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Black In White, A Quentin Black Paranormal Mystery, (Quentin Black Mystery Book 1), JC Andrijeski

Black In White,  A Quentin Black Paranormal Mystery, (Quentin Black Mystery Book 1), JC Andrijeski

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Fantasy & Paranormal, Mystery

If you read my reviews regularly you’ll know it’s no secret I adore JCA’s writing style, and the Allie’s War books are one of my all time favourite series. When an author starts a new series I wonder if I’ll like it as much, if it will pull me in. Well, this series ( or trilogy – I need to check that) is another winner for me, though a much lighter feeling read than the AW ones.

I feel that Quentin Black really is a mysterious man, and it’s easy to see why the police, particularly Miri’s friend Nick, are convinced he’s connected in some way. Miri though doesn’t feel he’s the killer, he doesn’t fit the profile she has drawn up in her psychologist role, though he does share some similarities. She can’t tell Nick the real reason she thinks he’s innocent though – that she has other talents that have helped her gain her reputation for reliability. It’s something most people wouldn’t understand, that she has a special insight into people’s minds, and when she meets Black, he talked to her mind to mind. That scared her as its never happened before, and he seems to be suggesting they share some characteristics, as well as telling her he’s not human and talking about other dimensions. Is he just a Psycho/weirdo or is there a nugget of truth in what he says? Miri needs to know more. Its the first time she’s met anyone who can do what she can, and Black seems far advanced. There’s a lot of mystery behind him though, he seems to head a team, have almost limitless wealth and to be able to get his way out of situations such as the one he’s currently in. Nicks determined to pin him for the murders, and yet Black confidently tells Miri he’ll soon be released. Then he is…Nick’s angry and suspicious and Miri – she has to know more.

She can’t let the chance to know more about her gift/talent go – its something she’s always had to hide, as no one would understand and yet Black talks about it as being normal. He can’t believe she knows so little. They’re both a puzzle to the other and want to know more. It  brings her into danger though, going along with him while trying to uncover secrets he’s holding. He’s one of those irritating people who answer a question with a question, and plays her usual psychologist tricks to get answers back on her. She finds an irresistible attraction to him too – despite being engaged, and with her marriage planned for five months time.

Its a fun read, I enjoyed the parallels to the AW series, the way Black talks about sex and shocks Miri, they way I could feel the sensuality between them. ( Though I got horribly hung up on trying to work out how this book could fit into that timeline – I couldn’t make it work :- ) so finally just forced myself to ignore that) For much of the book Miri’s boyfriend is away working so I couldn’t really asses their relationship, but it didn’t seem to have anywhere near the attraction as between Black and Miri.

Its a simpler book, but with the same tight writing as AW, the same sensuality brought in and wrapped up with a solid believable story. Its got a kind of natural break ending, but leaving a huge question I need answering. Its not a complete story but one that clearly continues into further books. Fortunately JCA is a prolific writer and doesn’t keep us waiting years for the next part. This has follow up books planned for November and December this year – hurrah, and I definitely  want to read them. I know already this is one for the back to back reading fest once all the books are out.

Stars: A solid five 🙂

ARC supplied by author

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Allie’s War series free first book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rook-Allies-War-Book-1-ebook/dp/B004TXR6FG/

Red Hot Beginnings (14 Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Books Box Set) Cora Seton , V. M. Black , Skye Warren, Blair Babylon, Lacey Silks , Sarah M. Cradit , JJ Knight , Clarissa Wild, Liv Morris , JC Andrijeski , Alica Knight , Jacqueline Sweet, Pavarti K. Tyler , Alisa Woods



