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All Right Now, Black Halo 3, Madelynne Ellis. Falling For You, Charlotte Blake

All Right Now, Black Halo 3, Madelynne Ellis

All Right Now (Black Halo Book 3) by [Ellis, Madelynne]

Genre:  New Adult, Romance

I’ve been following Black Halo since the beginning, and loved all the books so far. I was so keen to read this one but….it lacked the magic the rest have for me.

I know Ash had been through so much but he was so angry, so whiny, so – well, downright unpleasant much of the time. It felt like everyone was pandering to him, and that isn’t the Ash I thought I knew.
I know serious illness/injury has some different effects on people but i just didn’t like this ash, he felt very selfish, self centred.

Then Ginny, always so happy-go-lucky but hiding That?? I kind of understand why she didn’t tell Ash at first, you don’t spill your guts to someone on first meeting after all, but they’ve gone way way beyond that. To not tell Dani either? Her best friend, when they’ve been through so much together. It just didn’t feel right.

Xane, Luther and Dani felt a bit off here too, I was unsettled that their relationship seems to be having issues, and though I’ve loved Xane in other books he seemed to be saying to both “I want you both, so tough if neither of you like it” and that didn’t match with the guy I thought he was either.

Its a good book of course, Madelynne excels at creating great characters and settings, but for me this one fell short of the others. It didn’t have that magic spark and it was a bit of a chore to get through. That’s something I never thought I’d write but it is how I felt. I can see though that others love it so each to their own.
I’ll still be keen to read more of Madelynne’s stories, this is just a blip for me.

Stars: Three, a sad hiccup in a five star series for me.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Falling For You, Charlotte Blake

Falling For You (Great Escapes Book 1) by [Blake, Charlotte]

Genre: General Fiction (adult), Romance

I loved the synopsis, I really thought I’d enjoy this read but…while I didn’t dislike it, it just didn’t really appeal.

Its hard to say why this wasn’t a great read for me. Its a well written novel, the characters are like-able and the story was very genuine and sad, but it was just one where I found myself skipping ahead- even those steamy, sensual bits – to get to a part with some “meat” in, something for me to really get engrossed in. And sadly I just didn’t find it 😦

Its a perfect light romance with some serious heat, and the backstory is very sad, but somehow there was never that magic Must-Keep-Reading moment for me, nothing that made it a book I couldn’t put aside for something that held my interest more. It doesn’t/won’t put me off trying more from Charlotte, its a well written story – just that this story didn’t work for me.

It could be perfect for you, will be perfect for many readers. Horses for courses and all that….


Stars: 2.5/3. Its a well written story but one where the content just didn’t fit me and my taste.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers


One More Shot, Victoria Denault and Resistor, Black Halo 2.5 , Madelynne Ellis

One More Shot, Victoria Denault
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Women’s Fiction
I thought this sounded fun, I’ve enjoyed a few similar novels in the past. It was a good read, but not a great one though. I didn’t really feel the connection between Jordan and Jessie, and so when they split then met again the sexual tension, the simmering attraction was missing for me. The reasons for the split too didn’t seem big enough considering how long they’d been close friends and it all felt like a storm in a teacup…even after they reconnected they were still making the same mistakes, assuming things based on surface views, not talking to each other and holding grudges from things long past. I wanted to shake the pair of them – if they really wanted each other I felt they’d have done more, been more proactive. As it is it seems it was others interactions that did the most to reconnect them.
A fun read, and some decent characters but nothing special for me, and it’s a one off read only.

