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Redemption Falls, A Littleton Novel, Kate Hewitt



Redemption Falls, A Littleton Novel, Kate Hewitt
Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Gosh, some really troubled people in this book. Rob, trying to escape from the guilt he feels over his past actions is back in his home town. Linnea has also come home after twelve years roaming, floating from place to place, job to job, rootless. After a postcard from her mum she thinks finally she can come back and make changes. Its a different place to what she left though, and Ambler isn’t open and friendly to her “sister” but sullen and moody. She’s fourteen now, a tough age anyway and Linnea just feels even more guilty for leaving. Her mum hasn’t encouraged contact and the three of them all seem very self contained, not close though its clear Ambler and the lady she thinks is her mum have a special bond. I so felt for Linnea, though she left her daughter when she was two its not as cut and dried as that, and she still looks to be trying to stop the hurt of rejection. Linnea isn’t really made welcome even though her mum asked her to return. She lives a few miles away, in a tiny ramshackle place in the mountains, but has been invited for dinner just a couple of times since she returned. Any more frequent contact Linnea tries is discouraged. She was hoping they could tell Ambler the truth but that seems like it’s not going to happen… Just when she’s thinking maybe she should just go again something huge changes everything.
Rob, he’s not exactly happy in his new job. He’s got to make some sweeping changes and severe cutbacks to keep the college running. One of his ideas for extra income is for the college to have some extra classes – adult education, not for the basics but for Art, History, subjects that interest people and aren’t easily found. There’s a bit of closed ranks but he gets his way. He’s attracted by Linnea but she’s rude, prickly and unwelcoming. Somehow though he sees in her someone like himself who needs a friend, and he wants to see more of her. She’s scared, puts him off, conscious of her position as an uneducated shop-worker compared to his as College President. He wears her down though, but just when they finally seem to make progress everything gets upturned and there are some tough decisions to make.
Stars: Four, a haunting read, and I really felt for the characters.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publisher

Expose Me, Under His Protection and The Best Kind of Trouble

A change in format..As I’ve been getting more and more review books I’m trying grouping them together in one daily post, instead of one post per book, to save overloading people’s inboxes. I like the cleaness of separate posts for each novel but some days there are lots out at the same time and I don’t want to seem like a spammer sending multiple posts per day. If anyone has views on which way works best I’ve love to hear them.

Expose Me, 5th Avenue Trilogy, Kate Hewitt
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Final book of the trilogy. This was a fun read, ties up all the lose ends from the earlier books and features the last man in the trio, Alex, and popular talk show host Chelsea. Alex needs Chelsea’s help to take down Treffen. She has an hour long, live special programmed in with him, and Alex and his friends want the final take down to be live TV. They’ve already dealt with his family, and are in the proceeds of closing his business, but they don’t want him to get away with anything, and need Chelsea’s help. Trouble is convincing her, she needs proof before she’ll believe he’s anything but the altruistic perfect man his publicity portrays. Those who have the proof are either dead or too scarred from the experience to come forward publicly. Add in the problems both Alex and Chelsea have with their hidden pasts, and the fact they both have a searing attraction to each other but Never do dating, relationships, sleepovers…anything that may hack at their tightly controlled emotions, and there’s a problems before they even start to talk about the programme.
Its another slick story, neatly tied up, and full of emotion and erotic, sensual heat. The course of true love, and taking down Jason Treffen never lies smooth…and this books shows just how hard it is for both. What’s also interesting is that I hadn’t realised til now that each part has a different author – they’ve clearly co-ordinated well as the writing style feels very consistent through each novel. A great read.
Stars: four
Arc supplied via netgalley and publishers

