I’m an avid reader, love my kindle though still read “traditional” books. I read 8-12 hours daily : ) . Mum used to say I’d read toilet paper if it was printed- it wasn’t so i had to contend myself with the back and sides of the cereal packets. I’ve always NEEDED to read, and we had few books when i was a child hence my penchant for reading anything including adverts then… I review mainly contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance books and  dystopian and urban fantasy . I have the occasional foray into other genres 🙂 Click on pictures in reviews to be taken to amazon page.
You will never see me personally describe a book as “womens” fiction – I hate that category, don’t have it here on the blog. Men write romance, men read romance. In this time of non binary sexuality why on earth do we insist on this outdated genre……

If you want your book reviewed send me a link to it or a synopsis/sample with contact details and I’ll get back to you. NB:I very rarely review short stories or novellas. Reviews go to amazon com and uk, goodreads, barnes and noble, facebook, twitter, linked in and  of course here on the blog. I always review books given for that purpose, but don’t always review those I’ve bought myself. I love to read and reviewing takes up time as I’m careful and structured in how I write. I post reviews on publication date for amazon etc. though sometimes add to my blog earlier if publishers criteria allow.
As you can see I try to be structured and constructive in my reviews, and add points that I as a reader would find helpful in deciding whether to purchase a book. My reviews are always honest and not simply gushing five star ones that can actually put serious readers off.  I don’t accept money for reviews, simply a free copy of the novel. I’m always honest so be prepared, acceptance of your book doesn’t mean a 4 or 5 star review! I select genres simply because i can’t review books properly that I know I won’t enjoy, and that would be unfair to both you and me.

Blog:   https://jeanniezelos.wordpress.com/   I try to blog at least 6 times a week and aim for daily entry when possible.

Amazon UK:, I’m currently rated at 895    http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A1X2URS71RRMMF/ref=cm_aya_bb_rev

Amazon.com  I’m currently rated 995  https://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A1X2URS71RRMMF?ie=UTF8&ref_=ya_your_profile

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/10679154-jeannie-zelos.  I always review books given for that purpose, but don’t always review those I’ve bought myself. I love to read and reviewing takes up time as I’m careful and structured in how I write.
Darkissreads: My pen name Midnight Ruby, I’m happy to use my name but they prefer reviews to use pen names.  I have reviewed around 150 for this site. Here’s one I did recently for Darkissreads http://www.darkissreads.com/2013/06/eternal-samurai-by-bd-heywood.html

I add my reviews to darkissreads.com if they fulfil the paranormal criteria, and those and all others to goodreads, amazon uk and .com, barnes and noble, my facebook page, twitter, linked in and my  blog as per publishers requirements for dates. I’m happy to add them elsewhere on request.

One response to “About”

  1. B. D. Heywood says :


    I found your review info on GoodReads and wondered if you would consider reviewing my M/M erotica novel Eternal Samurai. As professional writer, I assure the read will be well worth your time. If you are interested, I will send you the novel in whatever format you require.

    Eternal Samurai is an erotic, M/M fantasy that takes the reader from a bloody battlefield in feudal Japan to a dystopian world where humans and vampires fight for survival.
    In 1180, rather than accept defeat at the hands of the Emperor, the Sohēi (Buddhist warrior monks) of the Temple of Mii-dera, commit suicide. One, Saito Arisada, is found alive and bitten by a kyuketsuki. The ancient vampire forces an oath from Arisada to be his sexual submissive.
    Eight-hundred years later, a pandemic decimates half of the world’s human population and turns thousands into a new species, an abomination called vampire. An uneasy arrangement forces clans of vampires to live in city areas called Quarantines and feed from destitute humans that are indentured to provide their blood.
    Fukushū is all that has sustained Arisada while he searches for the reincarnation of his lover who betrayed Mii-dera to kill him. However, when he sees that soul shining from Tatsu Cobb’s emerald eyes, he realizes he is in love with the beautiful youth. Instead of taking his head with his katana, Arisada kisses Tatsu. Arisada is torn between his need for vengeance and his love for Tatsu. If he stays his sword and spares Tatsu’s life, he will lose all honor. Yet, how can he take the head of his unmei no hito—his soulmate?
    In 2024, vengeance brings young Tatsu Kurosaki Cobb to Seattle, the city that houses the largest population of kyuketsuki. Tatsu is the last of an ancient samurai house slaughtered when he was a boy. To redeem the Kurosaki name, he hunts for the vampire that butchered his family. Tatsu accepts that his vow of fukushū will probably lead to his own death. He also knows he is giving up on finding that once-and-forever love, the man who belongs in his heart. Tatsu is unaware his soul is the reincarnation of Arisada’s Sohei lover and betrayer. Tatsu meets Saito Arisada, the most beautiful “man” Tatsu has ever seen. When the man says he loves him in Japanese and kisses him, Tatsu with overwhelming arousal and longing. The intensity of their attraction escalates each \time they meet they devour and Tatsu cannot deny he is falling in love with the vampire.
    Tatsu joins the Lepers, a mercenary band, that protect humans from vampires. In a battle to save the city, Tatsu is captured and tortured by Arisada’s vicious Sire, Ukita Sadomori, and learns the heartbreaking truth behind his family’s slaughter and Arisada’s terrible past.

    The book is available in print and Kindle on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Eternal-Samurai-B-D-Heywood/dp/0988300001/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354730927&sr=8-1&keywords=Eternal+Samurai


    B. D. Heywood

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