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Once Broken, D.M. Hamblin. His Best Mistake, Lucy King

Once Broken, D.M. Hamblin

Once Broken by [Hamblin, D.M.]

Genre: Romance,

So, there were things I enjoyed about this story and…parts I hated.

I loved the way that the past felt so real, the little touches like the music and settings that really brought me back to the 70’s, my teen years. I so admired Jackie in the way she raised Gina, didn’t whinge about Tony, just got on with being mother and father to her, providing a happy and stable home.

What I found so hard though was the way she was so infatuated with tony, made excuses, returned to him again and again it seems, and I just couldn’t see why? The guy is a jerk, a selfish, spoiled only child who thinks everything should go the way he wants, and anyone blocking it is wrong.

I need to like my leads, and to be honest I hated Tony. Really really didn’t like him, and thought Gina deserved a better father, and Jackie a better man. Usually I love characters like Carmela but in this instance although she was wonderfully unpleasant I couldn’t see why on earth Tony was attracted to her.

The way the story was told too didn’t quite suit me, I like dialogue based books where the plots are shown, not ones where the story is largely told, by way of narrative or a characters inner musings. That’s a very personal issue though, not a criticism of the story. We all like different things.

I did like the drama in it, if only Carmela had some redeeming features that made me see why Tony wanted her, and if he’d had a shred of pleasantness about him I could have really enjoyed this story. I didn’t really feel it was a romance as I understand it, most of the book was romance gone wrong, and for me that wasn’t really satisfying. As it was its one that was an OK read for me, however it might just be this story, not the author’s style, that didn’t suit and I’m intrigued by her next book which is on KU, so I’ve downloaded that to try.

Stars: Three. Will be great for some readers, a five star read but which didn’t make that for me.

His Best Mistake by Lucy King

His Best Mistake (The Maclean Family Legacy Book 1) by [King, Lucy]

Genre: General Fiction (Adult) , Romance

Sometimes I just want to read a simple easy romance, and this was perfect yesterday when that was my mood. I’d just finished an intense fantasy read and wanted something to relax with.

Stella is lovely, and I felt so sad that she hadn’t any decent family, and her childhood left her so reserved she didn’t even have any real friends. No wonder she was taken in by the jerk Brad, who neglected to tell her, outright lied when asked, that he was engaged. That’s not how his ex-fiancee sees it though, to her Stella is what Brad tells her, someone who came on to him, seduced him, knowing he was engaged, and wouldn’t stop harassing him.
Her brother hates to see her so upset, so he determines to find Stella, get answers for his sister, and find the missing heirloom they believe she has stolen. When he sees Stella though he’s hid by an immediate bout of lust, an attraction he feels hard to ignore. At first he’s all in her face, but when he calms he thinks on what she says and realises it makes sense, it fits the person she is and who Brad is, who he always had doubts over. And that attraction – it just won’t go away.

Trouble is what happens in Scotland doesn’t stay there, and some weeks later they reconnect.
It isn’t easy though, they don’t know each other, his sister hates her, both Stella and Jack have reasons for not being in a relationship. Is there any hope for them? Well, it was a great story seeing all the issues and how they affected the story, how both Stella and Ben reacted to them.
I really enjoyed it. Its not a story I’d re-read, a little light for that but one I loved as a one off read.

Stars: Five, a fun, easy read, that pulled at my emotions.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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