, country house lifestyle. this isn’t quite what I expected though, Hartgrove is on the verge of destruction, regained back from the ministry after the war and in a bad state. The farmland is poor too and there’s little money coming in, the valuables paintings etc having been sold off for upkeep long ago.  There’s only the General, an elderly servant who does a bit of everything and a few daily girls in to do the housework. The three brothers though love their home and hatch a plan to save it.

The book is told in past and present by Fox, the youngest son. I found it really hard going to begin, it not being as I expected and jumping from past to present and back, but at about 20% in I finally got hooked.  Though I liked the angle of the present and the relationship between Fox and grandson Robin I really needed to find out about Edie and the brothers in the past, so just after the halfway mark when I just couldn’t wait any more I sneaked forward, skipping the present and just reading the past. I did catch up with the present part later….so not too naughty! When we’re in the past and we first meet Edie she’s with Jack, though its clear youngest brother Fox who’s far younger than her, has fallen in deeply in love with her. When we’re in the present we know Edie was with Fox and they had two children, and I just needed to know how that transition happened.

Its a fabulous book once you get into it. I think if I’d not got the Downton expectation in my head I’d have enjoyed it sooner, but I was kind of waiting for something so that the derelict old house became a thriving country home and it wasn’t happening. Once I accepted that and concentrated on what was in the story I get on far better. Its told in an almost poetical way, with some fabulous rich language making use of English at its best. Its got a very strong musical thread running through, and though I’m no musician I loved it. I loved Marcus and the way he and Fox met, and he sort of amassed a group of musicians that just followed him round, some great characters. The time they’re all in Scotland much to the dismay of most of the local, God fearing population was very real. I did feel for Sal, clearly in love with Fox, but you can’t make someone love you back and it was clear that Fox was in love with Edie. The triangle of Edie, Jack and Fox was always going to end badly, there wasn’t a way out that would be easy, someone was going to get hurt, they always do in a love triangle. Yet it all kind of glosses along, and what happens seems inevitable. Usually I say its a choice, no one has to cheat but I do sympathise with everyone here – its not easy for any of them.

There’s the efforts to get the house renovated, bring the farm up to scratch and I loved the way George threw himself into that wholeheartedly, taking a real back to nature approach, though the government at the time was promoting chemicals all the way. My dad was a fervent believer of the propaganda of the time, spraying everything that moved with some chemical or other. Thankfully we’ve learned more since then, and George’s way is one we work towards once more – though not toast in the apple trees…. Its a strange thing, but the cancer that led to my amputation forms in the womb, and is connected to weed killers used in the late 50’s when I was born. The connection was discovered when many locals had babies born with similar cancers after the forests in Vietnam were bombed with chemical weed killers during the war. Mum helped with the spraying even while she was pregnant with me…

Then there’s the current scenes where Fox is older, Edie has died and their two girls are adults. He has two granddaughters and grandson Robin, who is the musical child. Its always an issue how to handle a child with such extreme talent, and of course that affects the whole family. Nurturing it takes time and money and sometimes the other children resent that, and of course parents have to build their lives around the child’s schedule which can be gruelling for them all. Robin just wants to make music, all day and probably all night of he had the choice, but he’s only four when it starts. Its a conundrum between doing what’s best to help his talent, and doing what he also needs as a young child. There’s no going back and retrying if you get it wrong, and we’ve seen some real tragedies in child stars of the past. When there’s money to be made out of a child’s talent it brings out the worst in so many people, and of course the family bear the brunt of their choices. Robins parents and Fox don’t agree at all on the best thing for him but who’s right?

Its a wonderful book, one to savour and appreciate the legacy of a forgotten time, and one where the issues raised really made me think about the choices we make and the effects they have on others. I don’t think it’ll be one I re read, but its one I’m really glad I persisted with after that slow start.

Stars: Five,  a great read to savour slowly. .


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First Touch, Laurelin Paige

Genre:  Romance,

I love Laurelin’s novels but this one – well, its very different, dark at times, very edgy, very mysterious and full of secrets. Its got a sexual element that I find very hard to accept. I didn’t like Emily at first, found her plot to get to Reeve to find out more about Amber quite cold hearted. I guess its hard to imagine that people can use sex to get what they want, but I know that happens and after all its what she and Amber did for many years to live. I did like her determination to do what she could to find Amber even if I found her methods disquieting.