Stars: Three, a so-so read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers


  Resistor, Black Halo 2.5 , Madelynne Ellis
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Erotica
Well, I love the Black Halo series and Madelynne’s writing, and was eager to read this. sadly its not the usual five star read for me as it’s very short – just  1435 kindle locations….When i was searching for info I couldn’t find the “novella” tag but I’m sure by publication that will be there. If like me you don’t really get on with sort reads take note!
So it’s Spook’s story – he’s always intrigued me, lives up to his name being like a kind of ghost, always around, always watching but rarely actually present, and when it comes to sex he’s definitely a voyeur only with his albums of erotic images. I was really looking forward to knowing what was behind his somewhat strange behaviour but we still don’t get the full story here. I want to know what it was that happened eight years ago – and I’m having to wait for part two to find out. Still, the brevity of the book means info is restricted, and this part concentrates on Spook meeting up once more with Allegra – Alle. They had a very short and sensual fling within his brief a few months back, which has stressed him ever since. Now she looks to be working with the group for some time, and he just doesn’t know if he’ll crack under the pressure seeing her has on him. Alle is confused, she thought they had something special, enjoyed what they did, and waited for him to call – but in vain. This time she’s determined to pin him down. I know she’s supposed to be this tough girl in a man’s world, but I found her a bit aggressive TBH, pursuing Spook when it was clear it distressed him. I guess that’s what she felt she had to do, but I didn’t like it and it felt as though when she and Spook were together he was kind of forced into it – and I don’t like that. Its no good rationalising that his body was saying yes, so ignoring his mind….still, I really need to read the next part and hopefully all will come clear. As it is it just feels unfinished to me, and though I’ve loved all the BH books so far this is a three for me.
Stars: Three, its a hot and sensual read but just feels unfinished to me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

All Fired Up, Black Halo Book 2, Madelynne Ellis

All Fired Up, Black Halo Book 2, Madelynne Ellis
Genre: NA, Contemporary romance.

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

All Fired Up is the follow-up to scorching rock star romance novel, All Night Long, and gives us the viewpoint of Ginny and Ash for the events that unfolded in the novel Come Together, where the band are on tour and beset with strange events and disasters….

I love Ginny, she’s very different from her friend Dani, far more outgoing and adventurous and Ash is perfect for her. He needs someone capable of holding his attention, and though he’s trying hard to keep things cool, protect his heart its clear he’s fallen for her and she for him. It was great seeing the events of Come Together unfold all over again, but from another view. We see just what was going on with Ash and Ginny, where that book only gave us a glimpse of their problems. Once again the band is struggling to cope and the odd things happening make the problems greater. I love the different characters and how they squabble and yet when they need it they support each other and pull together. I love the way this series shows us in depth each band member in individual books, and look forward to more stories from the others – especially mysterious but supportive Spook.
Ginny’s tired of being kept in the background, like a dirty secret and wants Ash to announce they’re a couple, but though he’s so close to her, so loving he won’t take that step… what’s she to do? Sit it out while the media think he’s still the man-whore he was, and while the fans are after a sex session with him and paw him all over, or make a stand? Its a tough choice and while they are struggling to find a way forward that suits them both, old friend of Ash and new drummer for the band Iain takes a closer interest in Ginny. Things go badly and …well, you’ll have to read it. Of course if you’ve read Come Together you’ll know how it all ends but its a fabulous sexy read even knowing that, and still retained freshness for me even though I know the story. I love to re read old favourites and this series is one for the keepers file.

Stars: Five, great sexy, sensual, erotic read.
ARC supplied via Netgalley.

Come Together, Rock Hard Book 2, Madelynne Ellis

Come Together (Rock Hard, Book 2)


