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A Lie for a Lie, All In Book 1, Helena Hunting

A Lie for a Lie, All In Book 1, Helena Hunting

A Lie for a Lie (All In Book 1) by [Hunting, Helena]

Genre: General Fiction ( Adult), Romance

I first found Helena’s book from the fabulous Clipped wings, still my favourite and just downloaded again for a reread. I’ve enjoyed others from her but also read some that didn’t hit the spot. This one kind of falls in the middle.

I loved RJ, and understood exactly why he was so cagey about revealing who he was. Having had a stalker issue, he’s bound to be cautious and with fame bringing out all sorts of crazy its sensible to take care. Of course that led to lots of issues further down the line, but he never outright lied, just didn’t tell all and I thought once she knew the truth Lainey was a bit harsh to him over that.
I understood her issues, she’d been through a huge trauma. As a parent myself understood where her parents were coming from too, but of course at 25 no-one wants to still be having to run decisions by parents, and it was well past time for them to accept that.
When something happens in the novel I had a feeling it would lead to….and I was right. TBH I’m getting a little tired of that trope, its becoming too predictable. Maybe I’m just choosing wrong books though 😉 It then takes up a large part of the novel naturally, and becomes the focus of whether they can make it as a couple or not. I understood the characters, why they acted as they did, I enjoyed the story but wasn’t glued to it, and it won’t be a re-reader for me.

Stars: Three, an easy, relaxing read, but a little short on plot and drama for me.

Arc via Netgalley

Hooking Up, Helena Hunting

Hooking Up, Helena Hunting

Hooking Up by [Hunting, Helena]

Genre:  Romance

This was a fun, spicy read, but not my favourite of Helena’s books. I really enjoyed reading it, its a worthy 4 stars for me but not the spark that makes a five.

One of the reasons for that I guess is that its a very sensual read, and much of that spice covers a huge chunk of the story but only a couple of weeks in time, meaning the rest of the story tended to get a bit crammed. It’d be hot car encounter – very steamy and then…its several weeks later.
Though those gaps were covered it left me thinking did they really have no contact? what else went on? It just left me feeling a bit disconnected.

The characters were great, Amie, perfect girl, but her past has lead her to try to save her family any more embarrassment and take the safe route.
She thinks Armstrong loves her, they will be happy and if he doesn’t set her on fire, well, his respectability makes up for that.And then at the wedding reception all that goes so very wrong, and she faces what she knew in her heart, Armstrong isn’t the good guy, the one for her, she deserves better.
She knew it really but wanted to please her family, and ignored all the little clues, started moulding herself with Armstrong’s not so subtle hints into a stepford wife type lady.

Armstrong, he really was a prig, so self assured, so much belief that his way was the only way. He doesn’t regard blow jobs as cheating, tries to spin it that he was doing it for Amie, so that he could last longer with her later…WTF, the man’s incapable of seeing his actions are ever wrong.He even says in their sphere its accepted that a man have a couple of mistresses and they don’t count, that Amie is making a fuss over nothing, bringing bad publicity to the family. she’s had a lucky escape.

Hottie hook-up – I think that’s what Amie’s best friend Ruby calls him, ( as requested by author I’m avoiding naming him!!) – is gorgeous, a great man but there are things he’s keeping quiet about for reasons that are clear later . I loved him, so kind, genuinely so, and so sensual. He knows what he’s doing when it comes to sex, and he’s happy to explore further, to have fun. He was perfect for Amie, but she needed to get rid of Armstrong first and that guy’s not going easily….

There are some funny moments here, bits that made me smile, ( the luggage inspection) and some sad ones too.
The sex, wow, hot and steamy and fitted the story so well, its just that at times it took the place of possible plot expansion, filled the time when the story could have been moving forward.
Its not a hugely long book, 4373 kindle locations – and the sex does take up a disproportionate amount of time I feel, making that actual story a bit rushed. I would have liked parts to be more expanded. Still, that’s just me, others are happy to have less story and more sex…you can’t please everyone.

Stars: four, a fun and sensual read.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Cracks in the Armor, Helena Hunting



Cracks in the Armor, Helena Hunting
ARC supplied via Netgalley
Well, I loved Cupcakes, Clipped Wings and Inked Armour so was looking forward to this. For me though it didn’t really work. It’s a kind of snippet in time, though I knew it was a short, a novella I thought it would be a story but its more an intro to Sarah and Chris. We learn a bit more about both of them, their background, where they currently work and why, and how they got together. We see a bit more of Hayden too ( and TK!) in his new home with Tenley although she’s not actually in at the time but out with the other girls, while the lads have a boys night in..
It’s an interesting read, but one I could have left alone easily. I love reading but really want a whole story, not just background info….if you’re keen on knowing more about the characters though this is a nice intro to Chris and Sarah and I think they’ll make a good book to read.
Stars: three – the writing style as ever is excellent – it’s just I was expecting a story, and this is more like a quick vignette.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

Inked Armour (Clipped Wings)


