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What a Werewolf Wants, Kristin Miller


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Genre:  fantasy & paranormal. Romance

I’ve read a few of Kristin’s books, and the first one in this series, though somehow I missed book two, and this proved to be another fun, light read.

Josie runs a matchmaking service, a very successful one and a TV programme wants to film her latest wedding. It just happens to be her sister, who’s been with Mitch just eight weeks but they are solidly in love. The wedding preparations are in full swing, the TV crew at every corner and Josie is very excited. Then along comes gorgeous hunk Ryder, who is best man, long time friend of the groom and …determined to stop the marriage. His reasons are twofold, mainly that he just doesn’t believe in love, but also he knows Mitch hasn’t told Carrie something very very important, namely that every now and then he turns into a big, hairy werewolf, and is part of a Pack. Ryder has his own issues about that, he feels not only is love exaggerated and doesn’t really exist, but that werewolves and Normals don’t mix. His job as a PI shows him cheating spouses every day of the week, and he’s his own traumas about revealing the wolf to Normals…

Of course he can only tell Josie that he doesn’t believe in love, can’t reveal anything about the werewolf side, and yet there’s a sizzle between them that he knows means she’s a match for him, his Luminary, the one person that’s just for him – he’s determined though not to give in to it. There’s an on-going battle of Ryder trying to persuade Mitch he’s wrong and not to marry, and Josie trying to get everything on track for the cameras and convince Ryder that what they have is special. Its a fun read, some great humour and a story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Carrie’s new name is a case in point!!There is though a semi-serious point that relavant to real life, about not being ashamed of who/what you are, of knowing yourself, taking chances and giving yourself and others a shot at life and love.

Its a fun read, one for when you want a change from the heavy dramas or the doom and gloom books, when you just want to relax and smile and enjoy a read with a HEA.

Stars: Four.


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

The Werewolf Wears Prada, a San Francisco Wolf Pack novel, Kristin Miller



The Werewolf Wears Prada, a San Francisco Wolf Pack novel, Kristin Miller
Genre:  Romance, Fantasy/Sci-fi.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’ve read  the Seattle Pack trio and enjoyed them, so thought I’d try this one from the San Francisco pack. These aren’t deep, heavy, complex reads, but a kind of werewolf lite read, one where humour plays a part, and the romance is…well, fluffy sounds wrong when talking about werewolves, but it gives an idea of the type of read these are. Fun reads, ones you can read, put down and pick up later without losing the plot…there’s a place for all books, and this one suits those moments where time is limited and you may only have an odd few minutes to keep up with the story.
Its a fun read as I said, Melina is a good female lead, and did remind me a bit of the lead in the Devil wears Prada, which I read many years ago long before it was a film. Ambitious but also genuinely kind, and the the conundrum of job security v fairness is well done. Hayden, he’s the consummate playboy – or is he. Like we see so often ( and I hate) the media shows only one side, the side that sells the most, regardless of the truth or who is hurt by the story. Still, I enjoyed the growing( and growling) romance between the two, and the dilemma Melina faced.  It’s a kind of simple plot – light and easy to read, with some humour and a decent romance. These types of read are rarely five star for me, though they are for many others, but I find they are perfect for filling a gap when I want a lighter read, or for people with limited time to enjoy novels. Nothing is explored in any real depth, the story and plots are very surface based, and of course the length of just over 200 pages doesn’t allow for too much detail. Within those restrictions though is a fun read, perfect for when you want something easy to relax with.
Stars:  Four, fun story.,
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

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Four Weddings and a Werewolf. Kristin Miller


Four Weddings and a Werewolf. Kristin Miller

ARC supplied via Netgalley.
I’ve enjoyed some of Kristin’s romances before so knew I was in a for a light paranormal read. This is a sweet romance, light and gentle, some drama but nothing edge of seat, and perfect for when you just want a book to relax with and not have to think too hard. Its got some morality too where Veronica is judging a whole section of people based on the actions of one – and we’re all guilty of things like that some times.
Logan doesn’t want a wife – he’s a real settled relationship/wedding avoidance person and he makes that clear. Veronica is in no way out for a romance with a werewolf…but when they first meet, and for some time after she doesn’t know he is one…
She has a stalker, a werewolf and Logan has been hired by her soon to be brother in law to protect her. He and her sister are werewolves, so with lots of them coming to her sisters wedding that she’s arranging, Veronica is going to be totally enmeshed with a section of people she despises. Even though her sister is one through an attack she can’t take to them – perhaps because of the attack, and despite her sisters pleading. She sees Leah as the exception to the rule….and wants nothing to do with more of them if she can avoid it.
There’s lots of emotion here, from the developing romance between Logan and Veronica despite both them fighting against it – to the relationship between the sisters. And …pussy willow – that’s all I can say there but its a silly, funny moment! Appeals to my schoolgirl humour I guess. …
So a sweet romance, a little light, dramatic action keeping a side plot going, and a lot of heat from Logan and Veronica! Overall a decent read, its a bit too light and is a one off for me, but I know lots of people who love light and fluffy, for whom this would be a keeper.
Stars: three and a half.

Gone with the Wolf Kristin Miller




ARC provided by Netgalley.

Werewolves. And a rich, hot Alpha – sounds good doesn’t it? So book request went in and I became immersed in Drake and Emelia and their love story. Drake is CEO for the company that Emelia thinks has wrongly bought the property her bar stands on and she’s determined to see him, despite her letters and emails being ignored. She gets a temp job as secretary there and is ducking out of a staff party, sneaking good wine from the boss’s cellars when she meets a drop dead gorgeous man….and Drake discovers this human is his Illuminary – soul-mate basically, the one person that is the perfect match for him and his wolf. He’s surprised she’s a human as he was expecting it to be another wolf, and as he’d given up hope 200 years ago of ever finding her he proceeds cautiously wanting to check and double check. Then Emelia is attacked and he realised someone knows about her and that places her in danger.

I enjoyed this book, a sweet romance but the werewolf twist adds a bit extra to the usual and makes it more interesting. The human turned werewolf and children conundrum also added that bit extra. I love a paranormal twist to a book so this was perfect for me. Drake was a great Alpha – strong, commanding and decisive, and yet caring in that he knew the whole werewolf mate thing needed to be handled carefully and it would come as a shock to Emelia. He needed to sort the bar problem out first too – trying to talk to her about love when she was angry over that wouldn’t be a good start. I’d have liked to have seen a bit more of the Pack, the only werewolf interaction was slight, and only where it fitted into their romance and the danger she was in, and being a sucker for the paranormal I’d have liked to see more of the workings and daily life of the Pack. We didn’t really see how Drake meshed that with his job as CEO which was disappointing. Emelia was a good female lead, strong and independent. I hate the simpering females that are often the romantic lead and Emelia had a mind of her own. As future female Alpha she’s need that, so it was a realistic piece of writing.

The characters were well described and felt real, and each played their own part in the story. We didn’t see much of Drakes twin and rival, and I couldn’t help wondering how they’d gone so long as rivals but only come to a head when Emelia was found. I know she was key to the Pack Alpha position, but it seemed that the rivalry had been going on far longer and I’d liked to have known a bit more about it.

Its a well written and edited book, and priced at £2.16 for 455Kb its good value – from time taken to read I’d guess at 150-200 pages. I enjoyed it as a one off read, but not in-depth enough to join my keepers file. Its a great book if you want something light to read, or to fill a train journey or something. I like to get “into” a book and this was a bit too light for me but I know other readers want something light that they can pick up and put down as time allows without having to retrace back on the story and for that this is perfect.

Stars: four from me.

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