Come Together, Rock Hard Book 2, Madelynne Ellis

Genre: contemporary romance
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I loved Rock Hard, so was really pleased to review this sequel. Dani – I really felt for her, she’d had a horrific childhood and teenage years, and the partnership of her and Xane seems so unlikely. Yet it works, they love each other and Xane can’t seem to keep his hands off her. She’s still struggling though with coping with his sex addicted past, when he used sex with men and women, as a crutch to help him cope. Dani had been brought up in an extreme religious female group where sex was classed as wrong, and even thoughts of it punished cruelly. She’s been abandoned by her mum now, and has no-one except Xane and her long time support and friend Ginny. Dani and Zane are like an island among a sea of others, clutching to each other to survive. Xane is still struggling with the loss of his lover, band member Steve. ( that’s a whole other story too…typical convoluted rock band mixings). the original idea was to use tapes to replace Steve but its clear that won’t work and they bring in another drummer for the tour.
Its a really fun read, full of steamy sex, jealous fans, and band squabbles. The tour seems fraught with mishaps and dangers and it looks like there may be someone out to sabotage it – but who is the danger really aimed at. Dani gets some graphic photos showing Xane with a male lover and the message she won’t be able to keep him, and added to that she’s seen the way he looks at new support roadie Luthor…he’s seriously hot, and tells Dani he fancies Xane and her too. Somehow they become unlikely friends, though she’s never sure if Xane will take him up on his flirting…he tells her she’s enough but with his background she’s worried. Xane too is worried – he hasn’t told Dani something from his past that could come back to haunt him, its friction, secrets, danger and threats all the way.
I’d guessed who was behind things but not why, and the finale came as a surprise, with things I didn’t expect. The way it plays out and ends reminds very much of Olivia Cunnings Sinners books, the one centred around band member Trey…and has the same steamy, sexy feel to it. I like the way we follow the band on the tour – I’ve read too many “band” or “film” books where the characters are that in name only, and we never go near a studio or tour, or a film set…if its that world I want to feel I’m In it with them, not just see it referred to in passing.
I’m hoping we see more of Ash and Ginny too in later books – they’ve been side characters in all books so far, and fit well into the story.
Stars: Five, really enjoyed this, a typical “rock band” book, with a great realistic setting.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

All Night Long, Black Halo 1, Madelynne Ellis

All Night Long (Black Halo, Book 1)


All Night Long, Black Halo 1, Madelynne Ellis
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
though this is a stand alone novel, it’s connected with two others Come Undone which features Xane from the band Black Halo and Daniella, a fan of the band and Anything But Vanilla where the island owners are friends of his and it becomes a refuge. This novel is similar to Come Undone but features Daniella’s friend Ginny and band member Ash, with smaller parts with other band members. It takes place mainly over the night of the big split, and the morning after. There’s sex, lots of it and at times involving all three men with Ginny. She’s a little more adventurous than flat mate Daniella! Ash finds Ginny tantalising, and she seems to bring out a different side of him. She’s prepared to give her No Relationships stance a rest by the next morning, maybe… feeling she and Ash have some kind of connection…but will he go for it? He’s renowned for his 3-4 or more girls a night, and does he want to change that?
Well, again a book to love. People who show they are more than just their image, tender moments interspersed with hot sex, and another side to the story that began with Come Undone. Its a great read with a real story, personalities to empathise with and that balance perfectly with the mix of sensuality in the novel. I need that balance of story first sex second, too many “erotic” books are just focussed on plenty of sex but no actual plot, nothing to carry the sex and put it into perspective, that does nothing for me, I need a good story. I’m really enjoying this series and look forward to more.
Stars: four and a half, really looking forward to what comes next. Other band members as individuals or – and I hope its this – more about what comes after the split, and the disaster that unfolded right at the end of Come Undone. This book was great but I need to know more…..
ARC supplied via Netgalley

Come Undone. Rock Hard: Book One. Madelynne Ellis.


Come Undone. Rock Hard: Book One. Madelynne Ellis.

ARC supplied by Netgalley.