Red Hot Beginnings (14 Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Books Box Set) Cora Seton , V. M. Black , Skye Warren, Blair Babylon, Lacey Silks , Sarah M. Cradit , JJ Knight , Clarissa Wild, Liv Morris , JC Andrijeski , Alica Knight , Jacqueline Sweet, Pavarti K. Tyler , Alisa Woods
Genre: Fantasy & Sci-fi, Romance, erotica, Paranormal.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I love these bundles, they prove a great way to try authors and series that are new to you. Some of the stories are first in series or side novellas, some are the first in a two or three part selection, and some are standalones, so there’s a real mix here.
I’ve read a few of these before: I wasn’t keen on Skye Warren’s – Beauty Touched the Beast, it was a good book but just not my kind of read, the Liv Morris one I read as a review book a while back, I enjoyed that and the second book that followed to complete the story. That was a hot, erotic romance. I’m currently reading the Cora Seaton one – have read some of her books before and they are the sort I read when I want something easy and not too in-depth – a book to just relax with, a fun read. I’ve also read and enjoyed the Lacey Silks Layers Trilogy, though not the prequel that’s in this bundle, and so that’s one I want to read. ( And what a name – Lacey Silks, makes me smile every time I read it). The gem for me of course though is JC Andrijeski’s – New York, a novella from the Allie’s War series. We see more of Revik and Allie before she knows what she is, but where Revik is watching over her, trying to protect her. What’s interesting to me is not just the pull he feels to her, but the way she’s attracted to him, feels some kind of connection even though she doesn’t know him. It’s for me part of that real soul mates thing, that makes their relationship so perfect, it’s fiery, full of passion and drama, and at times I feel they’re on the verge of disaster but somehow that pull, that magic between them always brings them back. They really are like two halves of a whole. There’s a real mix here of magic and mystery, shifters, supernatural and straight forward romance along with some real erotica.
Stars: Five, a bargain way to try lots of new reads.
ARC provided by author

Dragon, (Allie’s War Book 9), JC Andrijeski


Dragon, (Allie’s War Book 9), JC Andrijeski
Genre: Romance, Fantasy/Sci-fi.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Well – we’re on to book nine, plus of course lots of side novellas. This series is great value for money for those of us who love longer books, with this one being 689 pages for £4.99.
Once again its a rocketing journey, a race against time with a new player in town. Trouble is which side is he on? Feigran indicates he’s important and Allie has learned that though Feigran tells her things in an abstract, confusing way he knows things that others don’t, and that his information isn’t to be ignored. Its often linked to things she’s dreamed about, and she knows they need more info on Dragon. When she gets it though – wow – he’s incredibly powerful, and she’s powerless against him….that comes as a shock. She’s still not sure whether she escaped from him or whether he let her go, whether he’s on their side or laying a false trail, and when the future of the world depends on getting things right…well, no pressure then. Even though I’ve finished the book I’m still a bit confused over Dragon. Feigran too confuses me, sometimes he’s just kind of coarse about sexual things, and then he surprises me with his gentlemanly way of speaking and the things he does. He’s kind of like one of those Savant types, where the brain just works differently to most peoples, where so much of what he does isn’t intended to cause offence but just him saying things as he sees them. In through the out door – that phrase still has me wondering….I guess with Terian (or the Terians) being part of him so much has been taken out that maybe would have moderated him, and likewise Terian has characteristics from him and whatever bodies he uses…maybe? I’m still, after all these books, working that one out. Throw in Menlim and what he is and – well, thankfully not fully understanding doesn’t stop me enjoying the story, and as the series grows so does my understanding. Its the first time I’ve read anything like this, so I don’t have a background of Sci-fi reads to work from. Maybe that would have made a difference, though maybe not?
She and Revik ( swoon…) know now that Menlim isn’t dead, that he’s the real force behind things and he needs to be stopped. Trouble is how? He can’t be killed in the conventional way as he’s a kind of flesh puppet – reminds me very much of the battle to kill Terian. They come up with a plan though to work round him – but have to keep it secret as there’s a mole in the group, and they have no way of knowing who. That’s really distressing. It was a shock when Dorje proved to be working for Shadow, and to think someone they know well, trust and have been friends with for many years is against them is awful, and means looking and treating everyone as if they were against them. What a nightmare. Revik has to do something that brings him right into the centre of danger, and if his plan fails – and its very likely to – then that’s it for him. Allie too has to carry on knowing this time she can’t help him, she has her part to play and it makes her friends into – well, not enemies but they really dislike how she’s acting and show it. That’s very isolating for her. Still, she and Revik never shirk from doing what’s needed, even when it comes at great personal cost. Its all leading up to a huge confrontation with Shadow, Dragon. Allie’s people and the President of the USA, where the cost is incredibly high both on a personal and a worldwide level.
Poor Allie and Revik, seems to me they never get a break. That’s what being Bridge and Sword is though. When I look back at the start I see how very far everything has gone and need to remember that all this has taken place over several years. I just hope its all worthwhile for them in the end, as well as the rest of the world of course. They’ve sacrificed so much and what has to be done in this part comes at a level that will take a great deal to get back to. They’ve both had to do things that they know will cause problems in their relationship after, knowing it had to be done is a brain understanding but of course the heart – that’s always a weakness with them both, and even if their plan succeeds can they overcome their actions to stay as a couple? I really, really hope so – their connection is a genuine soul mate type, as if they are two halves of one unit and they need to be together. Thank goodness Seers have long lives, as they’ve used up so many years in things that have caused them grief.
I feel I know so many of the group as people now, not just as slightly weird names…and when some die I grieve for them. I still miss the lovely Garensche, he was such a great part of the group, talented but on a personal level very good at coping with others high emotions and bringing trigger points down. When a series continues for so many books its inevitable some characters die, but I miss them.
I’m an avid reader, I’ve just under 5,000 books on my amazon cloud and I’ve read maybe 3,000 of those with another 1,000 or so books at home that I’ve read, and probably 2-3,000 borrowed from library over the years, and yet this series is still in my top twenty. I don’t have a fav series or book, just a top few, and though this seemed like a type of book that wasn’t my sort of read I found I became hooked on it from the start. I’ve recently reread my way through books 1-8 and the novellas, and found that I have a deeper understanding now of events and people from it, and I see actions differently to when I first read it. I don’t know how many more books are to come, each time I think we’re on the home stretch JC takes us off on another tangent so who knows? I’ll be sad to see the end to the series, though I’m so hoping Allie and Revik finally get a happy ending and live out their lives in peace and love together, but I’ll miss looking out for the next instalment.
That teaser: Gah! When I read that – the beach scene – I had to know what happened. It was about 3 days prior to release I found it and from then on I was checking Amazon every few hours desperate to get Dragon and see what happens. I was so taken in, so on edge, that actually I just had to peep at the end just to see what transpired. I’ve done that a few times with books that really hook me, too impatient to wait. For some people that spoils it but not for me, and I’m always happy to re read good books, even though I know what’s coming. I love to read my way through a full series back to back. I read this one over the weekend, read a review werewolf book and am currently reading through a contemporary romance trilogy from last year, where I can finally get the books read back to back and really get “into” the story without stopping. I like swapping genres between books.
Stars: A solid five.