Actually that sums up much of Emily for me – Disquieting. The way she acts, the way she is with others, and certainly the way she is sexually….Then there’s Reeve. He seemed so cold, and I guess again its a consequence of having money that you need to look at what people are really after, that you accept most of them want something from you rather than just want to know Reeve the man. That’s really sad and I always feel for people in that situation. How do you know who you can trust, who really wants you, likes you and who’s just saying and doing what they think you want? There are times though when his actions towards Emily had me mentally screaming “ tell him to get lost. Leave. Now. You don’t have to put up with/listen to that” And yet Emily has this need that he fulfils.

I understand on that face of it that when two/or more people are happy whatever goes on between them is fine, I agree sex shouldn’t be limited and if all parties consent its no-one else business. But when someone is like Emily where’s the line between what she really wants, needs even, and agrees to and if she’s doing/agreeing purely from a need to please? Tough one, and can lead to some very unsafe circumstances, and in fact had in her past. Its that Safe Word enigma, its only safe if you can trust the other person to use it – those who need to please don’t have an “off” switch all too often.

So in my  mind its anything goes if everyone is happy, so why do I feel disquieted, uncomfortable, cautious about what goes on? Maybe it’s just that I find it so hard to put myself in Emily’s position, and when I’m reading that’s where my mind often goes, I feel as if I’m living what’s happening but of course my reactions and Emily’s – well – they differ greatly!

Then there’s all the secrets, hints of what may have happened to Amber, hints of what Reeve may be involved in. Scary stuff and  not something to dabble into withoutrisking the consequences, and yet Emily can’t just abandon Amber, she knows she’s the only person likely to be looking for her. So I’m reading along, getting worried for Amber as it’s looking more and more likely she’s not had a good end. I’m worried for Emily and even Reeve as it looks like both of them are getting more involved with each other than they planned. Somehow you just feel there’s not a happy ending for them. What secrets is he hiding, how will they affect Emily, and if they do drop their guard and become more to each other how is he going to feel about what she’s been doing to track Amber, about her connection to Amber even, and how will she deal with what Amber may have been to Reeve? Questions without answers so far.

Then – my Real Pet Hate, a damned Cliff-hanger. I really, really, really hate those. This book’s got me so psyched up and I just know that it’ll be months, maybe a year even, before I get next part and all that gets lost, has fizzled out by then 😦 Still, its one of those that’s great to read once all parts out.

Its five star writing of course, but the sex scenes, and the language used made me really uncomfortable. Maybe its just tha in the not so distant past this was real life for many women regardless of consent. It took a long struggle to get past it and this just makes me feel its a step back. It wasn’t just confined to the bedroom, but the actions spilled over into other parts of their relationship, and to me that’s a thin line that could lead to abuse.  I understand that they both needed what the other wanted, it wasn’t so much a choice issue, but a real sexual need to be satisfied, and my “anything goes if everyone consents” part says that’s fine, but the other side of me just finds these actions really difficult to accept. There’s one scene in particular that I really didn’t like. I’d got the feeling by then they were both beginning to feel more for each other than just the roles they began, and I can’t understand how they could do that, how anyone could go quite that far when they care very much for someone….my issues I know, but of course it did affect how I felt about the book. It’s the same feeling as I’d have reading a book about fox hunting for example, I’d not like it however well written it was as Im very against it.

Stars: This is really hard for me to rate. the writing is definitely five star but….there was so much about the sex scenes that made me uncomfortable, the actions and language that I have to go four stars. It won’t bother other people but I’m rating how I feel about it personally.


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Moonstone Beach (Main Street Merchants Book 1) Linda Seed  


Genre: Contemporary Romance

First book I’ve read from Linda, in fact looking around web it may be a First Book for her – in which case what a great start to a writing career.

Its a fun read, not earth shatteringly dramatic but one that flows easily, full of little side plots and action and a mix of humour with some sadness. The characters and settings felt very real to me and I’d love to read more of the Main Street characters. They’re a good mix, its the sort of street I can envision where the shops are individually owned, not huge chain conglomerates, and the owners work in the stores, and help each other.

I loved Kate and Jackson, loved the way their story developed, and that Linda has shown even outwardly confident, good looking serial daters like Jackson get nervous when they meet someone that really matters. Kate, I loved the way her friends tried to get her and Zach together, Loved all the date planning and debriefing afterwards. That’s what real friends do. Her dad and his wife – wow, they made a great addition and let us see her in yet another light, not shop owner, friend, or potential date but as a daughter to a selfish man who she kept hoping would want her for herself not for what she can do for him. Sometimes though that’s not to be.

