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The One That Got Away, Melissa Pimentel. Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings, Wendy Holden

The One That Got Away,  Melissa Pimentel

The One That Got Away by [Pimentel, Melissa]

Genre:  Romance,

I love second chance romance so was keen to read this. Its a second book from Melissa, I hadn’t read her debut novel so wasn’t sure what kind of writing style she has.
Its a fun read, very light and easy to follow, and told in the Past/Present alternating format. I di like that but it always leaves me horribly frustrated at not knowing what went wrong, and that’s what happened here.

I was enjoying the drama of Piper’s wedding, the characters and how they worked together but I was always wondering why, when what we’d seen from the past of Ethan and Ruby they were so perfect, did it all go wrong. what happened and when? Though I can see that revealing that earlier would have resulted in a different kind of read I was horribly frustrated by that.

I loved the characters, the B&B landlady, taxi drivers, locals in the pub, plus of course Ruby and Ethan and their families, and the dramas that went with them. Weddings are stressful and bring out all family dramas and issues and Piper was a real definition of Bridezilla!
It was clear Ruby had been kidding herself she was over Ethan, and I though he still had feelings for her but he plays it very close to his chest. I really wanted a bit more romance, more of the current feelings they had, but the only romance we got til the end was their past – still, others will love it this way. Maybe I’m just a sap.

There’s some real family issues here too, step parents and how hard that can be, how death affects a family,  the problems with too little money, too much, how family money v “new” money is always an issue, the rich v poor backgrounds, and of course weddings throw together people who really don’t get along.

Its not just a romance but a look into what really makes families gel, how they work together.
I enjoyed it but I didn’t love it.
Its an easy read, a lovely HEA, but I needed to feel more sizzle between Ethan and Ruby, more intensity, more love, and to me they just felt like two people who’d shared a past but were just friends now.

Stars: Three, a fun easy read but a little light on romance for me. .

ARC supplied by Netgalley and  publisher


Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings,  Wendy Holden

Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings (The Laura Lake Series) by [Holden, Wendy]

Genre:  General Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

I’ve not read one of Wendy’s novels for many years, but recalled how funny and interesting they were so was keen to read this.

Maybe its the passage of time affecting my memories, maybe it is the book, maybe its just that my tastes have changed, but though I enjoyed this story I didn’t love it and at times found myself rolling my eyes at the more silly parts.

Its a frantic paced book, and I don’t recall the others being like that – but could be my memory. It did mean though that there was barely time to absorb one experience when we were on to another, and at times the humour was almost slapstick, not my preferred type. I like things a little more subtle.

I was disappointed that we kept getting snippets of Laura’s dad all the way through and yet never really did learn what actually happened, or if we did it was so brief somehow I missed it. I did find myself skimming the second half, getting a bit tired of the eternally comedic coincidences.

It’s a well written novel and if you like frenetic, slapstick humour, stories filled with incredibly detailed but pretty unrealistic scenes you’ll love this book. Me? I liked it but its a one off for me, and I think me and Wendy will pass on more reads.

Stars: Three, a fun read but not a keeper for me.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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