PSYCHIC STORM Preorder and Free ALLIE’S WAR: SEASON ONE til Jan 17

So as you know I love the allie’s War novels, and in fact I’m currently re reading my way through them. I’m finding now I know the story I understand so much better what’s happening, and I’ve got my mind around the seer differences and the different groups involved. Its a fascinating, complex series, and if you love fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural reads that are looong ( each novel is around 4-600 pages and even the “novellas” are the length of most full books) you’ll love these,  and of course they’re an excellent price. Anyway, until Jan 17th books one and two are free, just click image to be taken to amazon page.

Allie's War Season One: Books 1-2

Also out soon is another bargain bundle including a new Allie’s War novella,LONDON: ALLIE’S WAR EARLY YEARS, which isn’t yet avaialble elsewhere… I’ve read several of these already, and they’re a great way to try out authors new to you to see if you like their writing style and want to continue with a series. Money’s tight for everyone so these bundles really are excellent value for money at only 99p/99c. Again just click on link for amazon page

Psychic Storm: Ten Dangerously Sexy Tales of Psychic Witches, Vampires, Mediums, Empaths and Seers

I’ve read  HEATHER TOPHAM WOOD –– NEW REVELATIONS  from the bundle, an author new to me . This is book two in the series and book one is currently free so thats a great start. I enjoyed these two and want to continue with the series. I read DALE MAYER –– TUESDAYS CHILD some time ago and recall enjoying that – its on my reread list now there’s more of the series out. I love to read series back to back to really get into them so when there’s seven books ( as there is here) it’s a real treat for me. JESI LEA RYAN –– JUST A LITTLE NUDGE is one on my TBR list, as it sounds good, DEANNA CHASE –– HAUNTED ON BOURBON STREET is one I also read and enjoyed when it was first out and there’s now many more – also on my TBR list. ( I love her Crescent City series too) Of course this is my favourite – lots of lovely Revik ( swoon) JC ANDRIJESKI –– LONDON and we get to see just how long he’s been watching over Allie, and how he feels about her. It’s yet another side to a complicated character. APRIL AASHEIM –– ARMAND , JORDAN CASTILLO PRICE –– AMONG THE LIVING and HAZEL HUNTER –– TOUCHED    TBR

