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No Way Back, Kelly Florentia, Royal Attraction, Tiffany Truitt

No Way Back, Kelly Florentia

No Way Back by [Florentia, Kelly]

Genre:  Romance, women’s fiction

OK, first thing that really, really irritated me and I need to get off my chest.
Nowhere does it say that this book is part of a duo, trio, series? I just don’t know? As there was nothing I assumed it was a stand alone romance.
Having got to the end and thought what a strange ambiguous way it finished, I read the blurb about the author and found she’s working on a sequel. So I’m assuming two books, but really have no idea.
I hate that. Hate it. I want to know before I start if a story is complete or if there’s more to come, and preferably When theres the next book(s). I read a lot, and if its months, 1-2 years – and that does happen – chances are I’ll have forgotten about these characters by then.

So, that crit over what did I think of this?
Well, a mixed bag. Parts I loved, the shocks and dramatics that just keep on falling, just when you think that Must be the last another surprise pops out but wasn’t so keen on the people.

Audrey I felt so sorry for at first, blindsided by Nick’s actions she’s mulling back over their relationship. Why, how, what else could she have done?
As I got to know Audrey though I couldn’t help feeling she was a little shallow at times, certainly didn’t seem to pull her weight at work but expected others to be at her back all the while even though she rarely seems to return the support.
I’m really not sure how I feel about her, and her actions, given the way she judges Nick seem somewhat two faced. I’m not really one for the “I had too much to drink/wasn’t thinking straight/couldn’t help myself” excuses, and they seem to crop up here a little too much.
That brings me on to Nick, and how he feels about Audrey. I really needed to know more of him, I feel he really does love her but why did he act in the way he did? Was there some past issue that’s affected him maybe?
Audrey’s friends are also connected to Nick, knowing each other and ones husband is Nick’s cousin.
Her mum is a strange lady, but dad is lovely. I liked the Cyprus setting where we first met them.
Connie. Wow, what a spoiled, selfish brat. I really didn’t like her, and yet Daniel was -well, I can only describe it as Obsessed. She came first in everything, he’d drop anything, anyone if she needed him. Can he ever put anyone before her or will she always be his priority?
Daniel was a strange man, very intense, very determined, and pursues Audrey hard, determined to date her. What makes him like that? Why is he so intense, though I liked him at first one of the big surprises shows another side to him.

Its a book full of people, at times there are so many characters I had to keep checking back to see who was whom, how they connected…each of which have their own issues and problems, some of which overlap others. Just when you think that Must be the last of the shocks another pops out.
Although I found some parts hard to believe in I do like this constant drama feel of the book, and though TBH I really didn’t like any of the characters that much, I enjoyed the story. Enough that I want to read more…and usually if I can’t connect with the characters, don’t like or empathise with them that’s me done with a story, so I surprised myself there 😉

Stars: Four, a book that surprised me, full of characters I don’t particularly like and yet I want to know more about how the story ends.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Royal Attraction, Tiffany Truitt

Royal Attraction by [Truitt, Tiffany]


I’d just finished a pretty tight thriller so wanted something light to read. this seemed perfect but actually it was a little too light and fluffy.

The main issue I had with this story was I just didn’t feel the romance, didn’t feel any great connection between the couple.
I need there to be lots of in depth romance, but what I got was a few fluffy moments, lots of introspection and looking back.
For much of the time too all the characters acted like they were young teens, not early twenties. It just didn’t make for a story I loved.
There were some fun parts, the potential for conflict was there, it could have been so much better. ( For me, I have no doubt others will love it as it is. Che sera and all that…)
It never really felt “real” to me, I didn’t get the sense that it was a story that was actually happening, didn’t get the “lost in the story” feeling that happens to me with a good book.

There were things I felt jarred, Alexandra has been brought up with the boys since she was a toddler so why do they make such an issue over her speaking “American”, she wouldn’t would she? Brought up in UK, hearing UK speech patterns she’d naturally follow them. So she wouldn’t use American phrases, and when she used British slang it would sound just the same as when the boys do.
It’s also brought up frequently how Aiden will one day be King of England – and he won’t unless something seriously changes, as it currently he’ll be King of UK.

Some of the phraseology was just plain weird.Right back in the start we get “the aroma of gravy and mead wafting through the air. Sunday brunch in all it’s glory”. Mead?? Mead for heavens sake. Gravy and roast beef, gravy and red wine even but Mead went out centuries ago, only available now as a specialty brew….then there’s the way Ollie and Liam keep calling her “Lass” Why? Its more a Scots expression, and felt wrong.
If you’re going to set your book in a certain country then you need to make most things match what’s expected,  and things like these just felt so out of place.

Stars: Three, a story I wanted to like, but just couldn’t rate higher despite the promise it held.
ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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