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The Crescendo ,(A Musical Interlude 2) , KaSonndra Leigh

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The Crescendo ,(A Musical Interlude 2) , KaSonndra Leigh
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

An Aria in Venice (A Standalone Companion to the Prelude) Now Available!
The Prelude An International Bestseller!
The Crescendo (Book #2) Coming May 27, 2014
The Dark Duet (Book #3) Coming June 24, 2014
The Overture (Book #4) Coming August, 2014
The Finale (Release date, TBA)

I’m onto this one having read Aria and Prelude so I’m beginning to get a feel for the nature of the people involved. It’s a beautiful setting, Italy, music and dance, and of course the Black Butterfly design studio…
I loved Alek and Erin in Prelude, then saw a little of them in Aria, and now we’re back with them. Alek’s mother is still a controlling Alpha bi tch and doesn’t accept that he wants Erin, she’s not the type of person she has in mind for her beloved son! She’ll do whatever she can to separate them…add in problems from Alek’s past that are coming forward and taking up his time, and the person from Erin’s past who – courtesy of Katerina – has become a large part of her new life, and there’s fireworks. Lots of misunderstood communications, feelings of being kept out, drama and emotion and of course as always some scorching, sizzling and sensual love scenes. It’s clear to everyone that Alek and Erin are very deeply in love – but is that enough to overcome all the drama surrounding them. They really are tested in this book, both emotionally, and physically with life threatening events happening once again.
It’s a story full of passion, drama, emotion. The Russian Mob connections are becoming more prevalent, with danger from two separate angles there. And of course Erin is never going to be good enough for Alek in Katerina’s eyes so she’ll stop at little to separate them, regardless of how Alek feels about it. He needs to be strong, and I think he is, but he also doesn’t want to alienate Katerina if it can be avoided. So its a tangled and passionate romance, tied up with problems from the pasts of both of them, and the present which seems to be catching up with them….A great love story, and heart stopping monments of danger. This doesn’t end on a cliffhanger as regards Erin and Alek, but there’s a definate drama at the end signalling an emotional and dangerous time to come.
I found the start a bit slow, I’ve a love really for dialogue based novels, and the beginning here seemed to me to be quite long inner monolugues and musings of whats happening, could happen, and what could be done. I guess I want more action less thinking! I wanted to say “get on with it!!” but that just me, and the action heated up pretty quickly once the pace picked up. After that there was much more dialogye to shape how the story was panning out. Then it’s a lurch from one crisis to another, from danger to heartbreak, and back to love – very fast paced, with scarcely a moment to breathe…I guess they needed that early gentle start to prepare! What I really love too, is that Kassondra has clearly worked out much of these books ahead of time, so the release dates are just months apart not years as too often happens, and so the series will remain fresh in my mind when the next part is out. Then once everything released it’ll be a great series to read back to back, my preferred way of reading, so I can get all the story without waiting for parts.
Stars: Four – a great read.
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An Aria in Venice, A Musical Interlude Novel , KaSonndra Leigh .

An Aria in Venice: A Musical Interlude Novel

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An Aria in Venice, A Musical Interlude Novel , KaSonndra Leigh .
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews.
This book is connected to the Musical Interlude series, but can be read as a standalone. It focuses mainly on Adriana and Luca, who we met in the first MI book, along with other characters .
I’d loved the first book about Erin and Alek, this time we meet and see more of Luca, one of Erin’s bosses at the Black Butterfly design com, and Adriana, who is Alek’s sister. She’s been in love with Nicolai for years it seems, he was brought up with them though, and sees her still as his little sister. So when Luca shows an interest and fed up fo getting rejected once again by Nicolai, she decides to use Luca to make him jealous. That suits Luca, he’s really just toying with her and though she plays the part on their family dinner he knows what’s behind it, but he wants someone to come with him on a family trip to Venice for almost a week and Adriana will do perfectly. If along the way he manages to seduce her – well, that’s just extra bonus. He’s well known along with his brothers as a playboy, and the family are typical Italian, loving and emotive and yet always quarreling and full of jealousises.
It’s a facinating read, the first half was slow for me though, full of beautiful descriptions and almost poetic revelations about the people, the places and the events. I need to focus on the characters and the story so though this was beautifully written it didn’t really capture my imagination in the way it deserved. Thats a personal thing though, and I know others will fully appreciate how this part was scene setting. Then they go on the Venice trip – things heat up, there are secrets slowly coming out of the woodwork, revelations that shock and despair, heart rending some of the things brought in to the open. Nicolai certainly is jealous, furiously so, he wants Adriana fiercely, but thinks he’s not good enough. He and Alek are both known killers, have done what’s needed in the past and would do it again. The whole family have strong ties not only to the Russian Mafia but to a rival mob too…..and thats slowly heating up over all the novels. Some future drama certainly to come from that angle. Nicolai doesn’t think Luca is good enough either, and when he finds out that they’ve become closer he’s furious, looking to grub up any dark secrets he can find, and of course he and Alek have the connections to do just that. Poor Adriana, she needs love, deserves love but will she get it between her brothers, her overbearing,ambitious mother and Luca’s warring family.
I really enjoyed this once the focus was on the characters rather than theplaces.It’sgreat read, I felt for poor Nicolai but then he just wasn’t helping himself, he seemed to want Adriana to be put on a shelf, kept away from men and just admired from a safe distance…and she’s a hot blooded Amercian/Russian lady who wanted, needed and deserved more. There were some shocksto come for all of them over what was revealed and some hard looks at behaviours and what they could and couldn’t accept..
Stars: Four – loved it and though its a stand alone it mentions events and characters that are going to be part of the main series and I think reading this will enhance enjoyment of that.
ARC supplied via author.

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