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Programmed To Please, The Tau Cetus Chronicles Book One, Jenna Ives

Programmed To Please, The Tau Cetus Chronicles Book One,  Jenna Ives

Programmed To Please (The Tau Cetus Chronicles Book 1) by [Ives, Jenna]

Genre:  Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy

Well, I thought this sounded intriguing, how could a woman act as a robot in such an intimate situation but…just didn’t work for me as a story but it was well written and for those that want erotica its pretty spicy.

Its over such a short time period that it just didn’t feel real to me, found it too much a stretch to believe that feelings could change so quickly, that someone allegedly so intelligent could be so duped, and talk to the “doll”.

I hadn’t realised it was so short – my bad – its only 159 – 170 pages (depends on which site )or 2450 kindle locations, and that just doesn’t let anything more than superficial actions take place.
If it had been longer, and spread over a longer time period I think I’d have enjoyed it but as it is its just too brief and there’s seems to have been an emphasis on sex rather than romance and story. That fine if you want an erotic read, but I was looking for more romance, love some spice but I have to believe there’s meaning behind it and with these two characters for me that was missing .

Still, it clearly works and works well for many readers so its that old one man’s meat is another’s poison rationale again.
Make your own decision: if you want story and romance you may feel as I did that its not here, if you just want a shortish erotic read you may love this.

Stars: Two, not one for me but will appeal to lovers of erotica novellas.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher

ANEW: Book One: Awakened, Josie Litton

ANEW: Book One: Awakened, Josie Litton
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Romance

When I started this book I’d forgotten the synopsis, and went into it blind. It soon became clear there were Sleeping Beauty parallels, and yet its a very different story. Its futuristic and yet not in a star trek type way, has things in it which are beyond our current knowledge and yet – its so believable that this scenario could happen in the future. It’s scary, and with all the current research into genes, embryos and stem cells its possible that despite legislation things could go further – once Pandora’s box is open the knowledge can’t be put back, and there are always those who wish to push boundaries either for power, money or simple knowledge…in that way it’s a terrifying glimpse into what the future could hold.

Amelia wakes but knows nothing about who she is, about her past and yet she knows how to do things, ballet, piano, has a knowledge of events and people from history and current politics. How? Ian, who is the first person she comes across has answers, but seems to want to avoid giving them too soon. He’s not being as cruel as it first seems. Once we know more about the story we can see that its something new and shocking to him too.

Once he tells her more she’s shocked and I so felt for her. It must be an awful thing to happen, and then when her memories of her past creep in – wow – what a nightmare. Its like those times when someone wakes from being in a vegetative state for years, and says they could feel and hear what was going on but was unable to communicate…how awful.

For Ian she’s come as a shock, he wants to resent her, he didn’t ask for her and yet she has a pull for him he can’t ignore. He’s scared though that he will hurt her because of his past. For both of them too there’s the dilemma of are they attracted to each other because of who they are, or because of how Amelia exists? Its a paradox of free will, knowing their own minds, or are they acting because of other effects on their minds. Ian prides himself on his control so this thought isn’t a pleasant one for him, and poor Amelia, she knows so little about herself she wants to think that what she does is her choice, not something someone else wants her to do.

They struggle after the first couple of days that veer from anger to hot erotic sex and back again, and Ian introduces Amelia to more of her family. There’s so much going on politically though that her entrance into society, into the world of the wealthy and glamoured brings her into real danger. There are lots of different factions in this future world, where the rich seem to have it all and those below are tightly controlled and regulated in what they can do and have. That sort of unfairness always causes revolts and unrest, and some of the groups have spun off into one that directly affects Amelia.

