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Copping It Sweet, Anna Clifton

Copping It Sweet,  Anna Clifton

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Genre:  Romance,


I loved Anna’s New Year’s Promise and her Making Ends Meet,  so was hoping I’d love this one too. I enjoyed it but it didn’t have the same pull for me as the other two reads, and I’m not really sure why that is.

I think maybe its that the main leads, Sara and Cooper just didn’t have the same appeal to me, I didn’t feel I really knew or understood them, and couldn’t really get too worked up about their romance of the issues they were facing.

I guess the plot that centred around Sara’s husband felt a bit unreal to me too. The explanations were all there, the ends all tied up and yet for me it just felt a bit unfulfilling. Sometimes books are like that – you “should” like them, all indications point that way, and yet for some reason that just don’t quite meet the mark…Its a  good read but one of those I’d not reread.

Looking at what else Anna has written though I’m drawn to one of the early reads, Adam’s Boys, and have just bought that. Yep, I get loads of review books, read lots through KU and still find ones I want to buy!

Stars: Three, a good read but not a keeper for me.

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‘Making Ends Meet’, Anna Clifton
‘Making Ends Meet’, Anna Clifton
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance,
I love romance, but when you read a lot inevitably many stories read so very similar, so finding something like this, so different  is a real treat. I loved the characters, even Freya….I do like someone who isn’t “good”, though she wasn’t actually a bad person, just a bit selfish IMO.
Harry and Somer get off to a bad start –  she didn’t want the job, but felt obligated to interview as her friend who she owed so many favours to had set it up. Harry doesn’t want a nanny either – he wants to get his wife back, but feels obligated to interview the girl as his friend ( the same friend) had set it up, and she’d done so much to help him. Things go awry, and their first meeting, instead of being the interview at his home, ends up being in a park, with his kids, in the pouring rain. He’s mad at Somer for the events that have placed them there, she’s equally furious with him for his part in it, and some sharp words are exchanged. Rosie though, his 7 year old daughter, has taken to Somer, and poor Rosie has been having a hard time since her mum left. Somehow despite their bad start Somer is soon living in their home and turning Harry’s life around. The kids are happy, Harry’s painting again, and somehow Somer has drawn this sad group together and found them some happiness.
Somer has decided that Harry’s first idea to get Freya back is a good one, she’s from a broken home and goes all out to stop Rosie and Nelson from suffering as she did. Harry’s not so sure now, Somer has shown him what life could be like. Then there’s Freya, who left a year ago and yet rings Harry daily, and still has contact with the kids even though she’s an unreliable  flake about it. She doesn’t seem to know what she wants…
Its a backwards and forwards romance, interspersed with some laughter and sadness, confusion, dramas and a really fun story. Rosie is 7 going on 27 it seems. I loved her, she’s such a bright little girl and sees so much more than everyone thinks. Nelson at 4 is a typical little boy, so long as there’s love, food and toys he’s happy. Harry is adorable, and has tried so hard for his family, just wants what’s best for the kids, but when he spends time with Somer he realises that there’s more to life, and maybe trying to make Freya come back, when she’s clearly not cut out for the hands on mother role, isn’t the best solution, and perhaps they’d all be happier if he did something else. Its a great read, full of humour and pathos too and I so love the sad elements in a romance, it means when everything comes together I get a sense of satisfaction, that everything has worked for the best. Here it looks as though things are going to work out several times, and then things happen that throw it all up in the air once again. We see behind the characters too, to the events that have shaped them and make them think in certain ways. I always enjoy that, I like to try to understand people, to see what and why they act as they do. We’re all products of our upbringing, even though we deal in different ways. Its been fun reading something outside the often used a meets b, they have a couple of mishaps and live happily ever after format.

‘Stars: Four and a half, a fun read and one I really enjoyed. If the “down” had been a bit stronger I’d have gone a five.
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New Year’s Promise, Anna Clifton

New Year's Promise
New Year’s Promise, Anna Clifton
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, women’s fiction
My first read from Anna, and I really enjoyed it. There are plots that could be almost cheesy, irritating and yet they aren’t, they fit the overall story arc perfectly. It made me cry, a lot, towards the end, and I love a book that moves me like that.
When we first meet Ellie and Justin, she’s been working for his firm, and we quickly get pulled into their background, their close childhood friendship. I was a little puzzled how come they’d all managed to remain so close, given Justin moved away when he was a young teen, and I thought they’d lost contact, but I guess I must have missed how they reconnected, or maybe stayed in contact some way – whatever, it’s clear there’s a very strong relationship between Justin and Ellie and her four brothers.
Ellie’s lovely, loyal and adores her family. She’d taken over mothering them all since their mum died, and somehow never seemed to stop…now they’re anxious she takes time for herself with a dream position in Paris opening up for her. Her brother Harry though has a problem, he knows if he tells her about it she’ll drop the Paris job and stay, and he doesn’t want that but he does need her around til the new year. He tells Justin about it and persuades him to tell her he won’t waive her notice period, but accept two weeks instead of the four she should give. Somehow though Justin finds himself asking – well telling – her to spend it with him, so they don’t have to go to the usual holiday events alone, as they’ve both just come out of a relationship. He’s always been attracted to Ellie, but has a huge secret that makes him not act on it. Ellie too has always had strong feelings for him, and they come pretty close at times when they’re out together. In the middle of it all though some huge secrets come out, that shatter them both and cause lots of angst and strife.
Its an unusual romance, more tear jerking story that straight romance, though that angle is well covered. There’s so much more here, illness and how families cope with it, mothers who struggle to do just that, and how the love of a family can provide so much joy to everyone. Its not a book I’d re read, but was one that I loved as a one off, it’s so packed with emotion. As I said earlier some of the plots could have descended into Hallmark film territory, ( fine if you like that but I don’t) and yet they’re covered in a way that’s natural, and doesn’t fall into that trap but feels so real that I was tearful reading it. In the middle of all that Ellie and Justin have to decide what they really feel, and whether they’ll do anything about it or just go their separate ways. Of course as a romantic I was rooting for things to work out, and there were moments when I felt the bars placed between them felt forced. Not the “big” one, that was understandable, but the later little ones when they were at odds with each other over how they thought the other person felt. It just seemed to get over complicated and that’s where it lost a half star from me. I didn’t feel that part felt real, but as if it was put in simply to extend the should they/shouldn’t they emotion.
Stars: Four and a half, a great read and have the tissues ready.
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