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Lucifer, Book 11 of The Vampires in America Series, D.B. Reynolds

Lucifer, Book 11 of The Vampires in America Series,  D.B. Reynolds

Lucifer (Vampires in America: The Vampire Wars Book 11) by [Reynolds, D. B.]

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy

Well, I’ve said before – I love this series, its one that I pick up from time to time and re-read all the stories so far.
Its one of those series where each book is complete as far as the romance goes, ( apart from the first – but that was Raphael, and that guy needed two books!)

However there’s also a strong overarching main plot, and that’s where the European vampires come in. they’re looking at how much space there is in the US compared to what they hold, and have been making attempts to take parts over. So far they’ve been pushed back, out witted despite some dirty tricks, but the threat just grows greater each time, with the idea of taking over an area and becoming a Lord attracting more and more European Vampires. Now they seem to be teaming up in some way, though as ever Vampires don’t really do teamwork that well, they all distrust each other so much.

Raphael has been instrumental in holding areas of the US together, he’s powerful and some of the current Vampire Lords are either his own Children, or ones he’s been close to for many years and who trust him. Its not often that happens, and its a mark of how respected and powerful he is, and how visionary, that his ideas when this all started have held things together so far. He’s happy with his own territory but with Vampires its always under challenge; conflict and battle is a way of life, so he’s worked to help put strong vampires who trust/respect him in power in the areas close to him.

America is a huge place though, and Sophia, Lord of Canada has a vast area to control. Raphael helped her when the previous Lord was missing, and she was searching for him. That was a dangerous time all round, he’d been a weak Lord and it was hard to know who to trust. She’s tried hard to rectify things since his death but its been a tough haul, and now her Mate Colin has been taken, with everything pointing to betrayal from within. She needs help to find him, but is this a wider plot, bringing in not just threats to Canada, but part of the whole European threat?
Raphael and a couple of other Lords are the only ones she’s trusted enough to ask for help. Its a thin line, too much aid and she risks being seen as weak, too little and Colin’s dead.

Sophia wasn’t ever one of my favourite stories but I’ve always liked her Mate Colin. He’s incredibly loyal, and well respected among the vampires, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s friends with Cyn, Raphael’s Mate.  I didn’t really feel I knew her before but in this book I get a much better idea of her, and felt I understand her more. She’s had a tough time, female among a group of very Alpha, territorial males. There are few vampire females and even fewer in positions of power, and she has to work harder than the men to been seen as strong enough to rule. She’s tried to be fair, tried not to be weak as the former Lord, Lucien, was, tried to be just but now it looks like that has backfired and someone – or several someones have betrayed her.
Colin warned her she needed to be tough on some of the Vampires, not to trust them, but she wanted to give them a chance, and now they are paying for that with Colin being tortured nightly and videos being sent to her.

I loved Eleanor, understood why she hadn’t contacted Lucifer, it was heartbreaking what happned to her and how she perceived her future. She’s very loayl to sophia and has worked hard to get her postion as a bodyguard, she’s not just some token female, vampires don’t do that, she’s there because she’s one of the best.
Lucifer – well, who couldn’t love him. Southern chanrmer, gorgeous and sexy, and still so in love with Eleanor. He wants some answers and I understood why.
I loved the way he adores Elanoer but still lets her do her part, donesn’t ry to belittle her just becuase she’s female even though his instincts scream at him to protect her. she’s strong, he recognises that and is willing to use it when they need it.

Lucifer is one of Aden’s vampires, young but very strong, and an incredible hunter. He’s charged with aiding Sophia to get Colin back, but what he doesn’t know is one of her most trusted staff is his former human lover. He thought she’d died, killed by another vampire, so he’s shocked to see her with Sophia, and angry at finding she left him, she wasn’t dead but never contacted him.
He wants answers, and as she’s aiding him in the search for Colin he’s the opportunity to get them. Eleanor is shocked to find its Lucifer heading the search, but soon its clear the heat between them burns as hot as ever.

That heat, the sensuality, jumps off the page, and looking back these books get hotter and hotter with each one it feels. Still, Debbie keeps the balance of sex and story perfectly. I hate it when the sex becomes the story. I want the romance but I want it to fit in the story, not dominate it. Here we’ve a multi stranded novel, there’s the search for Colin, who has him and why, the European threat to all the US vampires, whether they recognise it or not, and of course the growing rekindling romance between Lucifer and Eleanor.
They’ve things to explain, things to work out but time is short and Colin being human is in grave danger. Of course there’s another problem to be sorted if Lucifer and Eleanor are to be together, he’s one of Aden’s Vampires and she’s one of Sophia’s – how do they work that out?

I love the way the novel plays out, how the trails are followed, how links to further plots woven in, and hints of what’s to come are seeded.
The battles are bloodthirsty as ever, Debbie’s Vampires bite, are tough, violent and thrive in vicious conflicts. They don’t feel over done though, like the sex scenes they fit the story, and aren’t there just as padding but to push through more plots and tie up ends.

Its another great read, a terrific sensual romance, with a story that moves the whole series just that bit further into potential war with Europe.

Stars: Five, a great read to add to the series.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher

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