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Beg, Borrow or Steal, Susie Tate

Beg, Borrow or Steal, Susie Tate

Beg, Borrow or Steal by [Tate, Susie]

Genre: New Adult, Romance

A new to me author so came into this read expecting from the cover a light and fun romance, and it is, but with a sharp dose of the harsh realities of life as a single mother too.

Advice for would be authors is always write what you know, and Susie’s medical background certainly shows here, not to the point I was boggled by terminology but just that the reality for the settings and the characters was very good, felt totally genuine. I hate when I’m reading and I think “but in real life…”
Having said that, as a mother of three and grandmother of five kids, and having known lots more, I’ve never met a four year old quite like Rosie! She’s four going on forty at times and TBH a very unrealistic character and yet she was so good, so funny that I can ignore that and just enjoy her.

Jamie, he’s a great guy, comes from wealthy family and has worked his way up the ladder. He’s proud of where he’s got, but had some unpleasant pre-conceived ideas about the realities of life, from students all out partying and that’s why they’re tired, to Libby’s job, to which he has a typical male attitude.
I was so angry at him and yet sad too, because the way he saw it, the way his brother saw it, and even some of the other students was all too common. So much for a feminist world ūüė¶
Libby was doing what she had to do to provide for her daughter. She could have given up school, and taken a shelf stacking job or similar, but that would mean working at min wage and very long hours, and there’s no future of ever getting a better life for her and Rosie that way.
Yet so much of their outlook comes from not understanding what its like to struggle for money, from never having had to choose between being behind with the rent or the electric, from seeking pennies down the side of the sofa to pay the kids school milk money, so they aren’t embarrassed by being the only ones not to have it, from eating toast yourself because its cheap and filling ,so you can give the kids a nutritious meal.
It’s hard to understand what you’ve never experienced, and of course that lack of experience mean snap judgments tend to be made, of the “you can get a better job/car/flat surely?”
We all know people like that, they’re judgmental, but really it’s a lack of understanding of these issues that drives the judgement. Doesn’t mean it hurts less though and I so felt for poor Libby when it happened to her.

Jamie’s actually a great guy though, and when he begins to see why Libby is late for lessons, why she’s not suitably dressed, he wants to swoop in on his charger and take her away from all that. Its not what Libby wants though, she’s aiming at independence and good for her.
Libby, who couldn’t admire her. Pregnant and 17 and abandoned by the father she’s struggled and yet is so determined to make a good life for her and Rosie. I really liked her, loved her strength of character in standing up for herself and Rosie, her determination to not be pulled down by those with petty small minds.

I loved the story, loved all the characters and the insights that things aren’t always as they appear. Millie/Dr nuclear winter for example. Rosie had the knack of bringing out the best in everyone, Kiki (think that was her name) was a terrific friend to Libby and great source of support. I loved her nicknames for people, loved the snark between her and Jamie’s friend Pav, loved the guys at the club Libby worked.

It made for a real read, one packed with honest humour, even if Rosie was a little OTT she still made me smile, filled with assumptions people make, snap judgments without knowing the facts, Jamie’s dad for instance, and not just second chances but third ones.
A great read I really enjoyed.

Stars: Five, a fun story, with some real life situations included.

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The Reunion, Sara Portman

The Reunion, Sara Portman

The Reunion (Brides of Beadwell) by [Portman, Sara]

Genre: Historical, Romance

I’ve read several contemporary and fantasy romances recently, so wanted something different to clear my mind. I’m not a huge historical reader but sometimes its nice to just dip back in time to a period with very different priorities not today’s ones.

This is Sara’s debut novel and its was a fun read. I look forward to the next one too, a snippet was at the end of this and its sounds another interesting read.

I like strong heroines, ones who have a mind of their own, and back then that wasn’t encouraged. Ladies were to sit prettily and be quiet, to take an interest in gentile pursuits like embroidery and afternoon teas…Emma isn’t like that and so far she’s avoided the need for a husband. She has a fiancee though, but after one disastrous meeting four years ago, following which he disappeared and was presumed dead, she’s content living with her aunt and uncle.
Then her fiancee turns up doing the rounds of the London Society circuit. Gossip has it he’s after a wife.
Emma is incensed, she doesn’t want to marry him anyway, doesn’t really want to marry anyone and after the scandal of him leaving their betrothal like that she’s been ignored by society anyway. Now after ruining her reputation he’s back, and ignoring the fact they are betrothed. Looks like he’s happy to heap more scandal n her head and she’s furious, she’s determined to meet him, give him a price of her mind and break the engagement.