I love all sorts of romance and have read a few Rock-star ones – and have enjoyed Madelynne’s books so this was an easy request. Stupidly though I missed the “book one2 addition…so was surprised to get to end and find it wasn’t 🙂 but thankfully there’s no awful cliffhanger, a big event but no wondering will they/won’t they…though there is that little matter of a past romantic attachment now being available 🙂
Anyway, Dani goes with her friend to a rock concert. Seems like a straightforward rock story opening you’d think? But the band she’s loved for ages and the man from it who’s unknowingly helped her through a troubled past split – live on stage! Dani’s friend has sneaked backstage to their dressing room, but Dani isn’t quite ready for that so tries to find her way back to the concert (pre split), hears the arguments and meets her hero Xane on his way out. He needs a lift, and she offers to take him. And from there they go headlong into – what ? Not a romance, not yet, just a quick bit of steam, that turns from one night to a weekend, where things come out from both sides that have been hidden.
Xane falls in love with Dani, but he has his secrets, and she’s not sure she can accept them. I hadn’t connected the link with Anything but Vanilla until we met the characters – I loved that book, and it was great to meet the characters once again. Seeing them was an eye opener for Dani too, and made her begin to thing about what she’s always been taught was right and wrong, and wonder if it was time to be more broad-minded.
I loved Dani, she’s had such a rough and troubled, cruel upbringing. I just wanted her to be happy. Meeting with Xane was a dream come true for her, and she was just what he needed at that time. I loved the way he quickly appreciated all her qualities and was protective of her, but I felt so much for him when his big secret was revealed. Part of it even came as a shock to him – we are good at hiding from ourselves sometimes. There’s lots of hot, steamy, sensual sex that fits perfectly within the story, not sex scenes for the sake of titillation, but proper ones where it falls naturally into the action.
Its a rock romance – but not a typical teen love story – more one with people who have some big issues to overcome, and like I said, when I got to the end I was surprised there was more to come. But I’m happy too, as I think there’s real promise for Dani and Xane if they can overcome a few problems. I’m wondering too where the band goes from here, and where Dani can fit in. So when book two is out I’ll be clamouring for it.
Priced at £1.99 for 200 pages/540kb it’s excellent value and one I’d happily re read.
Stars: four and a half.

Her Husband’s Lover Madelynne Ellis

Her Husband’s Lover. Madelynne Ellis

I received this via Netgalley in return for an honest review. I don’t gush and give false praise – I don’t believe that helps readers or authors so what you read is what I truly feel about a book.

Go back 3-4 years and I used to love historical novels, but for last few years I’ve not read any – but I do like a good erotic romance and the historical setting of this one added an extra dimension of attraction for me. Emma is married to Lyle Langely, she chose him carefully after coming across him making love to a man. This was what she needed, to be married to keep her father and society happy, but to someone who didn’t want her sexually. She cannot bear to be touched, even the mildest of skin contact from her family repels her. We don’t get to find out why til quite far on in the novel, but it explains so well how she could go from hating and being repulsed at the thought of touch to feeling, and acting on her attraction to a visitor to her fathers house, Lord Darleston. She and Lyle are staying there as her father arranges prize fights and she is needed to act as host to the visitors, as only she and her sister are remaining of the family. What she soon discovers is her husband was Lord Darlington’s lover in the past, and the draw between them is as strong as ever.

I enjoyed this book, the historical setting is just perfect with all the hypocrisy and revulsion society threw upon homosexuals, the way ladies were second class and controlled and how affairs were commonplace and yet had to be kept secret or the pair would be shunned by society. In this book Lyle wants to rekindle his relationship with Lord Darlington (Robert). Robert is shocked at the way Lyle has such a beautiful wife but the only touch in two years of marriage is when he placed the ring on her finger at the wedding. He loves men – but also women and Emma is an attraction for him right from the start…

Can things work out for the three of them? Can two become three and how will they cover their tracks? They’re working on a way when a further spanner gets thrown in and there is mischief, mayhem and tragedy to come. Its very well written in a way that fits the times and the storyline and I really enjoyed reading this. There are some pretty hot sex scenes between Lyle and Robert and Emma and Robert so be warned – this isn’t a sweet chaste kiss type historical novel but one that’s quite raw and raunchy at times. If that’s not your scene don’t buy this and moan later – I’ve seen that happen too often lately and its really unfair to the author.

Its excellent value at just £1.99 for 283 pages on kindle. The quality of writing and editing is impeccable, and its was a pleasure to read. Its not a strong, involved, convoluted storyline but one that’s quite light and easy to read, and for that reason I’m giving four stars not five. My fives need a more complex basic plot than this, but horses for courses and all that (apt on Grand National day!) and lots of readers want a simple, easy, escapist read so if you’re looking for a romance with some hot spice that’s uncomplicated then this book is perfect. I’d certainly read more like this for a relaxing smooth entertainment for a few hours.

Stars: good solid four.


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