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Love Me Tenor, Annabeth Albert. Mayon, Mickie B. Ashling

Love Me Tenor,  Annabeth Albert

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Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

Well, I struggled with this. I really liked the sound of the plot, I knew the characters were youngish, as Trevor has just graduated ( he’s 22 BTW) but they all acted like they were young teens, and Carter and Carson seemed very stereotyped OTT gays.

I got to half way and then skim read. Carter and Carson were so irritating in their actions and speech, and Trevor and Jalen just didn’t feel right together. Its a shame because I really liked the storyline, but though how it played out worked well it was the characters that just didn’t feel genuine to me.

There were elements I liked, the storyline with Trevor’s parents and then what happened to him was something that happens too often and yet though we heard about them we didn’t really see or get to know that much about his family. Once the story went a certain way I expected them to have a bigger input given who they were and how they felt and the publicity the show would generate, but apart from a minor part with his brother it didn’t happen. His illness brought in something very prevalent today and I liked when he wanted to be treated the same as the others, not made into the poster boy for it. No-one likes to be different and poor Trevor had enough issues without putting him in the public eye for yet more.

Jalen and his family – they felt a little too “happy families”. I don’t know – maybe its me being bah humbug, but I felt this was a novel that had a little bit of everything packed in, and it would have worked better for me with less and more concentration on just a couple of issues. There was of course the church v homosexuality issue, the mixed race issue, the adoptive parents/children issue, even nepotism in that Jalen sister has a  major role into the show. Then of course the teen sweethearts in Carter and Carson….it just felt a bit busy, and throw in that the characters were IMO acting like teens it just didn’t work for me. Still, horses for courses, it’ll be perfect for others and maybe what I don’t like will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Stars: two and a half. there were some parts that worked for me but overall it wasn’t one I enjoyed.


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Mayon,  Mickie B. Ashling

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Genre:  History

I was really looking forward to this read, with it being set back in the 1940’s where attitudes to Homosexuality were still very strong. I love books from a different time period, and those that involve other cultures.

I didn’t really feel though that I got a proper sense of the country and its inhabitants, of the sisters, of John and Greg, and as it covers just a few weeks I was surprised at how John went from treating Greg as a quick fling to wanting to give up everything for him. It really was a complete swing in attitude and  I just can’t pinpoint where or why his attitude changed. I found him quite a selfish man, though I did understand his need for secrecy given the time period and what he’d seen happen to others. Greg was such a sweet guy, but threw his heart into John right from the start, but john never really seemed to consider Greg’s future, his feelings, the fact he was so open about wanting a life with John, yet he had other plans. Greg’s lived a pretty sheltered life, seems to just have his mum and the Saenz family, no other friends, and meeting john has thrown everything he knows upside down.

It was a kind of insta love on Greg’s side but I just felt John was hedging his bets, while still telling Greg he cared…The girls were a mix, from Ditzy Daisy to would be nun Prudence. We see lots of the countryside as Greg and  John go round visiting the estate, while he makes up his mind what to do, whether to take the job and with it the implied conditions of marrying one of the daughters but I didn’t feel “there” the way I usually do with this sort of novel. I just felt like an onlooker, and in the same way I felt detached from John and Greg and their problems.

I did like the way the story wrapped up – cleverly done and I didn’t expect that 🙂 but overall it was a book I’m pleased I read, it had parts that I enjoyed but its not one I’d reread.

Stars: Three, an interesting read but a one off. .


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