John had reasons for leaving, is annoyed that he let his fury at his father blend over into rudeness to Emma, but remembers her as a mousy, quiet teen and assumes she’s married since he left. Now he wants someone with strength of character to marry, who can bring his sister into society and give her the kind of life she should have had if their father wasn’t such an a rse.
All he gets though are simpering, brainless misses, who want nothing more than to be his duchess and the prestige it will bring them. Then he meets someone who’s angry at him, answers him back, sparks off him and he’s intrigued. Even more so when he learns who she is. she’s perfect he thinks, but Emma has other ideas.

Its a fun read, typical Society gossip, where what you are seen to do is far more important than what you actually do. I loved Emma and John, although the man was blind with prejudice in his attempt to not be like his father…Gah, I wanted to smack him at times, shake him and say ” c’mon, what are you thinking Man!!”
I loved the other characters too, his friend Hugh, sharp wit on that man, and his sister Charlotte, who has such a massive transition in her life. She seems like an ungrateful, surly teen when we first meet her, but once we see things from her side – well, I had sympathy for her.
Then there’s Emma’s friend Lucy, vicars daughter who’d been Emma’s best friend since childhood. She’s the subject of the next book, and thats sounds another fun and spicy read. A great group, leading to a sweet fun romance with some surprising sensuality and erotic moments.
If you want a hot, sensual historical, with solid characters and a genuine period feeling you’ll enjoy this.

Stars: Five, its not a heart-stopping, pulse thumping romance, but a gentler period meander with some intensely sensual moments rarely found in the genre.

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Royal Pain, A His Royal Hotness Novel, Tracy Wolff

Royal Pain, A His Royal Hotness Novel, Tracy Wolff

Royal Pain: A His Royal Hotness Novel by [Wolff, Tracy]

Genre:  Romance,

I love Tracey’s novels so was really pleased to see a new one coming out.¬†Sadly though¬†this¬†wasn’t a great fit for me.

I liked it, its well written and has lots of Tracey’s added details that make her writing so addictive but I just felt that the sex overtook the story this time.
I love sex in a story and of course Tracey writes that so well, but I want it to be a supporting part and here I felt it took the lead, edged out what was actually happening with the characters. there was so much other things happening, of such importance but somehow all I can really recall writing this the day after reading it is the sex….

I felt, especially given her history, that Savvy was very quick to jump into bed with Kian, she held off from any kind of relationship for a bit, which felt right, and then wham, one kiss and they’re hot and heavy.
As much as he enjoyed it at the time the term playboy prince fitted Kian, and now he wants more with Savvy he can’t be surprised that she doubts his intentions. Add on that she’s already been left by others, and she doesn’t want to play second, third, fourth place in his life after other people call on his attentions.
I can see that, agree with it, but given they’ve only just got together, haven’t in fact had so much as a date yet it seems a bit soon to be setting out conditions.

Somehow it stayed just in the “Good” side of the ratings for me, and I’d expected it to be a “Great” read. Its not one I’d reread, even though I liked both characters.
I felt there was so much packed into a relatively short read (just over 3000 kindle locations – around 200 -220 kindle pages I’d¬†guess) that nothing really got explored in any depth, and they went from flirty sparring conversations which I loved, to full on lovers in the blink of an eye. No dates, not even out for a coffee…
I expected a bit more too of the past to creep in, that’s certainly a bit of an eye opener and could have caused issues, but it didn’t.
Goodreads describes this as book one, so I wasn’t sure if there¬†was more to come from Kian and Savvy, or whether book two would be Garret’s story. More of this story could fill in some of the blanks I found, the gaps that felt wrong to me and explain why i feel there’s a lot left sort of open but¬†then I found book two IS Garret’s story.
Will I read it? Yes, like I said usually Tracey’s stories are a hit for me, steamy and sensual with cracking backstories so I’m hoping this was just a one off one that wasn’t the best¬†for me.

Stars: Three, a good story but for me not a great one.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Night’s Caress, Mary Hughes

Night’s Caress, Mary Hughes

Night's Caress (The Ancients) by [Hughes, Mary]

Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy, Romance

Looking up info on this book I remembered¬†¬†I’d read several of Mary’s Biting Love series, and as its an Entangled publication I was pretty sure I’d like this. Sadly though its a fail, I just couldn’t get into the story and DNF.