The Morph, Gate Shifter Book One, JC Andrijeski

The Morph: The Gate Shifter Series: Book One


The Morph, Gate Shifter Book One, JC Andrijeski

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Well, I love JC Andrijeski Allie’s War series and this is another paranormal romance. I tend to stay away from books which involve other planets/space travel as being too far in the sci-fi genre for me. Still, I found after the first book I was hooked on Allie’s War, although I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit initially, so knowing I love JC’s writing style I thought I’d try this one. I’m so glad I did, as I love it.

I can see similarities in the two series, and what works for me is there is a strong romantic element in them, though this book is far less sensual so far that the AW series. In fact though I can see a romance beginning they’re still finding their way, and have done little more than a few kisses so far. Still, you can feel the attraction and that puzzles Dakota, knowing Nihkil is from another planet, another race, how she feels about him. It takes some getting used to. I really enjoyed the way the other characters were explained, how we saw their actions, and how they fit into the story. As ever there’s a power hungry group heading everyone, and the Morphs are regarded as lesser than the Humans. They can interbreed, and very occasionally produce a totally different group, the Supernaturals. The children may be Morph, Human or Supernatural but if not Human then they can be removed from the parents. It reminds me very much of the slavery issues we used to have, and that still exist in some cultures….People can be very cruel and kid themselves they’re doing what’s best, when really its just a way to keep their place at the top 😦

I liked Dakota, she’s had a tough life and its made her very self reliant and suspicious of others motives. That stands her in good stead when she and Nihkil reach his home planet. The people there want to know how she crossed with Nihkil, she shouldn’t have been able to do it, and so they think her DNA may hold the key to many of their problems, not least their fertility issues. She’s not ready to become an incubator though, and there are some scary suggestions such as removing her ovaries etc. Nihkil registers a claim on her, though as a Morph he is subject to human laws he can claim her as his, and give her a measure of protection. She’s his lock holder too although she doesn’t understand how that happened, or how to control it…and that creates problems. She needs that lock open if Nihkil is to take her home, but first they need to find a way to get out from the clutches of the ruling group.

As in the AW series, there are people who are more than they seem. One who claims to be Nihkil’s friend certainly reminds me of Terian from AW…and it’s difficult to know if they can trust anyone, or what is planned for them. Its a struggle to stay together with Nihkil using existing laws to help protect them, and Dakota having to trust him. Nihkil is a strange man… a full blood Morph… and we seem him change hugely through the book. From the start there’s a real link between them and that grows, with Dakota getting jealous of his time with other women, but not knowing enough to ask him about it. It turns out that as a full Morph it’s part of his contract to try to reproduce with others. There’s a lot to learn for both of them, and I enjoyed how things brought them closer but not without some real problems along the way. They can’t leave, the rulers want to learn as much as possible from Dakota, and seem to regard her as property, and Nihkil is already regarded as “belonging” to them. Add on to that those who see them as troublemakers, and want to be rid of them and you can see what a thin line they tread. I love how Nihkil gets more and more protective of Dakota as they get closer, she has feelings of jealousy around him and yet they are both dancing around the question of attraction.

A great read – similarities to AW series but overall a different, lighter feel. the world building and characters aren’t ( yet!!) as complex and its an easier to follow story.
Stars: Five.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and author

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 36, JC Andrijeski

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 36


Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 36, JC Andrijeski
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
The exciting conclusion to Prophet….Allie and Revik have reached Dubai, not without problems though. They need to get the Listers before Shadow does, but its tricky, they don’t know where they are, who the buyer is and his connection to Shadow, and most important – can Revik survive in a city where Shadow is in control, and if he doesn’t what will happen to Lily? Allie thinks she got most of the Dreng influence out of him and Lily, but is it enough – some remains, and it could be too much..Still, they need Revik with her, and he refuses to be parted from her any more.
They think the best way forward is to infiltrate the slave auctions but…as always Revik has made plans covering almost all eventualities but something comes up to disrupt them, and part him and Allie. He’s struggling with control with her beside him, now how will he cope?
Its another emotional action packed episode. I’d like to say that by now I know what’s going to happen – after all I’ve read all the books since the start, but once again its full of surprises. Its a race to find Allie, collect the Listers if they can, and hunt down Terian and Feigran, as they know he’s in Dubai. They find out some new information, and some people from both Allie and Revik’s past are here too. Its one shock after another finishing in a spectacular violent conflict with casualties on both sides. What next? I honestly haven’t a clue – so much has happened since that first book, and yet there’s still so much needing to be done if they are to keep what remains of the world safe, or even just surviving.
If you haven’t read previous books please don’t start here – you need to read from Book One . I’ve jumped into series at times without reading the first few books – this is one series though where that simply won’t work. Book one is free so you can see if its a story and style of writing that suits you without spending anything – but I think most people who try it will be like me hooked on the series.
Stars: five.
ARC supplied by Author

