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To Rome With Love, Book 1 in the Love in the City series, Mandi Benet


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Genre:  Romance, Women’s Fiction

I loved the sound of this, intriguing love story , wonderful romantic city, should be a book I’ll enjoy. Well, I liked it but that’s all, didn’t love it as I’d hoped.

I felt the sensuality and tension between Silvio and Gaby right from the first meeting, when he’s insufferable arrogant and she reacts to that. Sometimes when we’re really attracted to someone, especially if we don’t want to be it makes people behave in a way they wouldn’t normally and so it felt here. They were both antagonistic, reminds me of the old phrase “methinks he doth protest too much” or something along those lines.

So why when that was there didn’t it translate into a hit for me? Well, Gaby and Silvio were on-off-on all the while, and never both at the same time to begin. I got tired of all the false starts and excuses. It was as if they both didn’t want to want the other, and one moment would think “it’s just a date” and the next “Oh no, what about the distance? I don’t want a relationship? The timing isn’t right” They seemed to have a hundred and one excuses, when they hadn’t even had a date….Gaby’s jealous of him seeing anyone else but won’t let him in to her heart, he’s jealous of her in just the same way, they have a moment and then regret it, lips touch and then its all brushed off, and after a while it was just really irritating. Does anyone start a relationship thinking of all the reasons they can’t be together, even when they haven’t dated and found out whether there’s even anything more than just lust? I felt they were so many steps ahead of themselves.

I was a bit peeved at  the way Gaby seems to be the “hero” all the while, she saves the day, for the food, for the wedding dress, and even buys expensive gifts for the family Silvio knew, where mum was ill, and they had very little. He’d been taking groceries, carefully so as to not offend the family, and takes Gaby one time. She then seems to be on a crusade, not thinking about when she leaves in a couple of weeks. Doesn’t ask mum if its ok to buy what she did, doesn’t seem to think of on-going costs they may not be able to afford. A real Do-gooders approach, when the person gives what they want and not what the people may need. She’d have been better asking off she could take the kids to the park or something, getting them out of the flat they were stuck in all day, seeing if she could get them some permanent help, seeing if she could do something about mum’s medical issues so they weren’t stuck like that in the future. Silvio too – he’s a rich guy, the family seem t mean something to him, so why hasn’t he seen if he could help the mum?

I guess its my charity cynicism coming out – I hate all those TV pledges where people do charitable things just to get seen. Charity should be done not talked about, if it really is meant to help and not just make the giver feel good.

I really was hoping for more sparks from his ex, we got a few good ones and she was perfect to be a real b itch, but there wasn’t a lot from her. I think that’s the way I felt about most of the book, scenes were set up well, but for me didn’t really deliver what they meant to. Still, its a fun read, and I’m sure for many it will be five stars, just not for me.

Stars: Three a fun read but fell short in areas for me.

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