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Lost Rider, Harper Sloan and The Actor, Savannah Addison

Lost Rider,  Harper Sloan

Lost Rider: Coming Home Book 1 by [Sloan, Harper]

Genre:  romance,

I’m just about to do my review, having finished this yesterday and it’s a difficult one to write. I liked it but….I just didn’t love it as I thought I would from the description, felt it was a little underwhelming, slow paced.
Its a well written tale, great characters and I loved the description. In practice though I just didn’t really feel much was happening, felt it was very slow going.

I’ve just read another story where the backgrounds are very similar, H has father who hates him, there are secrets in his background, abandoned by mother, and the h hasn’t seen him for 11 years, since she was 16. Familiar? Yep, they even shared one, toe curling, ecstatic kiss before hearts were broken. In contrast that story was a five for me, I loved it.
Same premise, just very differently executed and where that was perfect for me and this one less so I know that others will have the reverse reaction. Horses for courses…

I liked Maverick, even if at first he was a total jerk. I wasn’t convinced though that he’d return if it wasn’t forced on him, even though he is supposedly in love with Leigh.
I liked her character too, strong and resolute, but she’s never forgotten Maverick and That Kiss, and seems to have put her love life on hold, never letting anyone match up to the perfect image she has of Maverick. I’m not so keen on that side of her, it wasn’t like they dated or anything, she just has a teen crush on him and of course now they are two very different people.
She’s holding to a man that isn’t real, and as they didn’t have a close connection may only ever have existed in her mind. That’s a lot to base your life around.
She’s got on with her life otherwise and I liked her enterprising spirit and loyalty to her best friend and her brother, Mavericks siblings.

I usually like day to day details as they bring the characters thoughts and actions to life, but somehow it just didn’t grab me here.
My favourite part of the book was when they were in the restaurant and the two “ladies” come up and blatantly run down Leigh, and offer their services in her place. Maverick gives them the perfect reply!! I adore that kind of scene where the b itches get what’s coming to them.
Sadly the rest of the book didn’t have anywhere near that character for me, though of course for others its perfect. Its one of those where its not the book, it’s a good, well written story, its just me 😦

Stars: Three, a good story, just a bit low key for me.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

The Actor, Savannah Addison

The Actor by [Addison, Savannah]

Genre:  Romance, New Adult

Usually I read review novels more or less in the order I get them, but this one had one of my hooks, actors/Hollywood so it got an early read….sadly though it was an OK read, it wasn’t one of the best for me.

I know this is a NA read, but didn’t realise they key characters would be Quite that Young! I found given the ages of Colton and Haven (22 and 17) it was hard for me to believe in them. I just couldn’t see a 17 yr old running a farm worth millions of dollars alone. There’s mention of contractors in for the harvest but the rest, the chickens, horses and cattle, she does alone. Nope, animals need a lot of care and the amount they must have to make up this value would need a dedicated team of workers.
Then there’s Colton, failed at rehab, multiple times, yet doesn’t get any health issues giving up? Would you really throw someone like that to your young cousin who’s already got far more to cope with that she needs?
Later we get all the issues with the farm, her mother and brother and like the problems I have believing in Colton and Haven and what they can/can’t do these problems also lacked credibility. Things just don’t happen like that in the real world.

I think this is Savanaah’s debut novel, and its clear she’s got a way with words, can create fictional settings well, but for me it needs a bit more fine tuning, a little closer look at what can really happen as opposed to what she wants to happen to move the story along.
The story is potentially good, the psynopsis certainly drew me in, the writing is good but the plots just lacked badly, very badly in the believability factor for me.
That meant I found it really hard to get behind the issues thrown up, to see the characters as real, to sympathise when things went wrong.
There’s the stuff I’ve covered, but also things like legalities of what happens between her mother and brother, what could happen to the far, etc. I feel the practicalities and legalities don’t work for someone like me who needs them to feel genuine, to give a story I feel is real. I know its fiction but its not fantasy…..
Having given us a day to day start of the book the last few pages covered a time span and events that last months. That kind of glossed over me as unreal and felt a bit jarring, as though the author wanted to wrap the story up quickly, without going into too much detail.

I did like the start and there were some snappy lines that were fun, and I’m sure others who don’t need to believe in characters and feel plots could be real will love this. For me it was just over Didn’t Like, just under Good.

Stars: 2.5, a good idea but lacking reality for me.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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