I didn’t feel anything more than Lust between Brie and Seb, and got irritated at her constant references to her V-guy ex ( and I really, really hated that phrase!!) I didn’t see why when they first had a little spark of lust she was so engrossed in whether she should have a relationship with Seb. Do people really think that when they forst meet someone? After all the whole purpose of meeting is to get to know them – she couldn’t possibly know what he was like before she’d spent some time with him. And, ¬† Hello Brie, you’re here to solve a string of murders, that’s looking increasingly like leading to many more, not worry about your dating life.
Seb, 4K years old but acts like a newborn sometimes. How come after all that time he doesn’t know vital V stuff, how come he’s so easily panicked at times, and why is he putting Brie’s safety above the job? That sounds harsh but professional do have to take risks and Brie is supposed to be a professional too, but he’s treating her like some helpless little girl. Argghhh.

I couldn’t finish, just got too cross ¬†and irritated. It won’t put me off further reads, I enjoyed the BL series, and bought them years back, pre reviewing books. I’m sure other will love this series, its just for me its one to pass.

Stars: Two, sadly a well written story but not for me.

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Christmas at Mistletoe Cove, Holly Martin

Christmas at Mistletoe Cove, Holly Martin

Christmas at Mistletoe Cove: A heartwarming, cosy Christmas romance to fall in love with by [Martin, Holly]

Genre: Women’s fiction, Romance

I’m just writing my review after finishing this yesterday. though I love¬†Holly’s stories, first one I read was the wonderful 100 Proposals, still the best IMO. Sadly this one didn’t really work for me.

Its a good story, Holly tells a good tale but the characters and their actions, well I just felt they were so juvenile at times, that the “magic” was just a bit too twee and¬†some parts were¬†so sweet it made my teeth ache.
I found myself skimming parts, just couldn’t really get into what was going on with them, was losing patience that neither could see what everyone else could.
Douggie, well, he was just so *good* but what man in love with a sexy, fabulous lady could really get so close without giving in to trying for just a bit more. They slept together – yep, just sleeping, no euphemism there – and Douggie didn’t even seem to get the usual male almost involuntary hard on. Either he was kidding himself about how he felt, he had incredible control or the poor guy needs a bit of chemical help….

Eden, she’s been in love with him since her early teens and yet he’s still oblivious, despite his frequent returns to the island over the years where he stays with Eden. Is she really that good an actress? Hard to believe since it seems everyone else can spot her feelings.

I really expected to love this story, I adore Christmas, its such a romantic time but this novel fell short for me ūüė¶
I wasn’t convinced of the romance between them,¬†could see what was coming a mile off in the plots and the sickliness was just too much for me. It seemed to me each were in love with the idea of love more than each other.
Ah well, some you win some you lose.

Stars: 2.5/3. Its a great read for many romance lovers, but sadly not one for me.

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Silva, follow on from Siren’s Wave. J.A. Hazel


Genre:  Romance
Last year I reviewed a fabulous Rock Star Romance book, Siren’s Wave, ¬†my review here¬†

If you enjoyed that there’s a FREE sequel written for us folk who wanted more ūüėČ Just ¬†click here and follow the links.Its not on general sale so you won’t find it at the usual retailers.

I reread Siren’s Wave before reading Silva, its got so much detail and is very different to most of whats out. (In a good way – so much romance is cut-n-paste it feels like, change the names but the story is the same ), so I wanted to remind myself of exactly how the characters got to where they are now.

I loved the angst, the struggles of Siren’s Wave, and in Silva all that is multiplied. Bran and Ava really go through the wringer, its heart-breaking at times.
I was so angry at both of them, wanted to shake them, make them see just what they were in danger of losing, that they were so lucky to have found this precious love with each other, that they needed to treasure it, nurture it.

We’ve got the same great group of characters as in book one, more of that perfect music/band setting that J A Hazel does so well. And of course Nate’s mum, Abby’s, dog Roxy!! a real star ūüėČ
All that made the story and the characters feel so very real to me.
I need novels to feel real, I know they aren’t but I want to get lost in the story, feel as if I’m there with characters, feeling as they feel, worry when they’re unhappy, share their joy when things come right.
There’s a great insight into the characters here, what motivates them, how our pasts affect us, and how strongly we can feel about things even when our heads are telling us we’re not being logical.
I always find that really interesting – we’re all a product of our past, and its constantly changing, what happened yesterday, what happens today can very easily affect tomorrow.

