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Play to Win, Tiffany Snow

Play to Win,  Tiffany Snow

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Genre:  Romance, Romantic Suspense,

Well, the last book ended on a real cliff-hanger – and I hate those. Sage thought Parker was dead….it certainly seemed as if he’d been killed, but we knew there was book three to come so Tiffany would find him some way out of his predicament 😉 Now book three is here, and for me its another cracking read.

Parker, Ryker, Ryker, Parker – Sage just can’t choose and can’t have them both ( *shame* Two hot men…buuut its not that sort of book). For now though they seem to have called a truce, for tonight at least. So much has gone on that Sage needs them both right now. Tomorrow will be soon enough to pick up the animosity. Sage makes a choice that astonishes them though, she chooses neither of them, they were torn apart by a woman before, Natalie was the one to ruin their years of brother like friendship. Sage won’t do that again, so leaves them both.

She’s broken hearted, has quit her job with Parker and turns to her parents. Dad is happy, he wants her to work for their family business, and she soon starts there. There’s drama though from the off when there’s a drive by shooting and her dad is badly injured. Parker was out with them, he’s responsible for their business finances put through his firm, and they’d had a dinner business meeting. Ryker as a cop gets pulled in and they feel Sage could be at risk too. All drama and danger once more, and Sage’s attempts to stay away from them gets blown out of the water. Then someone unexpected turns up and throws them all into more confusion. I didn’t not like this woman, was so suspicious of her like Sage, and yet Ryker and Parker seemed taken in by her charm, her damsel in distress situation. That’s the kind of men they are though, gallant, gentlemanly, and like many men, taken in by some timely tears and distressing tale.

The story cracks on quickly, getting more and more involved and after a while the predicament Sage and her father are in, where someone seems to be looking for revenge and to close their business, seems tied to the past. It seems too that this new lady’s situation is strange, doesn’t seem to add up, and Sage can’t resist doing her own bit of snooping into her and what’s happening with her dad’s business, to the point of being foolhardy at times. I wouldn’t be able to just sit back and let things happen either, take her story at face value the way Ryker and Parker seem to, to leave it to the men to take all the risk, when its her friends being taken in, and her family, her firm that’s at risk of going under. There’s still the conundrum at first of them both wanting Sage, and being aggressive with each other but slowly we see things working out, with one of them being a definite choice although Sage still isn’t sure if his feelings are really genuine.

Then just when I think its all over, all settled, we find it’s not and there’s another whacking dose of drama and danger to Sage. This time she doesn’t escape so well, but what comes out does a total wrap up, closing all the lose ends. I enjoyed that extra part, felt like a bonus and certainly had me fooled. ( not that that’s hard!!) There was a section from about 60 – 80% when I thought Why? Would he/she really? Without questioning anything? Why is she still? And lots of similar questions I can’t write as it would give away too much, but I was so puzzled at why things had been left a certain way, and like Sage I just couldn’t understand what was happening or trust it would work out. All gets explained in the final moments though and then I could see exactly why the story was laid out that way.

When I started this I was a bit worried as its another romantic suspense, one woman, two guys, and sounded very similar to the Kathleen Turner series. Recently I’ve got a bit tired of this with other romantic series/trilogies where its been just like reading the authors earlier books, same character types but different names, same basic plots, just places and small business changes, even the same sorts of dangers…Its not at all the same here though, both series feature the two guys/one woman conundrum,  and action, drama and danger wrapped around big business and the shady side of life but they are very different. Tiffany makes both series work well and feel very individual. I enjoyed the KT series in a back to back reading fest recently, and when there’s time I’d like to do the same with these three books.

Stars: the magic five for me, a terrific read and one to keep.

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