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A few recent non review reads…

Yes, even though I get lots of review books, I have KU and read novles from there, “buy” free ones and even pay for ones I really want…So many books, so little time. I’m trying to restrict myself right now as on my TBR list I’ve 11 review reads, 10 KU books, and 3 or 4 free reads, plus I also like rereading some older ones if I’m in the mood.
I mix and match genres so I’ve always got some of each time waiting for me to be in the mood for that sort of story.
I’ve found it harder this year to get into the deeper reads, can’t seem to concentrate, Charles and how much I miss him, how life is so empty without him keeps tripping into my head and means I lose what I’ve just read, have to go back and check things.


So first off there’s Lush Rocks: The Complete Lush Rockstar Series,  Selena Laurence 

Lush Rocks: The Complete Lush Rockstar Series by [Laurence, Selena]

I haven’t been through all these yet, still got the final story but its a decent band romance read, with some realsitc scenes and dramas. Its not a gripping five star read for me but they are good stories and I enjoyed the ones I’ve read, liked the characters and the scene setting. This issues the lads have feel very real, and my favourite is still the first book. Not a five star read, but a good four stars.

Through The Veil (Aisling Chronicles) Colleen Halverson

Through The Veil (Aisling Chronicles) by [Halverson, Colleen]

I bought this one as I’d the second for review – my review of both is here

Amber (Stone Pack Book 1)Lexi James

Amber (Stone Pack Book 1) by [James, Lexi]

I didn’t notice this was a short – 109 pages, and gave up halfway through. not one for me 😦

Diamonds & Desire: (The Priceless Collection #1) Angelita Gill

Diamonds & Desire: (The Priceless Collection #1) by [Gill, Angelita]
This was a fun read, with Jordana being a great character, very genuine, very caring. It’s that caring part of her nature that brings her into contact with Logan, when she overhears something he needs to know. There’s an attraction between them, but he doesn’t do love and romance, and knows she’s too good for his usual friends with benefits type affair. They start meeting for lunch though, simply enjoying each others company, and those lunches somehow lead to more when Jordana needs his help over her sister.
They get closer…and closer… and soon are in a hot and heavy affair, even though he’d determined they wouldn’t, and they’re having some seriously steamy sex. Of course as always things crop up that cause issues and friction, and just when you think things are going well they aren’t. I loved that it wasn’t a quick fix to the problem, that it was dragged out and we could see how both of them were so affected. I like my sad parts to be solid, not a two page over and done and it was perfect here. It let me indulge, wallow for a bit!
I loved both of them, and the story was a fun read, with some sensual and seductive scenes. Its a book that I might re read, after a period of time, it’s not one that’s deep and full of mystery, but a light and fun read. There’s a place for those as much as there is for those deep, dark dramas I love. This is perfect when you want something lighter but not chic lit type light, a solid romance but with some spice and fun.
Stars: Five, a fun, sexy read
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Crash Into Me (Shaken Dirty Book 1) Tracy Wolff 

Crash Into Me (Shaken Dirty Book 1) by [Wolff, Tracy]

I love Tracey’s stories, and had already received book three for review so I bought this one, and will get book tow some time…As ever a well written story, with great characters and lots of drama and angst. Tracey always delivers on that front, and I do love some solid drama and issues, I don’t want sweet and cute reads, and of course it’s a Band romance and they’re (one of ) my weakness! A good five stars

book three review

My Husband’s Wife: The Number 1 Bestseller (No Greater Courage) Amanda Prowse

My Husband's Wife: The Number 1 Bestseller (No Greater Courage) by [Prowse, Amanda]

I’d been wanting to read this one for a while and then it was briefly reduced to 99p so of course…..and its a great read. A story that I loved, with a perfect ending.

Poor Rosie, each time she had one setback then another rolled over to crush her. Phil was an ar $e and I hated him – hated him. He seemed to have everything, new rich wife, perfect lifestyle, posh job, even their kids eventually. her in laws, for so long they’d been like parenst to her and then they too fell in  love with wife number two. What they don’t know though is she isn’t all she seems and poor Rosie, everyone turns on her when she tries to tell them. So full of angst, so packed with drama. Just when you think Rosie has hit bottom then more slaps on her. Circles turn though and I was so pleased at the way it all turned out 😉

The Phoenix Decree: Book One In The Phoenix Decree Saga Kindle Edition
by Anna Albergucci

The Phoenix Decree: Book One In The Phoenix Decree Saga by [Albergucci, Anna]

Another fail for me. I loved the sound of this but got to 40% and gave up. Its not a bad story, just slow and I’d too many others to continue and see if it worked for me. I might come back to it another time as its the first in a series and I’ve found that sometimes if i’m in a different mood then I can enjoy a story I wasn’t sure of at first time round.

One Perfect Summer  Paige Toon

I love Paige’s writing and bought this one, there’s more of hers I’d like to read at some point. My favourite is still the Johnny Jefferson duo.
I so loved Joe and Alice, was rooting for them all the way through. It seemed fate kept putting them closer but not close enough, always pushing obstacles in their way. Lukkas seemed a great guy – but he wasn’t Joe, and I just wanted him gone. Unfair?> well, that’s fiction, you can want what you feel is right for people without worrying about others…though I tend t mentally make up a quick fix in which they get what’s coming, good or bad 😉

Who We Were Before , Leah Mercer

Who We Were Before by [Mercer, Leah]

This one came as a Prime first to read bonus. I really enjoyed it, gut wrenchingly emotional, tear jerkingly sad and I so felt for them both though I did get Really angry with Andrew at one point. Ba $tard! Life though, it goes on despite loss, each day comes anew and I could understand Zoe’s feelings of despair, how she just didn’t have the strength than to do more than drift through each day.

Everyone handles grief differently and Andrew is really just pushing his back,. out of sight out of mind and can’t seem to understand why Zoe can’t do the same. Finally it all comes to a head, and wow – what an emotional time that was. I really need a HEA and this doesn’t promise that not is does show the potential for one so in my head its moved forward and bit and become that happy end 😉

I’ve read more than these but will post another time .

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