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Somewhere In Time, The Fine Art of Deception, Book 2, Alyssa Richards






Addison Montgomery has finally found love with the man of her dreams, Blake Greenwood, and is ready
to live another lifetime of happiness with him. But the morning they’re supposed to bring closure to
their dark, violent past, all chances of a happily-ever-after turn as dead as the ghosts she sees on a daily
Now Addie must team up with her greatest enemy, embracing her not-quite-perfect gift of reading art
psychically. If she succeeds, she will finally learn the truth behind her father’s and grandfather’s
disappearances. If she fails, every chance at love she’s ever hoped for will be destroyed. But one thing is
clear: she has to choose between saving Blake or her family, and there’s no way she can ever have bot


My Review:

Genre:  Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

Well, book one was a real treat and I’ve been looking forward to book two – now having read it I want book three ASAP!!

This is an amazing series, with a mix of romance and risk, happiness and heart break, adventure and agonies….Alyssa has taken the Psychometry angle and extended it to make it her own and give us an incredible story spanning generations, encompassing past and present loves, art thefts of priceless works, and all wrapped up with the ever present danger contact with Otto brings. Yet he’s so wrapped up in the lives and families of both Blake and Addie that its seems impossible to get away from him. The more he learns about Addie’s gifts the more determined he is to use them for his own criminal purposes.

Addie wants nothing to do with him, but as she’s already learned he doesn’t take no for an answer and he seems to have contacts in the highest of places. He’s slippery like a snake and slithers through all the nets cast for him so far, escaping always by his contacts influences, which seem to pervade even the highest of official places. It really looks like the Law can’t help, however much factions of it want to. Once more she and Blake are plunged into danger, into running for their lives, trying to keep two steps ahead of Otto. He’s determined to get Addie for himslef and he’s got some unpleasant surprises in store for them in this book though, which could part Blake and Addie forever.

Its a book full of mysteries, where each time one is opened out, more than we could have imagined is revealed. Addie is so shocked and upset at some of the secrets her family have been holding for a very long time. It leads on to a story arc that looks set to play a large part in the next book, and was a fascinating read. Its quite easy for me to lose myself in a novel, however fantastic and unreal if the story is good and the writer makes everything feel plausible. Alyssa does just that, and I had no trouble in believing the new information that Blake and Addie discover their families have been keeping secret. Its a journey to the unknown though, and at great risk. Still, there are things they feel they have to do, and one way or another Otto just has to be stopped or his hold on the family will never be broken.


Stars: Five a fantastic story I found myself lost in for hours yesterday

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


About Alyssa Richards  Alyssa photo
Alyssa Richards is a paranormal romance author who lives in the South with her husband and two
children. She recently published her first paranormal romance book called The Fine Art of Deception:
Undoing Time and is currently working on the sequel. Alyssa’s writing is influenced by her curiosity with
ghosts and the supernatural world. She writes daily and believes that discipline and commitment to the
craft are critical to be a successful writer. Whenever she gets the opportunity, Alyssa enjoys travel,
spending time with her pups, and nurturing her herb and rose garden.
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