Under His Protection, Red Stone Security Series, Katie Reus
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’ve read several of Katie’s paranormal series but somehow – despite this being book nine – this series has eluded me. Maybe because its shorter than I usually like at 42K words, but sometimes a shorter read fits in well with my schedule and this though shorter was packed with heat, sensuality and action. I like suspense when its part of a growing romance and not too bogged down with technical details. I don’t need to know all about the type of guns and ammunition used, bullet proof cars that can traverse all terrains, or what sort of protection the hero is using ( no!! not THAT sort of protection – the stuff that stops bullets not babies) Anyway also worth noting is that although this is part of a series its also a stand alone, so its not necessary to have read the others.
I know I enjoy Katie’s writing style and this mirrored what I’ve found with her paranormals, characters that are well fleshed, and that I can feel for and understand, and a basic but well established plot that makes sense. I’ve said before and stand by it – I’d rather have a book with one well written plot than one that has loads of ones that don’t make sense, wouldn’t work in reality, and stretch fiction a step too far. That last part is very important with non supernatural novels, if it feels unreal then for me I just switch off.
Anyway Julieta, I liked her character. Not an out and out OTT person but one who works hard, loves her family, values her friends. The sort of lady you’d like as one of your close friends. She’s got her own shop but is always looking to improve, to boost business and is an excellent businesswoman. She meets Ivan when he comes in as security for a new customer, and its instant attraction for both of them but they hold back. Julieta is careful about men, and though she likes Ivan she doesn’t really know him, and they don’t really get the opportunity to interact til out of the shop where they’re both at a function. She gets a text that shocks her, she’s recently had a couple of these unpleasant and threatening texts, and has no idea who or what’s behind it. Ivan sees her shock, and reads the text. It brings out his protective side and he talks to his bosses, who know of Julieta from mutual friends and he starts to watch over her using his own free time. Things escalate quickly, both the dangers and the action between Ivan and Julieta, and they are quickly into some sensual and erotic scenes. There’s hints over who may be behind the danger, but  Julieta is such a nice lady she hasn’t any real enemies, so its all a bit of a shot in the dark, trying to protect her but not knowing where the danger is coming from. When it does hit it’s all systems go….
Its a fun read, easy to follow with a perfect (for me) combination of romance, sex and danger.
Stars: Five, though as a shorter read its one I’m unlikely to re read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers

The Best Kind of Trouble, Lauren Dane
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I’ve mixed feelings about this book. The romance side works well, but overall it was a little lacking in drama for me until the big split. The background too – the rock and roll part, well – I expected that to take a more major role. I guess i’ve been reading too many NA high drama rock stories 🙂
This is first in a trio of books featuring the Hurley brothers, who are the stars in a leading rock band. They’re a close knit family, all living on the family ranch, though in seperate houses. Paddy, as lead singer is the charmer in the family and he’s used to girls falling at his feet. Then he sees Natalie, in his home town on a break from touring. He’s never forgotten the sensual and hot two weeks they had many years ago, before the band made it big. He wants to see if they can pick up. Natalie has had her own problems though and the last thing she needs is to have somone like Paddy sapping away at her hard won control. He’s persistent though, and its not long before he finally wears her down. There’s a lot to be dealt with though on both sides before they can get to a HEA.
I liked Paddy – well, who couldn’t. He has a great family too, and the next book about brother Ezra sounds good – he will make an interesting lead I think! Paddy is just so sweet, so good, so charming ( ok there’s the hundreds of women but that part of the lifestyle for some so I’ll get past that!) that he just feels to me a little…bland? I wanted a bit more excitement from him, more action and reaction. He gets there finally, but of course that when the problems start. Poor guy, I’m not giving him much of a break am I? Then there’s Natalie. Her background comes out slowly and its pretty bad, not in a typical physical way, but certainly she didn’t have a good start in life and was let down by those who should have looked after her. She’s now very tightly in control of her life, has her home and work, a good friend in the wonderful Tuesday and the others from her college days. We meet some of them briefly, and also of course the rest of Paddy’s family. It makes for a gentle, easy to read novel, some sensual and erotic moments in among a light romance story. I enjoyed it, but I’d need more drama for me to love it. It’s a fun one off for me, but for those who like light and gentle it’ll be perfect.
Stars: three – it’s a good book, well written, well characterised but just a little too light for me to rate higher.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

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