Inked Armor. Helena Hunting
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
So; onto the final part of this series ( prequel novella Cupcakes and part one Clipped Wings). I’ve loved Tenley and Hayden so far, but at the end of the last novel Tenley had returned back to her former home, forced back by Trey, an awful, controlling person who knows just what to say to hurt her, and bring her back to the shadow person she was in the early days after the crash. We learn even worse things about him, and Tenley really sinks low before she can pick herself up and pull things together. That’s tough as Trey has done things she didn’t know about, which affect her immensely. He’s very clever and manipulative, and wants Tenley under his control for greedy reasons. Back home Hayden has really lost it, he’s not eating or looking after himself, just letting his OCD take over in an effort to survive without Tenley. His nightmares are worsening, involving Tenley this time, not just his parents, and his family and friends really worried about him.
In the earlier books Hayden always came over as having problems from his past still affecting him, but he seemed to have it under control apart from the OCD about tidiness, and it was Tenley that struggled. Its all change now with Tenley still looking back at the past with sorrow, but beginning to accept she has a right to happiness, and she realises that not only does she deserve Hayden, but that he Needs her. She’s shocked at how low and distressed he is when she finally sees him, and they struggle at first to find the best way to go forward. Hayden is terrified she’ll leave again, and it takes all she can to convince him otherwise. Secrets from the past come out, things from his parents murder are revealed, and they send Hayden even further into his obsessiveness. Tenley is struggling to cope with him, she knows he can’t help it but she’s really worried, as are his family and good friends. She’s also still got the problem of her professor to deal with, but that seems minor in the face of the other stresses.
I loved this book, absolutely packed with drama and action, we see just how important good friends and family are when things go wrong, how easy it is to slip into depression and just give up. Tenley really shone for me here in the way she didn’t let Hayden slip down but did everything to support him, even when things were tough to do. I loved the way their romance was enriched and strengthened by the control they gained over their pasts. I loved the support of the friends/co workers and the fabulous Cassie and Nathan. There were some hot, sensual, erotic moments too, as well as a few laugh out loud snippets so its not all doom and gloom, but just the right balance of light and dark.
Its a great read, a true romance, with two people hurt by their pasts coming together to find love, and support each other in moving forward. Its a collection I loved, and will certainly re read. If you need your romance to have hot sex, but a solid story, to have real people and genuine problems, but who pull through in a way we understand, not some miraculous quick fix cure then you’ll love these books.
Stars: Five, five all the way 🙂
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Clipped Wings. Helena Hunting


Clipped Wings

Clipped Wings. Helena Hunting

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, I loved the prequel, Cupcakes, which introduced the major players in this book and we get straight into the story. Its clear that both Hayden and Tenley have a lot in their pasts that they are keeping close about, and you just know at some point its all going to blow up – but that tension, that wondering when its all going to go wrong is what’s makes books so exciting. Hayden and Tenley got much closer in this book, that attraction between them has been evident from the start, but Tenley is like a scared bird, and Hayden needs to tread slowly to ensure he doesn’t frighten her off. Its something new to him, he’s been a one night only man with the exception of Sienna, but she’s never been more than a convenience, and outlet that suited them both, and they way he feels about Tenley is so different he’s feeling his way carefully.

I could see three possible tensions coming up; Sienna of course, and her past with Hayden, she’s a classic troublemaking bitch, just the sort I love to find in a novel…Then there’s Trey who’s harassing Tenley about the property she inherited, and then newcomer Officer Cross, who clearly doesn’t like Hayden….and does like Tenley! So lots of potential story lines and excitement. I’d forgotten about the creep professor too – the one supervising Tenley’s studies…he could be out for trouble too.

I was so soaked in emotion, poor Tenley, and also for Hayden and his past. I want them both to find a way forward, the sensuality between them and the sexual tension is palpable, but they’ve such a lot to overcome to get there and the hurdles are Huge. There’s support though from Hayden’s aunt and her partner, and also the team at Inked Armour. They are a tight knit crew, know each other inside out, have shared pasts and have all been through a lot, so know what its like when problems strike. I just loved the story, loved the drama, lots of it it 🙂 Fabulous characters who we get to know deeply, not just a shallow overview – and I love that. I need to feel I know them, understand their reactions etc then when the sex scenes hit…wow – they are definitely hot, but in a good way, not steamy sleaze but sultry and erotic and that fit the scene set.

If you like a “bad boy” romance that’s more than just a sweet, hot read, that has lots to think about, plenty of scenes that need understanding, that makes you think “what would I do?” you’ll enjoy this. Part three out in July this year and it looks to be a cracking finale!
Stars: five, a really thorough, enticing, riveting read.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

Cupcakes and Ink. Helena Hunting


Cupcakes and Ink

Cupcakes and Ink. Helena Hunting


Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.


So, a contemporary romance with some mystery, sounds good and I jumped in. This book introduces the characters and settings, and though there are three books in total, there’s not one of those awful wait for months for next part. This one is out Feb 3rd, part one Mar 4th and final part May 13th. I really hate long gaps, they spoil the flow of the story for me, so knowing its all scheduled to be out within a few months is great.


Tenley and Hayden both seem to have problems from their past, Tenley wants a fresh start but is drawn to Hayden despite herself. She thinks he’s the sort of “bad boy” with his piercings and tattoos that she needs to avoid. Hayden has a few close friends who he works with, and he’s content to keep it like that, no relationships and the only encounters are quick, one off hookups. There’s something about Tenley though that catches his attention, and as he slowly gets to know more of her through the work she does at his aunts store close to his shop he sees she’s not just the outwardly quiet mouse personality but has a fiery side to her.


That’s about as far as this book goes, introducing the people and places, throwing in hints of what kind of hot, erotic, sexual encounters we are in for and a hint of mystery, and it works well at that. I haven’t price info but this book is just 60 pages long, but that’s fine as its just an intro to the real story.


Stars: five, a great start.


ARC supplied by Netgalley.



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