Althea who worked for her, then replacement Zach(? I think that was his name) and of course Jane Austen were great additions, and I loved the Art Week that the shop owners did. Its tough for small shops and when they get together to do things like this it can really draw people in. They got a real show at Kate’s bookstore though! Made me snigger a lot… I loved the romance development between her and Jackson, the way the dates were planned and it felt like we were there with them. That’s important to me, I need to feel things could happen, and that I’m there with them in some way.

The only issue I had was the end, its perfect but it wrapped up very quickly. I’d have liked that to be spread out more, so its wasn’t  – sad bit – happy bit – end. It just felt a bit abrupt. Still, that’s small beans though and this was a fun, easy read, and I’m looking forward to Gen’s story next. .

Stars: Four, a fun read, and a great start.

A Kindle Unlimited read.

A Proper Young Lady

Genre:  New Adult Romance.

Well, I found this a really curious, odd story and the least odd thing about it was Daniele’s intersex. That I could and did accept happily, it was other parts of the story I found difficult to believe…

So we meet Daniele and Melanie. Their mums have been long time friends, and the girls grew up close to each other. Melanie spent some time living with Danièle and her family when her mum was very ill. They were then in their early teens and Danièle was still deciding who she was, and had decided to be Dani, a boy who Melanie fell in love with. Then something happens and the two are kept apart for the next five years.

Now they’re 19 and Daniele is engaged to Ethan and staying with Melanie and her family prior to some genital surgery to make her look more “female”. Its pretty major, removing her oversize clitoris/post and means she won’t have any feelings there – a huge loss…but she wants to feel “normal” for Ethan. Now they’re back together Melanie still loves Dani the boy that was, but accepts Danièle as who she is with all her extras. Seems she’s the only one though. Her parents ostensibly want her to choose, to be happy, but seem to see it has to be male or female, she can’t just be how she is and Daniele adores them and can feel her mum is happier when she’s a Proper Young Lady. That kind of pressure is insidious and all to real, doing what someone else wants just to please them.

We don’t see much of Ethan but I don’t like him, they met when she was in UK for a year at Uni, have only know each that long and somehow he’s become her fiancé, and he’s kind of bull dozing his way into her family. That’s how it feels to me, he seems more interested in what can move his career forward than what’s best for Daniele…He wants them to have a family and so Melanie agrees to be a surrogate for them – and there’s some hiccups in store there.

That’s where it kind of goes wrong for me. Its all happening at once, no long discussions, no real checking on family and histories and intentions. No legal meetings and checking they understand exactly what will happen. How could Melanie’s mum be so happy about what was going on? Her daughter was getting broken hearted again and again and this would simply lead to more for her. What ethical Doctors or Psychologists would agree to IVF and surrogacy when the girls are still young – 19/20 ish, and there’s so much mixed history. They’ve not seen each other for five years and then, wham, all this?

Then later when more things happen – and I can’t explain without spoilers, but I just couldn’t see it being real. Its a shame because its an interesting potential story, and covered some really valuable points about sexuality, people who aren’t strongly male or female and perceptions of what is “normal”. Add on the subtle pressure from those who love you and should want what’s best, who can – even unwittingly – exert undue influence on a decision then its a real tragedy how some people have to live.

Stars:Three, its got a nice ending but all that happens to get to that point is just too much to believe in, not credible given the legalities and I just couldn’t take the story.

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Shocking family secrets of St. Barts, Emme Cross


Genre:  Romance, women’s fiction

Wow, a real mouthful of a title this time! I loved the previous books in this series, but wondered if Emme could keep up the momentum and standard of them. Was there anywhere left for Sunny and Sven to go? I’ve read series which just go on and on and on, the magic of the early books is lost, and they just become bland, anodyne reads and I really didn’t want that to happen, so I opened this with some trepidation…..Thankfully Emme pulls it off really well and produced another winner.

This story concerns Sunny and Sven in the present time, and also goes back to Sunny’s parents meeting and marrying and raising a family. Sometimes the back and forth in books like this gets confusing, or I get really lost into one time span and then feel upset as it moves. Emme keeps each part brief though, so I wanted to know what happened next but was also invested in what was happening in the other time, and this worked really well for me. When we meet Sunny’s parents and their families there were some surprises in store. Doug was spending a month in St Bart’s and Madeleine is just 16 when they meet. She’s very like Sunny in that once she sets her mind its hard to move, and she falls in love with Doug and is determined they’ll marry. Madeleine’s family were an interesting mix, and I didn’t remember one vitally important thing about her – maybe it was in an earlier book, maybe not  – but it has a huge impact on this book. The past doesn’t always stay in the past, but the actions from the characters come forward to affect Sunny and the family in the present time in a way no-one could have imagined.

