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Possessed. The Dollhouse, Part One , Stacia Stone

Possessed. The Dollhouse, Part One ,  Stacia Stone 

Possessed: The Dollhouse, Part One by [Stone, Stacia]

Genre:  Romance, Erotica, BDSM

Well, I guess the first thing that caught me was that although Goodreads and Amazon say this is 209 pages, its short – just 334 KB, and 1522 kindle locations which is usually around 100 pages, and honestly that’s all it feels like from the time it took me to read.
If books 2,3 and 4 all have the same page issues it means a huge difference in total novel length. That may not matter to you – it does to me. As this is on KU its not actually a problem for me, but if I was paying then I’d be pretty upset.

So, having got that off my chest what about the book? Well, its a great story, I really enjoyed this first part and definitely want to read the next three to finish the story.
Its got elements I enjoy, bright girl but with problems, working to support family and can’t make ends meet. Dalea needs money and quick, for bills, for rent and for mum’s essential chemo to save her life. Family come first eh?

She has to turn to the Dollhouse though to get the money she needs, hiding it from her family of course. She can get $1000 a night against her waitress job for tips that brings in a fraction of that.
She doesn’t know what to expect, had to sign a contract that basically agrees to let a stranger do whatever they want with her body and not to talk about anything involving the dollhouse or the people in it.

Dalea gets chosen by a patron who wants her submission, wants to control her every action and need, wants to do things to her that she never imagined.  She’s terrified and yet like many finds it pleasurable – but she’s ashamed of that, ashamed of what she’s done and terrified how much further it may go.

Its ends on a sort-of cliff-hanger, a place that’s a natural stopping point, but which makes you want to read more. Fortunately all four parts are out so I can continue while the story is fresh in my mind.
I Hate waiting for next parts of stories, love it when i find one like this where I can read right through.

Its well written, I didn’t find it particularly dark, what they do is what’s common in many BDSM books and clubs. I wouldn’t want to be submissive – I’m far too bolshy and difficult!! but for many its what they want and more important, actually need.
She’s looked after well, treated properly as far as these things go, with proper aftercare so I didn’t find it particularly dark and enjoyed reading it.
I want to have a sexy escape when I read erotica, not to be taken down deep, dark avenues with scenes that are unpleasant. There seems to be a few books out recently that have non consensual acts as a base, and then its “OK” as the woman enjoys it – its not, consent is essential!!
In this case consent could be considered kind of dodgy as though Dalea gives it she doesn’t really know what for, and of course when money is involved there’s an element of coercion. Ultimately she chose to go there, to take part, she wasn’t forced and that’s what makes this different to those where there’s a  lot of non consensual scenes.

Stars: Four, a fun, sexy read, and a story I want to know more about.

Read on KU.

NB: I downloaded the next three parts as I want to read the rest, and tried to work out the page anomaly…
pt 2 is 1782 kindle loc. a little larger than this part, and 334KB/233 pages- again I’d have said around 110.
pt 3 is 1538 kindle loc, but according to amazon its a massive 4328 KB yet only 210 pages…looking at the kindle location size I’d have thought around 100 pages.
pt 4, well its 1437 kindle loc, 1478 KB and yet amazon says its just 44 pages….I’d say its more like 90 or so…Weird or what??

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