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A rant about book dates and sectional novels

Just noticed another reader posted a book release update. Its now jan 2019…..I’ll have forgotten the story by the time this comes out. I loved the first books started with book one in 2009, book four was 2012 and since then….dates just get pushed back.
Now I see there’s a sixth book planned. The Sweet Scent of Blood ( Book 1)18 Jun 2009 Suzanne McLeod was book one, and I’m not sure whether to cancel order of next book as it could be another five years before that’s out 😉 At this rate I may not live that long 😉 Though I’m planning on making 100!! So many stories to get through.
I hate when authors do this. I’m still waiting for Kalayna price 3rd Haven book, read book one Dec 2009…..loved that and book two but since then nada…I’m sure there’s another couple of series that have just dropped like that too but I can’t even rememeber them now.
I read the early Diana Gabaldon (outlander ) series with first one lent to me when i was in hospital in 1995, just finished book 8 which was out last year. And there’s more to come….I didn’t enjoy this one or the last anywhere near as much as the first ones, maybe my taste has changed, maybe its just the long gaps have meant her style or writing has changed, or perhaps its just that its lost its impetus now. That’s why I love reading books back to back, for a total immersion in another world.
Authors must wonder why some of us wait til a series is complete before buying – well, unless you’ve a proven track of delivering future books this is one big reason. Money is precious, we don’t have funds to waste on books that leave us hanging in limbo for years til next one is out.

I’ve loads of part one, or parts one and two of unfinished series from when i first got my kindle and didn’t know this was so common. Now i look, and if I see more than one part one of a series without more completed, or ongoing I wait.
For some readers parts of a story are enough. for me I want ALL of it.

And don’t get me started on another pet hate – those “trilogies” that become four or five book series part way through. It smacks to me of opportunism.

That first happened to me with a Sylvia Day trilogy, that became a five book series on release day of the 3rd book. It appeared on my kindle as ordered and I found that wasn’t the end, I had to wait for more. It kind of makes me feel that as the books had become more popular than anticipated perhaps that she wanted to make more money from them… I’ve seen “ah, but there was too much story to include in one book” but whats wrong with a long book?

I’ve seen series and trilogies that are less than 400 pages in total – I’ve just reviewed part one of a 4 book series. Goodreads gave page info for part one as 400 pages – its not, it barely makes 100 so not only is that misleading info, but it could have easily been a 2 part novel, or even one. As it is I felt I’d just got into the story and it stopped.
Part one is free right now, and currently parts 2,3,4 are around 95-99p on pre-order but that could change. I’ve seen low pre-order prices to push sales up and then a big hike. at these prices its not a bad price for a 400 page book, and pt 4 *should * be out Jan 18 but who knows?

Some part books run into many section, Lisa Renee Jones for instance. I loved one of her series but it ran into so many parts and novellas, and I worked out to buy them all would be over £50 – that’s a lot of cash to most of us. I didn’t know when I started there were so many, I was lucky enough to get them for review but as I said in my review if I’d paid expecting three of four books as it was indicated when it first caught my eye I’d be pretty cross at having to pay all that to see how the story ends.
And thats my rant over, have a good sunday everyone 🙂

Surrender your love/Conquer your love J. C.Reed.

Conquer Your Love

Surrender Your Love

I read the first book thinking it was a stand alone…and it wasn’t 😦 anyway now the “sequel” is out – so i bought it. Now to me Sequel is the last book, the one that continues from the first and ends the story. With me so far ? So book plus sequel = complete story, 3 books = complete trilogy etc but no- got to about 90% and it was clear that in fact there’s yet another book to follow!! that was the first I realised. There I was wondering when all was going to be revealed and …damn it there’s not time, so there ust be another book. Grrr. I’m getting really fed up of buying books and not being warned that they aren’t standalone, or that what i thought was last book isn’t (see my crossfire trilogy becomes series rant on my blog for more of That!) So i’m really disappointed in this book for that reason – i’ve still to wait for the end, i don’t know when its coming…or what it will cost, or even how many more books it will take. The book itself was good, but i had to go back and refresh my memory as to part one – i’ve so so many unfinished books like this its unreal, and i try not to buy until all parts are out.
Its just not fair on readers to do this. In a conventional series – which i love, each story is more or less complete and the reader knows what to expect from outset. Books like this one though are deceiving and its just not good enough in my opinion.
Come on authors – at least Tell Us its only part of the story. be honest with us. Tell us what the whole story will cost, how many books (and stick to it please) and when to expect them.

Entwined with you, Crossfire series, Sylvia Day, self pub authors getting a publisher

Like many readers I had what I thought was the final installment of the Crossfire Trilogy on preorder. Only to discover when it came out this week thats its now called the Crossfire SERIES…and consists of five books! Here we were thinking that finally we get a conclusion, only to discover we need to spend more ££’s – to find out how the story ends, and we don’t know how much or when we can find out. This from the FAQ of Sylvia Day website  “Will Entwined with You be the last book in the Crossfire series? The Crossfire series is a quintet.”   That’s i guess in the same way as the crossfire serIes was a trilogy – so maybe its  finallygoing to be a septet, or an octet – or more? Who knows. What i object to is spending money thinking its three books and finding out its not. If upfront it was clear it was more than three then i’d have been fine BUT  it wasn’t. It was very clearly labelled a trilogy.
I’ve returned book 3 unread for refund, something i’ve very rarely done, usually only do that if i’m charged for a book that was advertsied as free…. I’ve better books to read than another installment of something for four quid which will cost me even more – how much no-one knows – to find the ending. Shame as i loved the first two but there’s so much more out there.

I’ve ranted before about books that are actually part of a two or three book group but reader doesn’t get told that. I think its time authors started telling us “this book is a stand alone” or this book is a duo/trilogy or more” No promblems with conventional series as those are almost always clear from the outset what you’re buying. I’ve never had a problem but can’t say there isn’t ever one hence the “amost always ” rider 🙂
It re affirms my decision to in future try to wait til all books are out before spending my cash – for this sort of series anyway, not conventional series which i love, but are usually somewhat complete stories in each book under an umbrella larger plot spanning the whole series.

Then there’s the whole “been taken on by a publisher” problem. We expect publication of next book on x date and then – great for author, a publisher comes on board with their own schedules. Publication day gets knocked back. In this case only by a couple of months but in anther book where i bought part one in dec expecting part wo in jan its Still not out…next month i think. thats just bad form for the reader whose bought book under an expectation of next one being soon. OK for an odd one but I see this as a growing problem…and one which will upset lots of readers. Its great for authors but then we are hearing “i have no control over publishng dates/prices/formats” Ys, thats why self publishing is so good. If having a publisher is great and the right thing for an author I accpet that – after all money is what we all need isn’t it? But when you sign that contract agreeing to let them have control over dates and costs thats your choice so to me its wrong to say “i have no contrl” You do have, when you sign on the dotted line. At least stick with the peple who are dealing with your books and say “this is what we agreed on costs/dates…” because when you signed over control thats is what you agreed.

Come on authors – some of you treat us properly and we’re really thankful. Make it most of you, please? We understand you write for money as well as the love of it, but we also have to spend our money wisely too and need to know from the beginning how much we are likely to lay out. Don’t let the wonderful world of self publishing go down. Its got many of your books out which would bnever have been read otherwise, its made money for many dedicated authors and its been fantastic at opening up new authors and genres to us readers, but ultimatley it depends on transparency and honesty.

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