I loved this story, plenty of angst, and the “down” part, the part which has me thinking “how can they get through this?”¬†¬†was kept ¬†drawn out over many chapters, which is perfect for me.
I love the sad bits, makes the HEA so much better ūüėČ yet for so many stories that happens over just a few pages, and for me I need the characters to really hit bottom.
Here they do, and even though I know things will come right I was so sad for them when they were in the midst of it all.

Stars: Five, great read, incredibly moving follow up.

ARC supplied by author

No Way Back, Kelly Florentia, Royal Attraction, Tiffany Truitt

No Way Back, Kelly Florentia

No Way Back by [Florentia, Kelly]

Genre: ¬†Romance, women’s fiction

OK, first thing that really, really irritated me and I need to get off my chest.
Nowhere does it say that this book is part of a duo, trio, series? I just don’t know? As there was nothing I assumed it was a stand alone romance.
Having got to the end and thought what a strange ambiguous way it finished, I read the blurb about the author and found she’s working on a sequel. So I’m assuming two books, but really have no idea.
I hate that. Hate it. I want to know before I start if a story is complete or if there’s more to come, and preferably When theres the next book(s). I read a lot, and if its months, 1-2 years – and that does happen – chances are I’ll have forgotten about these characters by then.

So, that crit over what did I think of this?
Well, a mixed bag. Parts I loved, the shocks and dramatics that just keep on falling, just when you think that Must be the last another surprise pops out but wasn’t so keen on the people.

Audrey I felt so sorry for at first, blindsided by Nick’s actions she’s mulling back over their relationship. Why, how, what else could she have done?
As I got to know Audrey though I couldn’t help feeling she was a little shallow at times, certainly didn’t seem to pull her weight at work but expected others to be at her back all the while even though she rarely seems to return the support.
I’m really not sure how I feel about her, and her actions, given the way she judges Nick seem somewhat two faced. I’m not really one for the “I had too much to drink/wasn’t thinking straight/couldn’t help myself” excuses, and they seem to crop up here a little too much.
That brings me on to Nick, and how he feels about Audrey. I really needed to know more of him, I feel he really does love her but why did he act in the way he did? Was there some past issue that’s affected him maybe?
Audrey’s friends are also connected to Nick, knowing each other and ones husband is Nick’s cousin.
Her mum is a strange lady, but dad is lovely. I liked the Cyprus setting where we first met them.
Connie. Wow, what a spoiled, selfish brat. I really didn’t like her, and yet Daniel was -well, I can only describe it as Obsessed. She came first in everything, he’d drop anything, anyone if she needed him. Can he ever put anyone before her or will she always be his priority?
Daniel was a strange man, very intense, very determined, and pursues Audrey hard, determined to date her. What makes him like that? Why is he so intense, though I liked him at first one of the big surprises shows another side to him.

Its a book full of people, at times there are so many characters I had to keep checking back to see who was whom, how they connected…each of which have their own issues and problems, some of which overlap others. Just when you think that Must be the last of the shocks another pops out.
Although I found some parts hard to believe in I do like this constant drama feel of the book, and though TBH I really didn’t like any of the characters that much, I enjoyed the story. Enough that I want to read more…and usually if I can’t connect with the characters, don’t like or¬†empathise¬†with them that’s me done with a story, so I surprised myself there ūüėČ

Stars:¬†Four, a book that surprised me, full of characters I don’t particularly like and yet I want to know more about how the story ends.

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Royal Attraction, Tiffany Truitt

Royal Attraction by [Truitt, Tiffany]


I’d just finished a pretty tight thriller so wanted something light to read. this seemed perfect but actually it was a little too light and fluffy.

The main issue I had with this story was I just didn’t feel the romance, didn’t feel any great connection between the couple.
I need there to be lots of in depth romance, but what I got was a few fluffy moments, lots of introspection and looking back.
For much of the time too all the characters acted like they were young teens, not early twenties. It just didn’t make for a story I loved.
There were some fun parts, the potential for conflict was there, it could have been so much better. ( For me, I have no doubt others will love it as it is. Che sera and all that…)
It never really felt “real” to me, I didn’t get the sense that it was a story that was actually happening, didn’t get the “lost in the story” feeling that happens to me with a good book.

