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Just Drive, Anchor Point 1, L.A. Witt

Just Drive, Anchor Point 1,  L.A. Witt

Just Drive (Anchor Point Book 1) by [Witt, L.A.]

Genre:  LGBTQIA,Romance.

Well, what a perfect story this was. Full of emotion, a Real barrier that meant they couldn’t be together, rather than the storm-in-a-teacup manufactured issues  we get too often.
I’ve read a few of those lately, and they leave me feeling that they whole point of the book is lost with such a weak potential break-up plot. This one though was perfect, real, and it must happen often in real life.

The issues of Paul and Sean not being able to be together because Paul was senior to his dad, as they had to avoid any possible accusations of bias, was one I hadn’t thought about.
Its not just the Services where things like that happen though is it – what about any job where you’re dating someone who’s parent works in the same firm but in a junior position. The firm I worked for, a private cleaning company had rules where they wouldn’t appoint family members as senior managers, nor anyone closely connected, and though they couldn’t forbid dating internally it was frowned on, and we all knew it would be a bar to promotion. That’s true of many companies. The Navy and other Services are very fierce about things like that, and not only Paul, but Sean’s dad too, could lose his job, even though he may know nothing about it.

When you first meet someone you’re attracted to though, you don’t ask for family history do you? You chat to see what you’ve got in common, or if as with these two, a simple hook-up was all they wanted, well – then chats about each other are superfluous of course.
That’s how it worked with them, that first incredible hot over-the-bonnet sex led to more, and then more…and what was supposed to be a one off hook-up becomes several meetings.
Its just sex at first, and its all no-tell-motel meetings, and after one of their usual searingly erotic encounters they get to talking, and the bombshell is dropped. Arghh. We have to stop, they say, and they mean it but its harder than it seems.

Paul recalls the stress he went through giving up smoking years ago, but he’s so full of Sean in his mind he wants a cigarette, regardless of going through giving up all over again. He can’t concentrate at work, can’t get Sean out of his mind.
Sean’s having the same kind of issues, struggling with his studies, trying hard not to think about Paul but can’t seem to stop.
That led to what I thought was the one weak spot in the story, they kept on meeting “just this once” and then stopped, then gave in and then stopped. It seemed like a little too much yo-yoing and courting danger to me, and just didn’t feel right.
I don’t think the person I thought Paul was, honourable etc would have let Pauls dad’s job be at risk. He might take it for himself, but risk someone else career?
In the same way I couldn’t see Sean letting Paul risk his life’s ambition, when long term both acknowledge it couldn’t happen.
Ho hum…I also was a bit puzzled by the ages thing another reviewer on GR mentions, that Paul id 2 years older than Sean’s dad. that would make him just 15/16 when Sean was born yet he was already in the Navy? Not that it affects the story, but its a niggle none the less, and there was no need t mention his dad’s age.

I would have liked for them to talk a bit more about themselves, apart from the main issue of the Navy they don’t talk much about their backgrounds, and I was just interested.
It didn’t affect the story really except as they were risking so much to be together I’d have liked to see a tighter connection, not just a sexual one.
I could feel how they were so attracted, didn’t feel the age gap mattered, liked the way they joked about it at times. I believe its people that count, not their gender, race, age, religion so age doesn’t matter to me so long as the love connection feels real – and yes it did, very much so.

Its a very hot, erotic and sensual read, with a huge barrier to their long term romance, one that’s all too real, in the Services and in many other jobs. I appreciated that, having a real barrier instead of some tiny, manufactured issue blown out of proportion.
I really felt as if I knew both Paul and Sean, was genuinely emotionally invested with them. To me its important for the characters and the issues they face to feel real otherwise I just don’t get “into” a story, don’t care about what happens. I was pulled in to this one incredibly quickly though.

I felt the bar to them being together was so huge there was no way through, and yet of course its romance, L.A. is going to find a gap – but how? Given what I knew of the characters I couldn’t see how it could happen – but she wraps it up in a perfect way, a very satisfying ending that felt just right.

Stars: Five, a great book, made me think, made me really cross at the barriers to their romance even though I understood why they were in place. A perfect ending.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and publisher

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