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Mind Over Matter, Nora Roberts. The Scars Between Us, MK Schiller

Mind Over Matter, A Passionate and Intriguing Novel of Suspense, Nora Roberts

Mind Over Matter by [Roberts, Nora]

Genre: Romance

I’ve read a few of Nora’s stories over the years, both as Nora Roberts and JD Robb, but not for a while, so I thought it would be fun to dip back into her world.

This was a fun read, touched upon the supernatural world with Clarissa being a psychic, and I enjoyed it but it wasn’t one that kept me gripped to the page, with that can’t put down feel. It’s not really suspense as I’d describe it, more anovel of secrets and intrigue.

I liked David, and the attraction between him and AJ was evident from the go get. Sometimes authors try for that and it fails, her it was perfect. what made it even more fun was neither were looking for or intending to have a relationship. It was further-est thing from both their minds and yet they couldn’t keep away, two people who avoid any kind of closeness with others, and yet this need they have overcomes it.

I loved Clarissa, and understood why AJ was so protective of her. Sadly its a human failing people either want to knock you down, disprove of what you’re saying or see how it can benefit them, and those like Clarissa who are so genuinely kind and helpful would get everything they had sucked out of them if not for protectors like AJ.

Its a mix of romance(s) and eye opening to things we may not want to see, to admitting not everything in life can be tidily boxed up and explained. I enjoyed it but it won’t be one I’d re-read as I have others from this author.

Stars: four, an enjoyable, fairly slow paced story. Not everything has to be a race to the finish though.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

The Scars Between Us, MK Schiller

The Scars Between Us by [Schiller, MK]

Genre: New Adult, Romance

The only book I’d read by this author was Where the lotus flowers grow, and I loved that so was eager to read this. But for me it was..well, a good story but not one I could connect with.

There’s lots of questions around who is who, how they connect, what happened in the past, but very few answers.
I found the story really hard to get into, although on the surface it has all the elements that attract me. Somehow I just couln’t understand of feel for Emma or Aiden. I liked them but that’s about it, and all the hints and mysteries about their pasts I found irritating, annoying instead of tantalising, and some of the dialogue was cheesy, kind of forced feeling.

The drama at the end when all the secrets come out is good, but even then there were parts I found myself rolling my eyes at – thinking “really? The whole town???”
Its like the author had a good idea but had to milk it to the fullest, and to me that makes it feel just false and overdone. Sometimes Less if More 😉

Still, that’s just my view, and I can see others love this story, that’s its really resonated, impacted them.
That’s the way it goes, everyone want’s different things so while this was a fail for me you may love it.

Stars: Two, a god, well written novel but it just didn’t engage me. You may feel otherwise.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Where the Lotus Flowers Grow, MK Schiller

Where the Lotus Flowers Grow,  MK Schiller

Where the Lotus Flowers Grow by [Schiller, MK]

Genre: Romance,

My first book by this author and one I really enjoyed.

It was a very different to what I expected story, but I soon fell in love with Liam and Mary, and the wonderful settings.
Its beautifully described, I felt there in India with them in the heat and dust, seeing the markets, feeling the hustle and bustle of the country. The way the hotel staff are described, the way they tell Liam what they think he wants to hear, rather than the truth is perfect, and when people need their jobs, are unlikely to find others its a situation that’s happens the world over. He needs to see why the hotel is losing money, the staff just want to show him the good side, convince him they’re doing a wonderful job. Its so easy to picture it and his frustration.
Then he spots Mary, lighting candles at her beautiful Lotus flower that’s blooming in the ruins of an old pool. The flower, the Lotus tag, is echoed throughout the novel and made what seemed like very different parts join up – gave them a connection.

Its not just a rich man, poor girl romance though, there’s so much more, some horrific tragedy in Mary’s past, so much that makes up this puzzle of a woman, well educated, multi lingual, working as a maid. Its very typical the way the hotel manager saw her as a woman and assumed she couldn’t speak English, assumed she was illiterate. We do judge on appearance and culture, and that was true for so many Indian ladies but not for Mary.
She had her reasons for staying in the background but once she caught Liam’s eye circumstances threw them together, and they began a romance that Mary insisted was for while he was there only, that when he left that would be it. Of course emotions aren’t easily controlled and it was interesting reading how hard she fought hers, how Liam tried to convince himself she wasn’t more to him than a holiday romance.
He’s got his own issues, his own difficult background and family problems, and the last thing he’s looking for is love.
I really enjoyed the way they struggled against their feelings, and the dramas, the way they turned out, and how disparate things can actually be connected even if by very slight means. Its that Six degrees of separate thing. Fiction often seems far fetched, and yet real life does have these really odd coincidences.
Looking back from the end its easy to see the trail that actually connected them, and how it was set in motion, Mary’s need for revenge led her to the one place Liam’s family circumstances took him to. They could easily have missed each other, but its strange how often circumstance places us in the right position. Is it fate, predestination or truly just chance – who knows?

Stars: Five, a lovely story that made me think, made me feel there with the characters.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher

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