The Curse of Tenth Grave, Darynda Jones

The Curse of Tenth Grave,  Darynda Jones

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Genre: Mystery and Thrillers, Fantasy, romance

Well, when I look back to book one what a long, long way Charley has come. I still love her kookie ways, love her big, big heart and then of course her irreverence, her snark, those endless one liners that have me sniggering. What a difference to how she was though, how she’s grown to accept her role as Grim Reaper and a God without losing the essential “Charley”. She’s still busy naming everything – I love that Reyes’ shower is called George. I’ve always named cars, but furniture? Never occurred to me.

There’s still that awful but necessary separation from Beep though, Charley knows it has to be done to keep her safe, but what heartbreak for her and Reyes.
Reyes *drool along with countless readers* he’s amazing, adores Charley, will do anything to keep her and Beep safe. His is an incredible story too, and again looking back to those early books, what changes this series has been through and yet it keeps the essential spark of fun, great characters and genuine plots which drew me in to the start.

We didn’t see so much of Strawberry Shortcake, Rocket, Osh and Angel this time. That boy makes me laugh, thirteen going on thirty, all his flirting with Charley. Osh – well, when he was introduced several books back I wasn’t sure about him, didn’t know if we could trust him – he’s a Daeva after all. He too has joined Beep’s Army though, and there’s a hint towards the end here of just how strong its become.

So as usual Charley’s running round like a headless chicken, but collecting needy people ( a 12 year old girl this time), and sorting everyone’s problems despite being under pressure from so many sources. She’s a huge worry here though, Reyes hasn’t touched her, seems to be avoiding anything sexual except a few heated kisses. Usually he can’t keep his hands off her *and don’t we just love that??* and they’re making love at every opportunity ( and making ones where there aren’t any!!) Is he tired of her she thinks, fed up of her and the issues that go with her, irritated at always having to gett her out of trouble, resentful because she forgot him when she lost her memory, found someone else maybe?
Poor Charley, she just doesn’t think she deserves him, doesn’t think she’s good enough – and the weird thing? Well, Reyes feels the same…You want to lock them both in a room to sort things out don’t you? Yep, well Cookie has the answer 😉

I really don’t know how Darynda comes up with all this – its something that amazes me about authors, how they pull stories out of nothing, create people and situations that feel so real. When Charley’s dad died in the last book I cried, finally she realised just how much he loved her despite his actions at times.
Once more this book too had me laughing and crying, its so emotive sometimes, so deep and then open the next chapter and there’s a heading that makes me smile and lightens things. I love those headings, look forward to each new chapter.
There’s secrets and revelations here, the future of the world, the dangers to Beep, whether Reyes really is one of the baddies now Charley knows his true origins, that he’s a God too….it just makes me wonder what else is going to come out.
I love what’s possibly lined up for Osh, want Beep home, but before that can happen there’s the Big Battle – Charley will do anything for her family, and we know Reyes will, severing spines seems to be his favourite hobby sometimes!

It could so easily descent into triteness with Charley’s practicality and need to work her day to day jobs, or maybe go the other way and turn all Sci-fi, Star Trek, interplanetary plots etc. but Darynda straddles the lines beautifully to bring out another fascinating read, one packed full of fun and humour, dangers and drama, and once more ties everything in this book neatly together,  but with yet more revelations and hints of what’s to come.
I don’t know how many more books are planned, I’ll be sad to leave Charley, Reyes and the gang, but the final war, the big battle seems to be on the way, the lines have been drawn and action is starting.

Darynda, you’re an amazing author, given us a fabulous story with characters that have stayed true to the ones we knew when the series began. So often in long running series the characters become ones we don’t recognise as time passes, and the main plots veer away into strange areas, just for the sake of stringing out the drama, turning out another book, but the plots and characters here feel as fresh and true as they did with that very first book. ( Anita Blake? A series I loved at first but abandoned about book 14 when she became someone I didn’t recognise, didn’t like)

I love this series, love the characters – even the bad ones 😉 they’re needed. I really want to know how its all going to go down, who will pull through and what the future looks like, but can’t imagine how on earth – or any other dimension! – its going to work out. Glad I’m a reader not a writer, I can just enjoy it, not worry about writing it!
Please Darynda – don’t kill off Reyes, we love him, love his panther like graceful way of moving,he doesn’t ever walk, nothing so mundane,simply glides through everywhere, sexuality just oozing from him, every female – and a few males – drooling at him, and yet he’s got eyes only for Charley. Give them a happy ending, and let us please have lots of Reyes before we get it 😉
Its a series that’s definitely on my re reader list for when all the books are out. I’ll have a week of so if indulging in nothing but Reyes and Charley, a real Grave-fest marathon.

Stars: Five, another riveting novel, another page turner full of action, humour, sensuality ( Reyes!!) that kept me glued to my kindle.

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6 responses to “The Curse of Tenth Grave, Darynda Jones”

  1. soireadthisbooktoday says :

    I got distracted back around book three, it sounds like I need to go back and catch up… but I have SO MANY books in my piles!!!

  2. By Hook Or By Book ~ Book Reviews, News, & Other Stuff says :

    Fantastic review! I just got this and I’m really looking forward to reading it.😊

    • jeanniezelos says :

      enjoy 🙂 its a brilliant series IMO. Kept charley true to her character right through. I love her, she’s got such a big heart, and she’s so funny.
      I really enjoyed the early laurell hamilton/anita blake reads but when she changed from a celibate vampire hunter into a – well, porn star might fit, she had so many lovers she couldn’t have had time to do anything else 🙂 It was if men didn’t like her its because she wouldn’t shag them and if women didn’t like her it was because they were jealous of her….she began the series as a really nice lady and by halfway through had become someone I didn’t recognise, and didn’t like 😦 Heaven knows what she’s like in later reads – I gave up on the series. Charley though remains essentially the same person in her nature, she’s grown hugely in what has happened to her, accepting what she is and yet still takes time for the little problems, ones that others might pass by for “the bigger picture”. The young girl she helps in this book is classic charley.

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