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Make me Yours Evermore Pierced Hearts, Book Three Cari Silverwood

Make me Yours Evermore , Pierced Hearts Book Three, Cari Silverwood
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
Well, ages ago I recalled reading book one, couldn’t really recall much about it, but although this is a series it seemed this was a standalone novel, and I do like dark erotica so…but though I enjoyed it its a difficult one to rate because such a lot of it made me feel really uncomfortable.
Most dark erotics I’ve read has some dubious consent scenes, things that need working out where it seems like consent isn’t given but in fact it is, and a HEA. This one is far, far darker. It begins with Chris kidnapping Kat, taking her away to an island and “teaching” her to be his slave. Andreas ends up coming along, and he gets sucked in by the dark games too…
I just feel that the non consensual aspect, the kidnapping and the captivity all weren’t really what I want to read. I know its fiction, but I feel that it’s still difficult to justify – if I like Chris and Andreas am I giving my approval to what they are doing? Frankly both of them seemed to me to have some severe problems that made them OK to think this capture and treatment of a person was acceptable.
Then there’s the aspect of what happens after? Clearly Chris doesn’t intend to let Kat return to her old life – but how would they cover up her disappearance? How do they expect her to stay hidden – or do they? There’s no answers given. The novel takes an even darker turn into human trafficking and slavery, and there’s the balance of how is that really any different from what Chris and Andreas have done. Its a novel that poses a lot of questions for me, makes me think about what I find acceptable even in fiction. I’m happy to suspend belief in reality, it’s fiction after all… but when a book poses as “real life” in the way its written, that it expects us to think this could be a real story, then I need to examine whether I feel what happens is acceptable.
Its very well written, that’s part of my problem. I could see what’s happening so well…Everything I’ve read about BDSM focusses on Consent, whether its SSC or RACK, but here’s that’s thrown out. Its seems to me Chris and Andreas – especially Andreas make excuses to convince themselves what they are doing is OK. Chris at least is more honest – he just says its what he wants, he saw the opportunity to act out his fantasy and that’s it.
For me its a step to far to enjoy. I can see that I’m in a minority as there are floods of five stars, but even in fiction I find I need to be comfortable with what’s happening, and it wasn’t the sex, the beatings, the captivity or anything that bothered me – just the consent issue. Is it right that if some accepts something, appears to enjoy it even then the fact they didn’t consent doesn’t matter? Serious questions for me and the answer personally is I feel consent is all. Without that its just plain wrong. I hadn’t read book two, which suggests the kidnap was necessary to save a friend – I still feel nothing justifies what Chris did regardless of friendship. It’s priced at £2.49 for 294 pages.
Stars: two. Very well written story, very realistic but just too dark with the non consent issue for me to enjoy.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Start of gripping sexy, erotic shapeshifter series.

Dark wolf Kate Douglas

I received this book via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

I love books with romance and paranormal elements so Dark Wolf pulled me in straight away. Its also classed as Erotica and has some pretty hot and graphic sex scenes so if you don’t like those take note. I found they fitted perfectly within the storyline and the Chanku are described as very sexual people so to them sex with others, group sex, male, female not just partners is as natural as breathing.

It took me a little while to work out just who fitted where but that’s normal for me at the beginning of a new series – once the world is settled in my mind the enjoyment of the novel flows better which is probably why I tend to rate second and subsequent books higher than the first in a series. Once enmeshed in the world of the Chanku though the story flowed well. They are a race of shape-shifters, usually changing to wolf but capable of changing to other prey species if they wish. Main character Lily is daughter of the current Alpha of the Chanku, and CEO of a very large company – she’s a strong person with close ties to her family but likes her independence so lives alone. She meets Sebastian and things click with them both immediately and Lily wonders if he’s her Mate. However he also appears to have links to someone killing local girls and he seems to have been in the right place at the right time – is he the killer or is someone framing him. Lily hopes he’s innocent because of her strong feelings but won’t let those run ahead of logic. Her parents are excellent at talking things through with her.

The whole pack came together only decades ago having been “outed” by accident, and until then none knew each other, so they have become very protective of each other. The other main character Sebastian only recently found his father who is against Chanku, and would like to see them destroyed. Lily and her parents suspect his father has Dark magic and are therefore worried that Sebastian may share his powers although he says he supports the Chanku. The characters in the story are well written and I felt they were real, and understood their motives and emotions. So often authors put characters into situations that just don’t fit with the person so far described, but Kate manages to make the drama and results mesh well with the characters within it. I loved the way Annie returned from years away and found her Mate and how protective her parents were even though she’s thirty ( to parents you’re always a child to be protected– I know, feel that way about my grown children sometimes ) There were several sub plots within the main one which made for an interesting and complex read and kept my attention firmly on the book. Some authors just write one main plot with lots of filler and I find I’m skipping what to me are irrelevancies to the novel but Kate kept me engrossed right to the end.

I don’t have info in price or length yet as its not yet published (Pub Date   Apr 30 2013) but its quite a good length for me, certainly not a short novella but a book that took me, a quick reader, several hours to get through. I’d guess around 200-250 pages.

Stars: a solid four – and given the quality of the writing I’d expect subsequent ones in the series to be four and a half to five 🙂 If you like a good erotic paranormal romance then this book fits the bill perfectly.

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