There were things I felt jarred, Alexandra has been brought up with the boys since she was a toddler so why do they make such an issue over her speaking “American”, she wouldn’t would she? Brought up in UK, hearing UK speech patterns she’d naturally follow them. So she wouldn’t use American phrases, and when she used British slang it would sound just the same as when the boys do.
It’s also brought up frequently how Aiden will one day be King of England – and he won’t unless something seriously changes, as it currently he’ll be King of UK.

Some of the phraseology was just plain weird.Right back in the start we get “the aroma of gravy and mead wafting through the air. Sunday brunch in all it’s glory”. Mead?? Mead for heavens sake. Gravy and roast beef, gravy and red wine even but Mead went out centuries ago, only available now as a specialty brew….then there’s the way Ollie and Liam keep calling her “Lass” Why? Its more a Scots expression, and felt wrong.
If you’re going to set your book in a certain country then you need to make most things match what’s expected, ¬†and things like these just felt so out of place.

Stars:¬†Three,¬†a story I wanted to like, but just couldn’t rate higher despite the promise it held.
ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Reach for the Stars, Colleen Coleman

Reach for the Stars, Colleen Coleman

Reach for the Stars: A feel good, laugh out loud romantic comedy by [Coleman, Colleen]

Genre: women’s fiction, Romance

I almost didn’t request this, having read some negative reviews for Colleen’s earlier book, but it sounded fun so I took the plunge. I’m so glad I did, it was a really enjoyable romance.

Its not a romance dominated book, I love those but also like to read books about People, their habits, faults, good points. you know – all the things that make book characters feel real.
And yes, there is a lot of artistic licence taken here that critics of book one might find irritating. Life does fall neatly into Evelyn’s plans, the way the pub job pops up and turns into more, but it was such fun that I could very easily let go of that ” its a dam n sight harder than that to run a business, to take over a lease, to drum up trade” feeling etc. Go with the flow and enjoy the story as it¬†unfolds, and let fiction take over from the realities of life.
I’m the worst sometimes for criticising that kind of set-up but here it works. Dunno why, but it does and I had fun reading about Evelyn’s journey.

I love the characters here, loved seeing how they grew, how they changed.
James, he seemed a real jerk and i was thinking why did they ever marry, but later when we see things from his view I could see that it wasn’t just him, that Evelyn too had changed such a lot.
She irritated me a bit in her intent to be such a martyr almost, she was such a “pleaser”, hated conflict, and I recognise so much in her that I do, and I annoy myself with it ūüėČ so I wanted her to take the stance I find so hard…

The story is fun, the people wonderful, and the romance a slow burn one that ends beautifully. Its a great read, not sure I’d reread but one I’m so glad I finally asked for.

Stars: four, a fun way to escape reality for a few hours.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

The Royal Wedding, A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Melanie Summers and MJ Summers

The Royal Wedding, A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Melanie Summers and MJ Summers

The Royal Wedding: A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Book 2 by [Summers, Melanie, Summers, MJ]

Genre: women’s fiction, Romance

Well, much to my surprise I loved book one. I thought I’d like it but that it would be chic-lit fluff, fine for when i want something easy between heavier reads.
It actually had far deeper content than I expected along with some cracking characters and great humour and that’s carried across really well into book two.

When I see the words¬†irresistibly¬†funny, laugh out loud, you will love this book,¬†I’m wary, its so often a cover for a story that to me is brash and in-your-face comedy, and I just don’t like that. I feel its a bit of a step up telling me I will laugh, find the story funny etc.
I can say I did find both these novels really good with some well placed humour that was perfect within the story arc, that doesn’t mean everyone will laugh though….
On that subject, cheese Overload.
It was funny the first couple of times, began to grate (unintended that, honest!!) after the sixth or so, and by the end of book one I was gritting my teeth every time that came up – sadly book two had even more cheese humour, but for me it was something that let the story down, overdone, felt forced ūüė¶