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 34 and 35, JC Andrijeski , Come What May, Sherryl Caulfield

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 34

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 34, JC Andrijeski
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
So on to next snippet – thought at 147 pages, its a large snippet! These books are so incredibly full of detail and plot that I’ve found this instalment way is an excellent idea to enable me to follow the plot without getting overloaded. I do have this tendency to not be able to put a good book down, and maybe miss bits through that. these though stop at a natural point and have allowed me to mull over what I’ve read, working it out and absorbing everything ( well, hopefully everything).
We catch up with what’s been happening with others in the group, and see more of Loki and Dante’s mum…Dante is in for a shock when she appears without warning. Allie and Revik are on edge, there’s been so much going on and they’ve not really had time to work things out between themselves, and after Revik’s actions with Cass Allie and he need to talk. As ever though they don’t have time….there’s a huge surprise in store when she meets the new group…and it causes even more friction. Allie is beginning to feel isolated from everyone and this only exacerbates it when she feels they are keeping her out of the loop. As if that isn’t enough she and Revik then have a huge blow-up and that’s a really tear-jerking moment for me. Masochist that I am I love that!
Stars: Five. Its another very emotive book.
ARC supplied by author.

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 35

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 35, JC Andrijeski

Things came to a head between Allie and Revik at the end of the last book, and this picks straight up from there. I feel so much for Allie here, she’s distraught, almost catatonic, and has just seemed to shut herself off from everyone. I sort of understand Revik and what he did, but I can’t see why he didn’t realise what would happen..maybe the pressures between them have affected his judgement too? Anyway Allie is holed up in the human section, has gone days without sleep and is speaking to no one. Revik decides he has to take action and takes her back to their tank…and some incredibly emotional and hot scenes follow! Emotion wise this part is one of the best in the series for me, I can really feel for them both, and I was so pleased with the result. Then there are the existing difficulties along with some new glitches, can’t they ever get a break? Allie needs to make a decision with Revik over him and Lily. They need to get out of the ship, and make a new base, as they’ve been warned its becoming dangerous to stay with it, but Lily and Revik are tied to the tanks….and on top of that it seems their increasingly amorous and frenetic behaviour may be being guided by an external influence. ( when they leave that meeting, then on their return – the red faces, that was a very light-hearted and needed moment) No one knows who or why, or what they can do. Throw in that they’re going to Dubai even though they know its dangerous and its another action packed episode. I think it’s my favourite so far. Lots of Revik and Allie Winking smile


Come What May (The Iceberg Trilogy Book 2)


Come What May, Sherryl Caulfield
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I loved the first book, something so different from what’s often offered in the romance Genre. A deep, epic family story spanning generations. This follows the family further, Rebecca is grown up now and the novel focuses on family life and especially that of her second daughter Gene. Book one had me in tears, so deep was the sorrow at times, and this one also has that depth of sadness not often found. Its got happiness too, and incredibly evocative scenes surrounding the plots. I felt I was there with them, smelling the sharp antiseptic smell of the hospital, sitting at the table enjoying a family meal and conversation, or out in the snow, blinded by the reflections from every tree and bush, nostrils full of the fragrant scent of pine from the forest and hearing the cry of the dogs…
We first meet Gene when she’s a young child, the then she’s growing up and the family are learning to cope with loss. That’s so sad, I really felt for them all, for Rebecca withdrawing from life, for Jonathon forced to take over and for Gene who was so lost. As she grows so many things happen, there’s tears, happiness and more tears. Poor Morton, her brother, he had been in such a traumatic position when he was young and never really recovered, just learned to live with it. After Gene finishes school she helps Jonathon as part of a medical expedition and enters a new section of her life. She’s still carrying the past inside her though, and it sparks out years later when she just can’t keep it in any more, affecting her thoughts and feelings about everyone. That’s a really sad time and I was so distraught – for her, for her family and for Sonny and their family. Her actions there will have a similar effect to her children I expect, as did the things that happened to her in childhood. What happens to us in life shapes us, some people grow stronger, some just learn to live with it and cope and some go under, if only for a while. None of us are in isolations and through the first two books we’ve seen just how things that happen flow like ripples through a family, influencing and moving them around.
Stars: Five. Its another very emotive book, full of wonderful descriptions of the places they are, the people within and the events. I was so saddened sometimes – but I love that in a book, one that makes events and people seem so real that I’m upset for them. Another cracking read, to savour and cherish.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers.

Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 32, JC Andrijeski

Allie's War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 32


Allie’s War, An Urban Fantasy: Episode 32, JC Andrijeski
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
JC has revamped this series and separated it into episodes. That’s useful releasing parts like this, a section of the whole story but a complete instalment, with a storyline connected and part of the whole, but which doesn’t leave readers going – argghh….what now! Winking smile The complete book comprising the latest instalments will be available too, but for those who want a shorter read this is perfect. Of course JC calls it an episode but at 142 pages its longer than many so called novels and a great bargain!
So, this time we focus on Revik ( be still my beating heart!) and Allie. They’re playing a dangerous part once again, straight into danger for many reasons not least they don’t know how far they can trust these new traders, and Revik can only leave the Tank for a short time as Shadow could trace him…As usual there’s lots of action, seer specialities with the organics and light etc, human guns and bullets, close calls, it’s very dangerous but has to be done. Revik knows, and isn’t happy that the man they’re meeting is dangerous and has – well, he makes it clear, he has the hots for Allie, and resents missing his slot when she was with the Lao Hu. I love the way Allie plays up to that, portraying herself as a dim but beautiful bimbo! and of course Revik’s parting comments about the man wanting Allie to blow him while Revik just watched. Then at the end comes another shock, someone from Revik’s past….
Revik: his eyes are always commented on, being virtually transparent. Its rare I have a real image of people in books, just sometimes when reviews post “ my image of xyz” I think that its not the way I visualised them, even if subconsciously, but on JC’s site there’s a header of Revik that is just the man I imagine….
Stars: Five, Looking forward to the next episode
ARC supplied by author.

Nine by Night: A Multi-Author Urban Fantasy Bundle of Kickass Heroines, Adventure, & Magic Authors: SM Reine, CJ Ellisson, Lindsay Buroker , Anthea Sharp, Boone Brux , JC Andrijeski, Annie Bellet, Jesi Lea Ryan, Kara Legend.


Nine by Night: A Multi-Author Urban Fantasy Bundle of Kickass Heroines, Adventure, & Magic
Authors: SM Reine, CJ Ellisson, Lindsay Buroker , Anthea Sharp, Boone Brux , JC Andrijeski, Annie Bellet, Jesi Lea Ryan, Kara Legend.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Well at just £1.02 ( about 1.50 cents?) this opening offer is a real bargain. A chance to snap up some terrific novels by very talented authors, and well worth grabbing now even if you’ve not yet time to read it. My favourite of course is the amazing Rook, JC Andrijeski – I’ve now read all the series to date and LOVE that world. Looking back at my review I found I’d struggled with the very complex world to begin, but there are shorter, individual books that make it easier to understand. Never the less even struggling a bit with that first book its come to be one of my all time favourite series, and going back to Rook as I recently did I found it now a five star read for me, understanding it so much better now I’ve read more. there was so much I’d missed, not understanding the subtlety of it. My full review can be found under the individual book listing.
Going on to other authors I love Boone Brux’ works, though I’ve not reads this one, have read several of SM Reine’s novels and look forward to trying this one, and hopefully finding a new series to love. I read the Kara Legend novel on here, that was a fun read, sex, witchcraft and werewolves . I’ve not yet read the Lindsay Buroker book in this collection, but she was one of the first authors who’s book I tried when I got my first kindle ( now on number four…) where I started what I thought was a paranormal read, and discovered it was steampunk, a genre I’d avoided as I didn’t think I’d like it. Shows how wrong we can be. I felt the same about Allie’s War at first, the JC Andrijeski series – usually I’d avoid that sci fi/dystopian type world and yet I’d have missed out in a fantastic adventure, where I feel I’m “with” the team and they struggle to do what’s right for the world. And of course Revik, he could persuade me to go anywhere…..
this is a real bargain read, with some first class novels by popular authors and it’s a great chance to try something that may be out of your normal comfort zone genre.
Stars: Five of course!
ARC supplied via authors

