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The Right Kind of Trouble, Shiloh Walker

The Right Kind of Trouble,  Shiloh Walker

Genre:  Romance,

Well, the final part, the home straight, and the couple that have so intrigued me from book one.
We start with the party where Hannah and Brennan, Neve and Ian are getting engaged, and Gideon has finally decided its time to let go, to stop waiting and wondering if Moira will ever let him in. Its been so weird all the way through looking at these two – its clear they both love each other so why won’t they let themselves be together? Its Moira that’s the stumbling block, but why?
Finally we get the answer but…given all the build up it didn’t really feel enough for me. Twenty years because of guilt? And she’s punishing Gideon too, and they guy just doesn’t deserve it. He’s so loyal, been waiting for her to give him a sign for 20 years no less, (whoops, I typed Sigh there instead of sign, and there’s been far far too many of those. Freudian slip) and then when finally he decides to move on then she wants him? I got pretty cross with her, wanted to shake her and tell her not to be so selfish. She had her chance, and after all this while, just when the poor man decides to look elsewhere Now she suddenly wants him back? Gideon is cautious, rightly so IMO. Will she just let him dangle once more when he’s back to the not-with-her-but-always-waiting side-lines?

Of course Moira hasn’t had it easy, losing her parents at just 18 put her in a position of massive responsibility, helping raise her younger siblings Brennan and Neve, running and growing the huge company which she’s done so well.
Ella-Sue has been a huge support to her, regards the trio as her own kids, and is still always there when they need her, with her quiet wisdom and knowing what they really want to do. She’d love to see Moira and Gideon together, knows they should have been all these wasted years, and she’ll push Moira to what she needs to do in her gentle but forceful, loving way.

Its not just hearts and flowers though, there’s a real danger to the whole family. People have been murdered and attacked, homes and businesses burned and its finally clear that this is a personal attack on the McKay family. Who’s behind it though? Someone we know or someone new, and what’s the connection, the motivation?
I’d an idea right from the start, based on nothing but an instinctive feeling, a dislike of someone. How it panned out though, the things revealed and the tense, dangerous but incredibly satisfying ending was a real surprise to me.
Once Moira stopped pussyfooting around and realised she was in danger of losing Gideon for good, she went all out. I did like her, admired how she’s worked so hard to support her siblings and to grow the business into the huge operation it was now. She’s liked in the town but doesn’t really seem to have many close friends, Neve and Hannah are probably closest, with of course the ever present Ella Sue. I could feel her loneliness at times, and felt if she’d had a couple of close friends they would have said to her to stop laying blame, stop with the guilt ands grab the chance for happiness. Its such a shame they lost 20 years, and if things hadn’t played out the way they did, with someone ready to kill for revenge, someone who’d killed already, who seemed to know where they’d be and when, to know just where to hit to hurt them the most, then they may well still be apart.

Its a cracking finale, been a great read. As a stand alone this book would have been hard to follow, there’s so much from earlier books that makes this one work and without knowing the history you’d miss so much of what knits this story together. Start from book one – its worth it!

Stars: Five, a fabulous finish

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher

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