Its a really unusual read ( for me anyway) and it’s so much more than a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. In fact only the first chapter really carries that sense of similarity for me. Ian is a person holding many secrets, and I really liked hm. Despite his wealth he’s a good man, has a loyal staff who’ll do anything to protect him, and even though he clearly is attracted to Amelia, both sexually (and how!!) and to her intelligence, the thought that he might be abusing her by not letting her find her own way is abhorrent to him. Of course he’s also having to face the conundrum of his own position – does he like her, want her for herself, for who she is, or for who she’s meant to be. Its a big Free Will debate for both of them, and one I found very intriguing. I think they have a genuine attraction – but then I’m an incurable romantic so would of course. In reality ( ok fiction reality) the puzzle they face is very real. What happens if one thinks their feelings are real and the other disagrees and won’t let them be together ? Its a real heartbreak and drama potential for the story, even without the danger facing Amelia from other areas.
Its a scary book in a way for me, not so much for what it is, but for how it lays out something that could very well happen at some point. Even now we see legislation having to quickly adjust to keep up with technology, especially in the gene and embryo fields, so its not such a far fetched notion that someone unscrupulous would take advantage of gaps.
Stars: Five, a fabulous read, and I look forward to the follow up.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

Beyond Shame Kit Rocha

Beyond Shame Kit Rocha

Beyond Shame (Beyond, Book One)

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

This book is currently (29th June) on special offer at the bargain price of just 77p

Noelle has been brought up in the pampered but very restrictive city of Eden. Only the elite live there, in an existence strictly regulated where emotions have no place. Noelle feels stifled and when she discovers her Councilman father has planned a marriage for her its a step too far. She’s always known her only use to her parents is as a pawn for power and control but yearns for freedom to live her life as she pleases. She gets caught trying alcohol and fooling around with a member of the opposite sex, both things very much forbidden to girls like her and is thrown out of Eden into the wastelands where other members of the population struggle to survive. She falls into the hands of Sector Four, via the leaders right hand man Jasper, a ruthless cage fighter and enforcer for the bootleg operations that finance the sector. Life outside is harsh and without support people simply don’t survive. Noelle gets lucky in that Jasper is instantly attracted to her, and brings her to gang leader Dallas O’Kane for protection.

The premise reminds me very ,much of the John Wyndham book The Chrysalids ( school reading back in the early 70’s) where only the perfect survived and anyone not meeting the standard was thrown out to scrape an existence however they could.

In this novel outside the City consists of (I think ) eight sectors each headed by a gang leader and some type of farming communes – not sweet gentle 60’s type communes but more a forced labour workhouse type of existence. The Gangs run the Sectors tightly, and violence and death are part of everyday life. Sector Four finances itself by way of bootleg alcohol, and leader Dallas and Jasper – his right hand – have struggled and become ruthless in taking and enforcing control. As in all life other leaders and would be leaders are always looking for weakness to take over. Winning control is one thing – keeping is means being tough and merciless in decisions however harsh it seems. Dallas only allows Noelle to remain because his lady Lex and Jasper want her, otherwise she’d be turned out to try to exist elsewhere.

Jasper has a tough exterior, bearded, battle-scarred and tattooed, and is known as remorseless and unemotional. Noelle touches something in him however and the attraction is mutual. Noelle is innocent though in not just the ways of everyday life outside the city, but in all things sexual and she wants to experience everything to the full. I love the way the romance develops between them, with Noelle wanting to please Jasper as that’s the way she’s been brought up – if someone isn’t happy its her duty to rectify it. Jasper wants her to develop at her own pace and to want to please herself – it leads to some communication issues and to some tough, angsty moments where they both misunderstand things. Be warned: There’s raunchy, raw sex in this book – lots and lots and lots of hot sex…… graphic sex, bondage, punishment, lesbian, public and group sex so if its not for you then don’t read this book! It works though in the context of this novel, and fits the storyline as a counter to the violence. We see how life there is about work hard, play hard and everyone has a part to play in the running of the sector. Its a great story too though of how the gangs work, why they need to be so violent and how Noelle and Jasper finally come to understand each other. We see Noelle grown from a quiet, scared kitten into a Cat with claws – able to stand firm for what she believes in. The dance scene with her and Lex was terrific. Lex becomes a really good friend to her, teaches her not just about sex but about how to live life and not just exist in it. I really enjoyed it and am pleased there’s more to come as I want to see what happens next for them but also what develops between some of the other characters. There’s lots of potential for the main people we learn about to be developed further and I hope this becomes a long series – I’ll certainly be looking out for more from this team of writers.