Bridge: Allie’s War, Episodes 28-31, JC Andrijeski


Bridge: Allie’s War, Episodes 28-31, JC Andrijeski
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews.
The world is dying. Everyone feels it, and yet, no one knows.
They said that when the end was near, a Bridge would come, and lead them out of the darkness of that dying world.
Allie Taylor’s life was relatively normal…
Until Revik showed up.
And told her she was that Bridge.

So the last book ended dramtically with Allie close to death and wire addicted, and Cass and Shadow having stolen her babay from the womb…. Drama or what? Just when I think we’re close to an even keel JC throws in more to rock things up. Anyway poor Revik, ( I love that guy) to me he’s close to breaking point. His life, so far anyway, has been the stuff of nightmares, he’s endured more than anyone ever should, and just when he finally got together with his soul mate Allie he’s been torn apart again and again from her. So far they’ve found their way back each time, but now – is it the end? It looks dire, Allie’s alive but in an odd way, pretty much a life support type thing, no-one can reach her mentally, so its just a living shell of a body it seems. Throw in that the Rooks have their baby and where do his priorities lay? He wants Allie, needs her back for everyone’s future and especially for him personally, but he also can’t let the Dreng keep and use their child. He needs to work on both things at once, but though he’s a seer and tough he can only do so much.
It’s drama all the way, tears, heartbreak and a very few good moments thrown in. I feel I really know these characters now, don’t have to stop and think “what does that mean, how does that work” even when JC writes about how they click – seems to be a before speech thing mostly, I just accept it as part of their ways, a sort of behavioural concept habit….I’ve come along way since book one, and my usual dislike of this type of fantasy that made me think I wouldn’t enjoy this series – how wrong I was! I just love it.
I really felt for Jon too in this book, he’s carrying such a guilt complex for unwittingly letting the Dreng get to Allie….he’s keeping himself closed off and Wreg doesn’t known how to help. Of course the Seers are at times irrational and jealous – just abit !! – and Wreg isn’t sure if maybe somethings going on with Jon and Revik, or maybe someoen else….still, he’s a strong support when Jon needs it.
I said how I feel I know so many characters here, and I do…even among the new ones some stand out – Dante, the teen PC genuis, and of course Jayden and his girlfreind, though she seems pretty useless, maybe there’s something hidden in her…. I keep wondering just how they all are going to develop. Jayden seems a jerk, but then I love Allie and Revik so am biased, but so many people I thought I disliked change over time, when I find out whats behind their behaviours. Even Terian, after reading his novella, I found I had some sympathy for. Cass though – nope, I disliked her from the early days and just can’t see how anything can excuse whats she’s done. She’s being used IMO but she wants to be, she’s been jealous of Allie for so long, since childhood even, and yet Allie has done so much to help her, at cost to herself and without thinking of anything but friendship – then she gets treated like this. Nope, for me Cass is just plain evil – JC are you listening? No changing my mind here by giving her some excuse that i’ve missed 😉
So its another cracker of a read, long, packed with adventure ( and those battles I still skim….) drama, emotion, and leading on to next book. I’m wondering now how many more we have to go? ? It feels like with the devastation we’ve gone through and the state of the world at present, we must be at the point where there’s an upturn and the prophecied rebuild new world order starts to happen.
Stars: Five, great read once again.

Arc supplied via author.

Reading Order:
Rook: Allie’s War Episodes 1-4
Shield: Allie’s War Episodes 5-8
Sword: Allie’s War Episodes 9-12
Shadow: Allie’s War Episosdes 13-17
Knight: Allie’s War Episodes 18-23
War: Allie’s War Episodes 24-27
Bridge: Allie’s War Episodes 28-31

Prequel Books ~
New York: Allie’s War Early Years
Revik: Allie’s War Early Years
Terian: Allie’s War Early Years

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