I enjoyed seeing how Sunny’s family met, how things developed, and what a terrific and honourable man her father was. A gentleman in the truest sense. Then there’s the present day, where the family are staying at none other than the chateau of Evil Evangeline. Oh I love someone like her, a character that’s bad to the core, immoral, selfish, vain, they provide for some great dramatic parts. Emme uses Evangeline to her best here and it gave some fabulous tension and drama especially when everything came to a head!

Sunny is her usual happy self, always trying to brighten others lives, solve everyone’s problems. Her Russian friend Mischa is staying with them too – she’s come on so much from the gaunt, depressed addict we knew, and is now a person making her own path, and devoted to Sunny and her family. I hope we see more of her in future books. Then there’s Sven who’s a hero at times and a disappointment at others. He’s changed so much from the person we first met, an amoral manwhore, who didn’t want to be in love and took it out on Sunny. At times in the early books I was so disappointed in him, so let down ( but of course it was what made the story so great ), and Sunny had far more patience that I would have done. She was right though, what they had together was worth waiting for, and he’s now a devoted father and husband who would give up everything for his family.

I really enjoyed this story, its a continuation of course of Sven and Sunny’s romance, but more so a back story of events that have a massive effect on the current time in their lives. I wasn’t sure the story could go further – I was wrong and I’m really happy about that 🙂
Stars: Five. a great read and terrific addition to the series. Hurrah too that everything is in one book this time, and not split over two.

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Can’t Hold Back, A Returning Home Novel, Serena Bell


I really enjoyed Serena’s Hold On Tight, where for once the problems surrounding disability were so accurately portrayed, so I was pleased to get this for review.

Once again Serena has written a novel that doesn’t pull punches, doesn’t gloss over issues but lets us see just how devastating they can be to people’s lives. In this book its pain that’s the problem – its so easy to just think “pop a painkiller”, but that doesn’t always work and of course any medication has secondary effects on the body. Pain also is very mentally disabling, you know how for instance when wearing a pair of shoes that rub it affects your whole body, and dominates your mind. Well, imagine that for pain that crops up suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning – that’s the problem Nate has.

Jake, from the first book, runs a rehab centre for ex service personnel and Alia really wants to work with him. She’s really interested in alternative pain management and techniques such as Tapping and Meditation. She’s proved that it works for some people, can make a huge difference to their lives, but her current employers are dismissive of the benefits and won’t allow her to use these methods of treatment even though patients have requested it. Jake is very open minded though and she’s on a trial there while he tries to get funding for a full time post for her. One of her patients though turns out to be Nate, and she and her sister have a troubled past with him.

Alia,. she’s such a lovely, passionate lady and yet she passed on her attraction to Nate years ago, leaving the way open for him to get to know her beautiful sister. Things didn’t go well though and there are regrets and bad feelings from that time. Alia is still really attracted to Nate and to her surprise he to her. They can’t get involved though, it risks her career and licence to practice and yet things do get hot and heavy, deliciously so! Alia wants her job here though and Nate has plans elsewhere so nothing can come of their attraction.

I loved Alia, so devoted to her sister that she’s given up much for her, gets real satisfaction from her work and helping people back to a normal life, and she deserves a HEA. It doesn’t look like there’s one in store for her though 😦 Then there’s Nate, still feeling a bit resentful of the deception practised by Alia and her sister, even though it was done with the best of intentions. His pain is bad though, he doesn’t want to stay addicted to the pain killers, and has plans that need him clean and able to deal with the pain. Alia seems convinced she can get him there even though he’s at first sceptical and very resistant to her methods, that’s true for many of the men. Somehow Servicemen and mediation, visualisation, and simple therapies like the tapping ones don’t really go together, and its been a hard sell for her. Once the first few saw results though others were convinced. That felt very real, people are sceptical about such therapies, pain does have its own irrational idiosyncrasies and become hard to control. I take a regime of pain medications constantly but also use techniques such as Alia describes because sometimes medication doesn’t work, pain needs a different approach and the body, spirit, mind connection are very strong and need a regime that works for all of it.

Its a great read, feeling very real, with issues that are so true to life. I loved Nate and Alia, and was really keen for them to be able to work things out. when they were together the passion was just searing, steamy and felt like they just couldn’t not touch each other. Still, the problems keeping them apart were very real too….