Luckily that’s a minor point, and the story moves on quickly from engagement to wedding plans.
Poor Tessa, a foot in two world, her freinds and family feel she’s changing, the Royals who don’t like her don’t feel she can ever change enough to fit in.
She wants to do her best for Arthur, to make him proud, and yet she’s been brought up to be independent.
Whatever she does is wrong for someone.
Throw in those who feel she’s gone over to the Dark Side, the anti-monarchy crowd, who tear at her for what they see as abandoning her stance, those who feel she’s a gold digger v those who feel by keeping her job she’s wasting her time and taxpayers money, as she needs a bodyguard there, and of course the Twitter Campaign, from the #Brookeisbest guys.
They are vicious, pull down what she does, whats she wears, what she says – all that get’s done by the media too, and the poor girl isn’t feeling great. She’s really under Trial by Media, with everyone feeling they know whats best, whats wrong, what she should be doing and are telling her loudly via the Press and the Internet.
Its a huge stress on a couple in love. wedding planning is stressful anyway but on the scale of a Royal wedding??

Her friends; I kind of understood how they felt and yet couldn’t really see what else she could do. Ditto her parents involvement in the wedding – love how Reuben whips out his cheque book whenever money comes up and Arthur tactfully persuades him they need to share the bills….
I know her mum has dreams of her only daughter’s wedding, but really its Tessa and Arthur’s wedding, and she’s a bit of a steam roller over what Tessa actually wants. ( I’d hate the bridal shower games she has planned too – I was cringing just reading them – do people really do that?)
That taking over, conflict of what bride and groom want v what parents want happens so many times, not just royal weddings but everyday ones, where the day gets high-jacked by proud parents. Sadly in Tessa’s case its not just family and freinds who’ll see when it goes wrong, but the whole world. No pressure then.

I love the cast, Tessa’s brothers and wives, and the kids, Arthur of course, his Gran, wonderful lady, I want to be her when I’m that age. Then there’s those who don’t like Tessa, the King, Arthur’s sister, and Brooke, who seems to be wishing Tessa and Arthur well, offering help sweetly, but we know she’s likely only paying lip service and wants Arthur herself. She’s been his friend for a long time, and he can’t believe she wants to be anything more – men are like that aren’t they? Tessa can see through her though, but there’s nothing she can do, just try to prove herself a fit bride, future Queen, and sadly her past means she’s starting from a long way back.
The wedding planner, Sebastian ( Baz, everything gets shortened or Acronymed (?) as he hasn’t time for full words….he was a real star, and I’m sure there are many like him in real life.

It made for a fun read once more, a book I really enjoyed that was light and easy to read but which brought in some serious issues.

Stars: five, a fun finish to the story that had me smiling at times, furious at others and so pleased at the way it finally worked out.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

The Betrayals, The Richard & Judy Book Club thriller 2017, Fiona Neill,

The Betrayals, The Richard & Judy Book Club thriller 2017, Fiona Neill,

The Betrayals: The Richard & Judy Book Club Pick 2017 by [Neill, Fiona]

Genre:¬†Mystery and Thrillers, women’s fiction

I loved the idea of this book, and the writing style was perfect but….as I read it somehow it felt a bit flat. It seemed everyone was playing the blame game – except the two who I felt were actually at fault.
The way we saw events from each persons POV was fascinating, I’d be seeing it from one persons eyes and yet the same events from another person had a very different outlook.

I didn’t really like any of the characters. No-one is ever perfect of course but it was hard to find things in these guys to actually like, and without that my empathy is a bit missing.
There’s lots of to and fro where we see events played out as if now were in the past, and then see how they’ve affected people and how they act in the present. What happens to us does shape us, and its easy to link some of the traits of certain characters on what happened, but is it ever the sole cause? I don’t think so, but its human nature I guess for wanting to find a cause for every ailment, everything wrong in our lives.

There’s a bit where Nick says from his studies people change their memories of what happened unconsciously to reflect themsleves in the best light, and I can see that as true. Each time we were in one persons head I was trying to keep that in mind, but its hard not to get pulled in to what they beleive.

I was waiting for some grand climax, for a big reveal as all the way through I thought I kept getting hints of something huge to come out, a secret or something, and yet when I got to the end I felt nothing, it all felt very flat, and anticlimatic.
I wasn’t even sure if what I thought happened at the end did.

Its one of those reads where I can admire the writing style, admire how much research has gone into it, but where the actual story content just passed me by, where I could happily have done without ever picking it up.
Still, others love it and so you may too. I’d try another of Fiona’s books happily, it could well be its just This book that didn’t suit my taste.

Stars:¬†well, two seems harsh but I really can’t give it a three, good book so its two and a half from me.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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