Piper Dreams, part two. Amelie Duncan.

Piper Dreams, part two. Amelie Duncan. 

Genre: Romance

Well, the last one ended with Piper gutted, broken hearted at leaving Brody. When push came to shove he’d chosen not to give them a chance and she’s grieving. But school beckons, she’s still got to find a way to pay for tuition, find somewhere to live, a job for food and lodgings after the huge fallout with her mum. What a sleaze that Royce is, but it’s him her mum believes and poor Piper needs to sort finances out ASAP.

Brody didn’t want to leave her but feels her career comes first, he can see how excited she gets talking about it and thinks being involved with him will just drag her down. Seren needs him and Cole ( ack!) is relying on him. He feels he owes him for their childhood and genuinely loves Seren as part of the family.

I love Brody but boy – the way he feels he owes Cole and is willing to give up love to take his place really gets me. Cole – in my opinion – is just being selfish. He loves Seren, she’s been seriously ill, close to death and needs him but…he wants to stay with his career and leaves the day to day stuff to Brody??? Who does that? That makes me So Mad. I’m sure he could have left early, got compassionate leave, something…but he seems content to play ostrich, he stays at work, and Seren stays well. He needs a kick up the a rse IMO. Sadly his attitude is actually very real. One in four relationships fail when someone is diagnosed with cancer. I was lucky, but an online friend wasn’t. Her husband just couldn’t cope with her being so very ill 😦 So even though I hate Cole for it his reaction is very true to life.

There’s some shakeups in this book, Piper’s life was turned on its head meeting Brody, and now she can’t go back. He’s “in” her, changed her, and she misses him. He’s missing her too, Seren is angry at his choice, she was scared and did ask him to stay but didn’t mean him to drop Piper, and she’s trying hard to make things right.

Cole’s home now and can see for himself now just how sick she is, and though Brody’s been to all her appointments and knows her position it feels like Cole has just been kidding himself, telling himself if he can’t see it then it hasn’t happened. Now though Seren is right in front of him, pale, thin, in pain and the Doctors are telling him just how ill she is. Seren never gives in though and plans something special, something that will bring everyone she loves together again including, she hopes, Brody and Piper. Cole was awful to Piper in book one but when he meets her he can see how much she means to Brody and him to her. I still don’t like him but I don’t dislike him as much 🙂

Its great to catch up with the biker gang again, meet Pipers slightly dotty Aunt Luna, (and I love her character!) get to know Seren, Brody and Cole as a unit, see Jorge and his friend/girlfriend Nora, and of course we meet Matt, bane of Pipers Freshman year but now her study partner in Professor G’s Ten,

Its another heart tugging read, rollercoastering from highs to low, from things looking up to them dropping right down again. Drama all the way, just how I love it. I’m really keen to see how Amelie wraps it all up.

Stars: Five.

ARC supplied by author


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One response to “Piper Dreams, part two. Amelie Duncan.”

  1. Amelie S. Duncan says :

    Thank you so very much Jeannie! I sincerely appreciate all your support and I’m happy you enjoyed Part Two.

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