Stars: four from me. Its got the potential to be a five star series I think – we’re learning a lot in this novel with a totally new dystopian background to learn and so many new characters to get to know. Its tough for a book that’s first in a series to make five star but this one is close.

Book Two, BEYOND CONTROL, will release on March 19th, 2013. I’ll certainly be looking out for that 🙂

Copper Girl. Jennifer Allis Provost.


Copper Girl


ARC provided by author.


Well, I’ve had a great weekend, two paranormal books that have been a real treat to read with both comprising of something very different to the norm. (this one and Relic, Renee Collins. )


There’s a straight-into-the-story feel about this book, with further revelations about the worlds being revealed as the story continues. We meet Sara who seems like an ordinary girl, on her lunch break sitting in her car. She thinks she’s dreaming when a beautiful man begins to make love to her. Turns out he’s real, a Silver elf from a parallel world. That’s the best way I can describe it – once humans and those with magic lived together peacefully but then the humans got scared, or maybe it was the commerce problems, whatever- the humans outlawed the use of magic and Sara’s father and brother disappeared, taken suddenly by the government. Now she tries very carefully to hide her magical abilities. Once she meets Micah though, he shows her the Otherworld and they end up fighting to rescue and protect her family.

Its a world peopled with machines, drones that are programmed to spy on every facet of daily life, friends who may be anything but, people afraid to speak or trust and the government controlling every facet of daily life. For breaches – very minor – the penalties can be severe. Being 4 hours late for work leads to loss of job and bad references, and there’s always the danger one may get caught up by something seemingly innocuous that would lead to death being the punishment.

Being with Micah is anything but innocuous but Sara quickly falls for him, feeling a connection beyond anything she’s know before. Its a fight for life, secrets long hidden get revealed, the Otherworld shows Sara things she never imagined, with both good and bad people, and the danger to Sara and her remaining family is escalating throughout the novel. Once she’s accepted that Micah is part of her life though there’s no going back.

Its an amazing world Jennifer has created, I love the idea of simply stepping through into a another world, and of course its easy to believe a government would do something like this. Its almost a 1984 feel in the constant spying and regulation of people’s everyday lives, and the ever present threat of punishment for breaches of rules.

I enjoyed this book – though I love my vampires and shape-shifters its a treat to find something so very different and fresh feeling. Though there is a romance between Sara and Micah its not a huge part of the book, more a (silver!) thread that runs through it, connecting up incidents and providing a forum for exchange of knowledge. I love Micah, the way he was so protective of Sara, “my Sara” he calls her.

The gradual introduction to the alternative worlds worked well, I was able to pick up the story slowly and work out how it all fitted together. Great characters but I did find them a bit hard to really get into, didn’t really understand their motivations and feelings at first. Usually with a book like this I’d get totally lost into another world, but for some reason I didn’t here. I’m not sure why, except maybe its something to do with the lack of empathy I felt for Sara. She certainly grew on my as the story continued but I think I needed to have more of a connection to her earlier – that may have helped. Sometimes when its the first book in a series though this happens to me, there’s so much new information being brought forward that it takes me time to assimilate it, and to get hooked into the characters. Anyway this is book one in a series. It ends neatly with all the plots tied up and with the opening for the next book cleverly introduced. I’ll certainly look forward to reading that, and rejoining Sara and Micah in their next adventure.

Stars: almost a five, if I’d have felt closer to the characters earlier it would have been but it’s a definite solid four.

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