The Geary Brothers Book 1,  Grace Harper and How the Cookie Crumbles, A Bluewater Bay Novel, Jaime Samms.

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Genre:  Romance, erotica


I’ve mixed feelings over this, as an erotic novel it’s great, lots of hot and steamy scenes but as a romance…well, I felt that part of the story got overtaken by the sex. That’s fine for many readers but I need a solid story backing up the sex and didn’t feel I had it here.


I liked both Jack and Olivia as characters, but didn’t really feel their online connections would have been strong enough to make her meet and agree to all the things she did. After all he is a total stranger, we all know online people can be and are anyone, truth can be found online but so can far too many lies.


The attraction when they met was terrific and I could feel that, but maybe its just me I couldn’t watch a man I was attracted to be with other lovers and not feel a twinge of jealousy. I’d got the idea that Olivia was going to be a participant, but (at least to begin) she’s more of a voyeur. I was puzzled too – she was happy to watch two women and be aroused (Jack was also taking part) but the next night surprised at how watching two men aroused her, and comments that she didn’t think seeing two gay men having sex would be so sensual. What’s the difference to the two ladies?


I was puzzled by the married aspect, and didn’t see what was coming there – I was totally up the wrong track 😉 but I like being surprised. Its good as an erotic novel, but like I said the story aspect fell down for me. That’s personal though as always, and this will be perfect for others. We all want different things. Its first in a series so if you like this there’s more to look out for, but for me I’ll pass.

Stars: Three and a half

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How the Cookie Crumbles, A Bluewater Bay Novel,  Jaime Samms.

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Genre: LGBTQIA,  Romance

More Bluewater…I love this series, with books written by different authors. I love the way people from earlier books crop up in cameo roles, it gives the series a real feeling of continuity. Jaime has written lots of novels, but this one is a first for me, it won’t be the last though, really enjoyed it.

Its fun how each writer has their own stamp, and yet the series still falls together so well with each new book. I have read most of them now and look forward to more…This time we meet baker Freddie, and Blaire, son of the TV network head.The network had run a reality style cooking competition, and Freddie and Blaire fell in and out of a potential relationship there, with Blaire rigging the competition to let his new lover, Jerry,  win. Jerry is a real Bitch Queen, vicious, user of people  type person and I enjoyed his appearances here, its good to have someone like him in a story.

Freddie used the hush money to buy his bakery, and should have been set for a profitable future, but things in his life interfere and he’s constantly running himself ragged trying to keep afloat. I loved Freddie, so loyal, adored his gran, tried to do his best for his dad even though the guy’s never been a good dad, far from it in fact, and Freddie is still affected by his upbringing. He fits in so well with the locals and the film people, he’s just such a sweetheart you can’t help loving him. He’s so stressed though, so on edge, overworking, not eating, not sleeping enough that he’s in danger of collapse. He’s so independent though he won’t accept help, and to top it all off Blaire is back. That’s all he needs, he’s still heartbroken at the way they ended. He’s rigidly  cold to Blaire, polite – just, but makes it clear he isn’t welcome.

Blaire, well I didn’t like him at first, he seemed a typical money-will-buy-me-everything guy, and I couldn’t get over how he’d hurt Freddie. Blaire knows he c ocked up though, knows Freddie was the best thing in his life for a long while, and wants to try again. He’s got a tough road to tread though, he knows that, but he’s determined, and as things continued I began to see that he’d not intended to hurt Freddie, more a case of getting one over on his bigoted, controlling father and not thinking about the effect on Freddie. His dad is a horrible, very manipulative man, and I guess some of his lack of consideration rubbed off onto Blaire and that’s why he just didn’t think about the hurt he’d cause Freddie in what he did.

Slowly he works his way into Freddie’s life again . Its two steps forward and one back. He just can’t help his natural way of using money to solve things and Freddie won’t accept that. They have several struggles over things. Blaire only intends help and Freddie sees interference, Freddie just wants to make his shop work and Blaire sees him being a control freak and making himself ill. Its a fun read, very intuitive of human nature. There’s others in the book too, Alicia, camera woman ( I think) who’s a great friend to Freddie, Derek and Gin from the Burnt toast B&B ( great to read more of them), Lee and Vincent who work for Blaire’s father and are his assistants, and many regulars in the bakery customers.

I loved the tenderness here, the way Blaire really had learned his lesson in treating people baldly, he works really hard to put things in place so that he can try to make amends to Freddie and also to help the town. He likes the people, the way they see him, speak to him and wants to be a part of it. He’s finally grown up, finally learned that his dad is never going to let up on the control, and that its time to let go, to start looking at his own life and the effect he has on others.

I really enjoyed this story, the way it wasn’t the usual format with a build up to a huge drama towards the end, but full of minor ones along the way. I enjoyed the way Blaire stuck at it, didn’t let Freddie rebuff him, kept his resolve, and finally saw what was important in his life. I loved the Freddie, Blaire, and Blaire’s dad showdown. Croutons at dawn, well – at suppertime anyway!


Stars: Five, another great Bluewater instalment


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


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