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Turquoise Green Winter, Carina Bartsch


Turquoise Green Winter, Carina Bartsch
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

So, the story continues with the misunderstandings causing even more troubles. Emely has wanted Elyas to stop texting and seeking her out for ages, so why now he has is she missing him? Why does her life feel so empty without Elyas in it?  Why has he stopped contact, what brought that on? What about Luca too, he seems to have gone from emailing constantly, replying back immediately she writes, to contacting very infrequently saying he’s “busy”. He’s always been busy though so what has changed? Poor Emely is in a state of confusion about her feelings for both of them.
There’s a time where Elyas seems to be avoiding Emely, and then she starts to follow him round, trying to see if she can initiate contact, pluck up courage to ask him what’s changed.  Then some major things happen, they talk finally, and  discover things neither knew about the other. They finally give in to the attraction and are blissfully happy…for a very short while . Then something Elyas has done comes back to haunt him, and once again Emely has her heart shattered. Again from knowing both sides we can see it’s not just her that’s heartbroken but Elyas too  Is there a way forward for them, or has their chance at love gone? Its as if they are fated to be in love with each other but everything keeps going against them. Once again there are things neither know that could make a huge difference.
Another book full of emotion, even more so than the first. I loved it, loved the way things were drawn out, mulled over, how we saw both sides of the story. Its something that I could see happening in real life. I enjoyed the way it wasn’t sex, sex, sex, that’s fine in some books, and I enjoy it but wouldn’t have worked here. The way its constructed with those tantalising kisses, and suggestive touches were far more erotic than if the novel had pictured them having sex far sooner. As it was when they finally got there it had meaning, was deep and full of feeling.
Stars: Five, a great finish, loved it.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Cherry Red Summer, Carina Bartsch

Cherry Red Summer


Cherry Red Summer, Carina Bartsch
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’d seen some mixed reviews so wasn’t sure I’d enjoy this book, but the description sounded interesting and I decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did, it’s a great read. A very different sort of romance to what I’ve found lately, one focussed on the magic of the journey into a relationship and the emotions and feelings of the characters. There’s no insta-love between Emely and Elyas, rather its the opposite, a reaction from their high school time seven years ago.
Emely – I liked her. I understand her in so many ways, she’s a lot like I was at that age, socially awkward, incredibly self conscious and mentally inept, taking apart conversations for a long time after trying to see where she could have done better, or what exactly someone meant. Add in the Klutziness ( I still have that!) and I could see just why her high school years where she had an unrequited love for Elyas, which he abused, were such a torment. Sometimes though in the current time she’s a bit OTT, almost offensive in the way she reacts, although I can see its her method of self protection. It’s a brittle shell of protection, she doesn’t want to go through that heartbreak a second time – she won’t recover. What I was desperate to know though is what did happen between her and Elyas? It clearly had a very long effect on her if she still can’t be OK with him, even though they were close in childhood and his sister remains her best friend.
Then there’s Elyas – what we see of him he’s a nice guy, he’s a hunk, and a charmer but then at his age most guys would take advantage of having an attraction for women. He’s got that same pull to Emely as before, and she’s finding it hard to keep that attraction at bay, even though she thinks he’s a jerk, cruel, broke her heart, and thinks he’s always trying to catch her out. When he compliments her she’s thinks it’s sarcasm. It may be – but then again he may genuinely mean it, and just her lack of confidence that makes her read it as sarcasm…certainly he’s pleasant and helpful to her…He looks a jerk when things are seen through Emely’s eyes but then when we see it from his view things are completely different.
Of course we can’t forget Luca, he seems the dream man, although she’s only met him online….that doesn’t stop her hoping though, and why can’t she focus on him and let her attraction to Elyas wane?
Well, I loved this book, its full of so much drama, not on the seat, heart in throat kind, but the more subtle type that comes from misunderstandings. Of course we can see things from both sides and I was thinking “ no, no, no…” much of the while when they both misunderstood each other “ arghhhh – just Talk to each other. Ask him/ her what that meant…” but then there’d be no story Smile but its the kind of read for me that made me feel there with them, upset with them, happy when it looked like things were looking up. There’s a big part of which I’d guessed but that didn’t stop me enjoying this book, and breaking my rule of reviewing before reading the sequel…I just HAD to know where things went next, and the book was on my kindle so…
It doesn’t have hot, steamy sex, but even the almost innocent, on the cheek kisses take on a sensual feel the way they are part of the story. I enjoyed that, where we got such an insight into the characters thoughts and emotions, where we learned just how misunderstandings can have such a huge effect in out lives.
Stars: Five, a great read for me, very unusual but if you love emotion in a story then you’ll love this.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

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