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Her Secret Lover, Robin Covington

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Genre:   Romance

I’;m writing this review ahead of publication, its actually 24th December and yesterday I wanted something light and easy to read, something I knew I’d enjoy, that would take away a bit of Xmas stress….I’m sure lots know that feeling, not just Xmas but other family holiday times. Anyway, I knew I liked Robin’s writing style so this one came out first choice.

Its a fun read, perfect blend of hot and sensual romance with a hint of vulnerability from both leads. I loved Kelsey, love the way she was devoted to her sick mum and determined to help her dad support her. Getting the promotion to management training would make a huge difference. Then one of the hotels High Roller customers wants a one on one fan day for his wife with author Micah Holmes who’s staying there at a Romance Writers Convention. He hates publicity though, really struggles with that side of fame and has so far always refused to do a one on one day. If Kelsey can somehow swing it her promotion would be guaranteed, conversely its indicated that if she doesn’t get it fixed it won’t go well for her. They’re not a couple used to being turned down. They added yet another edge to the novel, I really enjoyed them as part of the story. Reminded me of some people I’ve met in the past!

Micah is lovely, a really genuine man, though jaded from his past experience with romance. Despite writing about True Love and making millions from it he doesn’t believe that for him at least it exists. Then he meets Kelsey, his assigned concierge for the duration of his stay – wow – what a great introduction they had. What an icebreaker – it made me snigger… a lot! The attraction on both sides is instant but they hide it, Kelsey because it’d mean she loses her job and she’s had bad past experiences, and Micah – well, he’s kind of gobsmacked and confused. He doesn’t usually get that kind of reaction to meeting someone.
Eventually of course they both admit their feelings, and they manage to covertly have some very sensual and erotic encounters, though they’ve both agreed its a short term just till Sunday fling, but both are feeling more than just attraction. Kelsey still has the fan day experience to arrange though, it never seems the right time to ask, and the closer they get the more she can’t bring herself to do it – but she really needs that promotion. It doesn’t help that the lady making the request is ….well, you’ll have to read but I loved it, and it added an edge to what seems like a simple request.
Of course secrets always come out at the wrong time, and what her friends had warned her about happens, and that leads to some intense drama and disaster for Kelsey. I love drama that plays out over time, that hits just at the right moment, right at the peak of attraction and developing feelings, and this was timed perfectly. I was waiting all the way through, thinking “ is this going to be where it gets out?” at several opportunities, but Robin keeps the reader waiting till the perfect time. I was so upset for both of them, what they had was special, more than just the attraction of lust.

Stars: Five,it’s a fun read, with some heat and drama in it. Its got a perfect ending too – fits really well with what had previously been discussed. I’m not sure I’d reread it but as a one off it was perfect for me.

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Holding out for a Hero,  Victoria Van Tiem


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Genre:  Romance, women’s fiction

I loved Victoria’s last book Love like the Movies, and was hoping I’d feel the same about this one. It wasn’t to be though 😦 It’s still a great read but darker in feel, a more serious story though there are moments of humour sprinkled throughout it just didn’t feel quite right to me.

Libby, she was stuck in the 80’s – I know how that feels, sometimes I feel I’m stuck in the 70’s, patchouli oil, incense stick, Loons, Indian prints – floaty skirts and tiny mirrors decorating them….I just had issues actually Liking Libby though. She had some great friends who went all out to help her even if some of it was OTT, they were always there for her, supporting her, listening to her, but she seems to take it all for granted and is almost rude at times. I can’t think of any times she did things for them and it seemed very much one way giving.  Its not til Finn points out after one of the disaster dates that she’s not trying, not making an effort to see the good in people but just focussing on the negatives, that she sees it herself. She does make an effort after that and I began to warm to her, and as more comes out and I understand her I did feel for her. There’s clearly something that’s happened to make her that way, and some tantalising hints get thrown out as the story goes on, and being inescapably curious I really wanted to know the answers…..I loved her friends, even though they were a bit strange a times, they meant well, and really tried so hard for her. It’s clear they’d been round for years and knew about everything, and I kept feeling that if they liked Libby I must be misjudging her and she must have good points I just didn’t see..

When the Big Reveal does come – and its not all at once, the hints get stronger until…and then it was really very emotional reading, gave me the sniffles, and looking back over what I’d read I could see how it all fit together. The ending after that seems a little rushed though, and I really expected one person to play a larger role given the ending.

The first third I struggled with and almost gave up, mostly because I found Libby so whiny and critical of everything. I know depression has all kinds of effects on people, and it was clear she had some major issues and that part was very real, but I found her really difficult to like even given that. It was well worth sticking with because the last third is five star all the way, even given the slightly quick finish.


Stars: Three and a half, a mixed bag for me, bits I struggled to get through and then some wonderful parts that had me on the edge of tears.


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