Stars: Five, a great read, fabulous characters, very real story, and fantastic HEA!

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Not Safe for Work,  L. A. Witt


Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I really enjoyed this – I do like L.A.Witt’s writing style so I was pretty sure anyway that this would work for me. Its got themes in it that could apply to anyone, the kink discrimination, the workplace issues, but when you throw in the gay/bisexual side it gets even more difficult to deal with. Sometimes I think we delight in making life difficult for others – its sad that everything in this book felt so so real – but of course that’s also what makes it for me a great read, given they finally find a way through. I need a HEA, life has too much death and disaster for me to want it from my reads too….

So there’s Jon, bored at a meeting and playing with the new app on his phone, and it gives him a match, right across the table! Rick – the firms biggest client, the one that’s keeping them afloat. Wow – heart attack stuff eh? Somehow though they get together and from just at first one meeting, then a few more, they’re getting closer and its not just a kink thing anymore – but its secret and they always creep out don’t they? S.. hit meet Fan! The results of that were gobsmacking – poor Jon, he really was in a rock and hard place situation and I so felt for him. Damned if he does damned if he doesn’t.

What I loved too was the way L.A. took conventions and turned them around, so rich, successful Rick is the sub, and sort of employee Jon is the Dom, likewise Rick is taller, Jon shorter. Its little things, but stuff that often gets stereo-typed, with tall, good-looking and rich mostly seeming to be Doms. I enjoyed the twist – added some extra potential complications. I guess what makes the story so special for me is the romance side, and the way they both feel so real. I loved the office banter too, the NSFW room, and the atmosphere in it. Jon’s home situation too – unusual in a way and yet the finance side of it so very, very common. Its a great read, one that will really bring home how on the edge some situations can get, how difficult it can be to live outside the “norm” people expect from others.

Stars: Five, a great read, fabulous characters, very real story, and fantastic HEA!

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A Seditious Affair A Society of Gentlemen Novel  by K.J. Charles



Genre:  Romance,

Oh I adored the Magpie books, and then KC Charles starts another series…I loved the first book ( have just discovered there’s a 0.5 novella on amazon about Ash and bought it). Silas played a big part in the first book, and here the time line kind of overlaps with the end of that one so we see events we know about happening from Silas and Dom’s POV.

Dom, seemed one of those darkish, silent and devoted to his job types in book one. I had wondered about Wednesdays and Silas, and then later we saw more that confirmed what I’d thought. Now we see the full story. Dom’s a Sub when it comes to sex, but needs a proper domination and in the past for him that’s been violence. That was the thing that was the breaking point for him and Lord Richard, and Lord Richard was and still is a real jerk about it. Then Silas comes along each Wednesday and he doesn’t like whips and floggers. He gives Dom what he needs though just by his force of character- he’s an amazing person.

On the face of it they’re so opposite, Dom the High Tory, working in a senior position for the Home Office and Silas the seditionist, writer and publisher of illegal pamphlets preaching against the King and the Gov. They only know each other through Wednesdays though, don’t know names, don’t exchange personal details. As time goes on though they get closer and closer,  and we can see there’s a disaster in the making. Each feel very strongly about their politics and I love that kind of dichotomy in a story, where the two are so opposed I think “ how on earth is the author going to get them a HEA?” All this is set against a solid and interesting story of English politics in Regency times, and its part fiction part fact. I love a good romance, but I need it to be backed up by an interesting and realistic story and once again KC delivers it. We meet characters from book one, the irrepressible Harry and Foppish Julius, Lord Richard and Cyprian – that’s going to make an interesting story 😉

I was gripped by this tale, couldn’t put it down, just had to see how KC was going to make a story that’s not looking to have a good ending work out, how she would bring together characters that seem doomed to be apart through their opposing views, even though they’ve fallen in love. I just couldn’t see how it could be done, and the closer I got to the end the more I just couldn’t work out a way forward. ( that’s why I’m a reader not a writer!) Silas was Socialist through and through, would never step down from his beliefs, been convicted, imprisoned, whipped for it in the past yet wouldn’t be deterred, and nor would Dom ask him to. Dom, a Tory, Royalist and working for the department seeking Silas head – preferably on a pike! They had opposing views and yet respected each others right to them. A HEA I thought – No chance….and as usual thankfully I was wrong.

I so look forward to seeing what she can do with Lord Richard, he seems such an arrogant and selfish ar se in many ways, but recent events have forced him to look at himself and it looks like Cyprian is tired of waiting in the wings..

Stars: Five, a gripping and realistic story and a fabulous read.


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