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On Point, (Out of Uniform), Annabeth Albert. Broke Deep, A Porthkennack novel, Charlie Cochrane

On Point, Annabeth Albert

On Point (Out of Uniform) by [Albert, Annabeth]


I didn’t realise this was a series, with two previous books, nor that it was a spin off from another series which I haven’t read. So many books, so little time and Annabeth is an author whose books I’ve only just begun to touch. Each of these are stand alone reads though, so I was abe to follow easily, though I’d have known more about all the characters if I’d read earlier books.

You know when you’re reading how some authors manage to describe a character and you can mentally “see” them? Well, here I had very clear pictures of Mad and Ben, not from physical descriptions so much as Annabeth’s way of describing what type of person they are. I need that, need to feel I know – and like – characters to get really engrossed in their stories.

Friends to lovers, always a fun read, and of course as always the potential for losing your best friend gets wrapped up in that. Who looks at logics though when the heart is involved?
Mad’s been in love with Ben for a long time now, but kept his feeling locked so tight inside Ben has no idea about them. Now serious injury to them both, re-enlistment time and relationship gaps coincide, and somehow they end up in a possibly-only-for-now relationship.
No end date put on, but one they agree to keep low key around others, and which if things don’t work out won’t spoil their friendship. Hah! As if!

Mad can’t quite believe whats happened, Ben is kind of shocked at how his feelings for Mad have become more than just good mates.
And while they’re both recuperating and hot, steamy sex is out there’s plenty more they can and do try.

Things look to be going well, Ben is determined to make Mad enjoy the dates he arranges, and he’s finding the change form his usual hook-ups only stance novel.
Still, even though on the surface he’s going all in he still denies Love is real, he’s been burned by that in his personal life when his last long term lover left him, and of course by seeing how devastated his dad was and how let down he felt when his mum left him at a young age.
He’s all about enjoy the moment, look forward to things but Love? He’s a real cynic about its existence.

Mad though takes the opposite view, even though his past hasn’t delivered he’s still got his parents happy marriage as a role model and he wants that for himself.
Tough though making a romance work when one wants a solid HEA and the other is convinced that HFN is as good as it gets.
Throw in a secret that affects them both and …can their romance survive? Are Mad’s dreams possible or destined to stay just a fantasy?

Stars: four, a really fun read, great characters and some very real situations between them.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Broke Deep, A Porthkennack novel, Charlie Cochrane
Broke Deep (Porthkennack Book 3) by [Cochrane, Charlie]

Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I loved the first two Porthkennack novels, they’re a group of stories by different authors about the small town of Porthkennack. Similar to Riptides Bluewater series which I love.
This series isn’t fixed on a time though so the books can be contemporary as this one is or historical. Great idea right?
Sadly though this one was just an OK read for me. Its a shame as I’ve loved some of Charlie’s other novels and went in to this with great expectations 😉 Maybe that’s the problem, the book just didn’t live up to my perhaps too high hopes.

I found Morgan to be a bit of a selfish jerk when it came to Dominic. He was good to his mother, and that’s tough, seeing a parent with dementia, but when it came to Dominic he was too ready to snap, to blame him, to push him aside. And Dominic’s such a sweet guy, very eager to please, very mild mannered and inoffensive.
To be fair they don’t start off well, Morgan getting a call from him on the day he receives his Dear John letter from his ex, who gave Dom Morgan’s number. Seems Dom knew he was an ex before Morgan…

Its such a slow burn romance that it feels to me that it never really starts. I can’t feel that sizzle, the magic connection between them, just a getting together almost out of convenience. There are moments when there’s something, when Morgan muses over Dom’s smile, when Dom feels Morgan’s eyes on him, but they’re fleeting.
The historical part was interesting, the way over the years tales get told, retold, embellished and the truth can become a thin thread in the story.

The dementia angle is very sad and felt very real, with his mum’s actions being so genuine, and his fears that he could have spotted it sooner very accurate. We do worry about things like that, wonder if we could have done more for a loved one.
Dementia is something that happens to too many people, and Morgan’s fears about it being inherited, about his nightmares, about what is or could happen to him are very real.
I expected more of an ending though, I just felt it kind of fizzled out, I was expecting another chapter, at least some kind of resolution about the dementia fears but suddenly it was then end and I wasn’t ready for it.

Stars: Three, an interesting story but fell a bit short for me.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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