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Happy New Year.

I cut back on review reads over xmas so I could catch up with some old favourites so I’ve just finished once more Alpha & Omega: A Companion Novella to Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs ready to go through rest of series. I’ve been working my way through JC Andrijeski’s  Allie’s War series too . I also want to reread the fabulous Wolf Within series by Amy Lee Burgess. I’ve started and discarded a few too – I like some romances, but I found several which started promisingly or sounded good from descriptions but I didn’t like. Thankfully they weren’t review books so I could just discard them 🙂 All free or Kindle Unlimited so I didn’t waste money. 

On the subject of reviews: I was taken to task by someone on amazon for leaving a two star review. I’d said it was a well written book but that it just didn’t work for me, and given a few reasons without any spoilers. The person who commented said s/he (pseudonym used) only wrote 5 star reviews and just didn’t post anything less. They said I’d slashed and burned with my inane opinions the book by giving a two star review… ( it’s the one for Icarus Ascending I did a couple of weeks back if anyone’s interested) We had quite a conversation online over whether anything less than 5 stars should be posted, and whether reviews should be objective or subjective. I don’t see how they can be anything other than subjective – I rate on how I personally liked the book, and I know that we all enjoy different things in out reading. I love fantasy but not the Terry Pratchett, David Ediings, Tolkien style whereas son number one loves those and hates my kind of fantasy. What I’d give five stars he’d give two and vice versa. She’s says reviews should be objective always and “ I was taught in college lit courses that the first rule of fiction is the reader never has the right to be lazy.”

This person also disagreed that accepting ARCs meant posting a review if it was less than a five – I see getting ARCs as meaning I will post a review whether I like it or not, unless as has happened maybe 3-4 times I really struggle to connect with the book to the point where my mind switches off and I can’t get past 25%. I try to pick books I think I’ll like but often when its months before release there’s little info unless its part of a series.  I don’t think publishers would be happy if I didn’t review books given for that purpose, and in fact have had thank you emails for my honesty when I’ve posted a two star review – lots of course when they’ve been four and fives!  If I only posted fives I reckon it’d be maybe 30-40% of books, and that’s a lot of ones not posted. So long as I give reasons I don’t see the problem – I’ve bought books with one and two star reviews because what that person didn’t like was what made it a good read for me. That’s what I aim for in giving reasons for why I did or didn’t like a book.

I just don’t see there’d be any point in only five star reviews for anything – books or products, as they’d be meaningless. On the other hand I’ve also had someone say my reviews can’t be taken seriously because its goods or books that I haven’t paid for and therefore I’m bound to be giving a favourable review for everything – if only that person had read a few they’d see its not so, if I find issues with products I certainly make it clear in my review. Ah well – you can please some of the people some of the time and all that…..

Happy New Year to everyone, Happiness, Health and Wealth to you all for 2016

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