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Bound to Darkness, A Midnight Breed Novel, Lara Adrian

Bound to Darkness, A Midnight Breed Novel,   Lara Adrian

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, paranormal.

I loved the first series, read them all long before becoming a reviewer ( see as a long time book addict I’m a customer reader as well as a reviewer reader!) I loved the first one in this new series, and was looking forward to this one.

Sadly though it was still a great read, and would stand up well against many other paranormal reads, it didn’t have for me that Lara Adrian Magic, a story that’s one for the keepers file. I did enjoy this, but I wasn’t as connected to either the story or to the characters of Rune and Carys as I expected to be. The plot felt in a way a bit formulaic, one I’ve seen countless times. “Bad” guy and sweet girl fall in love, he thinks he’s not good enough etc. etc. etc. Her parents and family friends don’t approve, but she’s in love and they all misunderstand the situation. Its feeling a bit like a vampire Romeo and Juliet – but at least it ends differently 🙂

Its got the usual fights which are pretty graphic, these vampires really don’t hold their punches, and of course there’s lots of Lara’s trademark hot and sensual erotic sex scenes,but yet I just felt kind of underwhelmed. I’d expected a bit more, I wanted to be surprised at what unfolded,  but this time I’d guessed much of what occurred and I don’t like that. I want to make my guess but be totally wrong, have been led down a wrong road or something. It feels a bit like these new generation have so many different talents between them that they have an answer for everything. I’m kind of surprised I feel this way because I loved the last book, and had high hopes for more. Maybe, hopefully it’s just me or this is just a glitch in the series. We’ll see…

Stars: Four, despite my crits its still a very good read, just not a five.

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More Than Once, A Chasing the Dream Novel, Elizabeth Briggs

More Than Once, A Chasing the Dream Novel, Elizabeth Briggs

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, NA

I loved the first and third books in this series, but the second, Hector and Tara, ( Andrew’s Ex) didn’t quite make it for me and I feel the same kind of way about this book. Its a good story, but I was hoping for a great one as with the first and third books…
We knew a bit about Becca from earlier reads, but this time we see her POV and she’s a kind of lost, troubled girl, unsure of what she wants to do, lost without her music and it just looks like she’s always been struggling with a fierce need for approval. Sadly her past has made her parents see her in a jaundiced way, what they want her to be and what she needs to be isn’t going to happen, but they can’t see it and she’s breaking her spirit trying to fit what they want. I so felt for her and yet previously I’d just dismissed her as a flake….
Then along comes Andrew, Tara’s ex and the spark they had months ago at the Comic Con is still there. He doesn’t want to risk his heart again though, doesn’t want another relationship. Becca is still trying hard to prove herself to her family, and her latest man, the one she hoped would help her with that, has just dumped her just hours before he’s finally going to meet them. Becca knows that she’ll be held to blame once more even though she couldn’t do anything about it, so she comes up with her scheme to substitute Andrew for him. But “oh what a tangled web….” etc. and of course it all falls apart just at the wrong time. Somehow though Andrew and Becca have one date, then another, and lots and lots of hot, dirty and sensual sex but declare themselves just friends. Who are they kidding?? Becca can feel that creeping sensation that maybe, just maybe, Andrew means more to her – but is he over his ex? Then throw in an invite to her to re-joining the band for just one show, and a chance meeting between Andrew and Tara and once more everything goes to pot.

Its got all the elements I love but somehow I never quiet felt the drama, the emotion, the worry that things really couldn’t/wouldn’t go right for them. Maybe after the fun and dramas of earlier books I just set my expectation too high? I don’t know, its just that though it was a good read I needed a bit more. Not everyone wants that though and of course for many many readers this will be perfect as it is. Horses for courses and all that…. .

Stars: Three, a good read but just not as dramatic and emotional as I wanted.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

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