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Nothing But This, The Broken Pieces Book 2, Natasha Anders

Nothing But This, The Broken Pieces Book 2, Natasha Anders

Nothing But This (The Broken Pieces Book 2) by [Anders, Natasha]

General Fiction (Adult), Romance

I usually enjoy Natasha’s books, but the first in this series just wasn’t one for me. However I was intrigued by the taste we had of Libby and Greyson’s story.

I found this one a much better fit for me, and really enjoyed reading about Greyson’s desperation to win back Libby and Clara.
From the first book I was astonished at Greyson’s actions, and remember thinking he’d have a heck of a lot of grovelling to do. Could you ever get past what he did, what he accused Libby and Harris of? I’m not sure I would. Yet even feeling like that about him, as the story moved on I began to understand him, see just what made him the way he was. The parallels between him and Tina when it came to making friends, set against Libby and Harris’ easy camaraderie, the way talking to others came so naturally to them made sense of the way they all were as individuals, and made their actions more understandable.
I wasn’t entirely convinced Greyson could just relocate his business, suddenly have all this free time, but maybe he was just time filling before rather than actually busy, that it fitted his excuses for avoiding Libby.
Still, it worked, and gradually things began to move forward. As always though it was one step forward and two back, and I was with Libby all the way when she really made him work for it.

Stars: Four, If it was just Libby and Greyson I think this story wouldn’t have anywhere near the impact, but seeing the two couples and the way each person had separate issues, made the story far more enjoyable.

Arc via Netgalley and publishers

More Than Anything, The Broken Pieces Book 1, Natasha Anders

More Than Anything, The Broken Pieces Book 1, Natasha Anders

More Than Anything (The Broken Pieces Book 1) by [Anders, Natasha]

Genre: Romance, General Fiction (Adult)

I’ve enjoyed a few of Natasha’s stories now. Sometimes I just want an easy, non taxing romance with a HEA and her books usually fit the bill. I didn’t enjoy this one much though, it wasn’t a bad book, I just found I couldn’t really relate to the characters or their problems.

I love an under-dog, and Tina seemed just that. She had an awful experience at 18, but unless she was incredibly naive I find part of that plot hard to believe. Likewise staying celibate for next ten years? Why? Still hating Harris for what happened even though as a close family friend they seem to be in constant contact some way? Then there’s the crux of that issue, her weight, but she doesn’t seem to be anything more than an attractive, curvy lady.
Though I like the underdog character I want them to have some spirit and Tina just came over as whiny at times, no backbone, just constantly blaming everything on Harris, when they guy didn’t know half the story.
Harris, I didn’t understand why he didn’t ask why Tina was so cold to him after The Event. He knows what happened, its not hard to guess why Tina was friends before and blanked him after. Why didn’t he just apologise, ask her why she was so different? I just found the idea of adults holding a ten year grudge hard. I’d just move totally away if I felt that strongly, but Tina seems to have had contact via family but kept on silently with the recriminations.
Then after a ten years of holding in that grudge its over quickly, and that didn’t feel right. Her friend Libby and Greyson too, their issues being the secondary plot-line, was kind of over and done without any real justification of the resolution. If I was Libby I’d have been gutted at what happened, it would take a lot of hard work to forgive and I’m not sure that kind of accusation could be got past.
I didn’t understand why her family were so harsh on her, it seems to have been almost since birth, and the failed businesses were just an anomaly in the book IMO. They didn’t add anything to the story, just filled pages and gave her supposed close family something to beat her with.

There’s another part of the story that did make me feel really sad for her, and having experienced something very similar I could understand a bit of her reaction. Again though, she has the money, she’s been to counseling, and when its affecting her friendship with Libby it needs dealing with.

Stars: Two and a half. I liked the premise, usually enjoy Natasha’s stories but this one just didn’t cut it.

Arc via Netgalley

The Wingman, Natasha Anders

The Wingman,  Natasha Anders

The Wingman by [Anders, Natasha]

Genre:  romance,

I’ve enjoyed a few of Natasha’s books now so looked forward to this one. I liked it – a lot, but I didn’t love it. It sounded perfect for me but there were a few things that niggled.
I hadn’t realised the setting was south Africa BTW, just for info. It fits the story really well, and made a pleasant change from the mainly US settings in romance. It did mean though that I was puzzled by some of the references at first, the free clinic and the dangers it posed etc.

Daisy, oh how I know how she feels. I can remember as a teen going out with friends ( i haven’t any sisters) and always feeling like the unattractive one, too short, too tubby ( though I wasn’t), too clumsy, the one that would stand back always, let my friends do what they wanted, be the one that was the back-up girl, the one boys would approach in order to get to know the girl they would really want to talk to….
Even so after a while Daisy’s constant putting herself down began to grate. There’s only so many times you can say things, deflect a compliment without sounding just plain rude.
I did feel for her when she learns of Mason’s reasons for chatting to her, that was pretty awful. she really made the most of Mason’s guilt though 🙂 It played into all her fears about herself.

I loved the two nasties, the b itch girls, I so love those in a story and they were perfect.
I liked the setting, once I’d clicked in was S Africa, loved Daisy’s intelligence, her work as a vet, seeing a few of her patients and their owners.
I liked her sisters, but could see why Daisy felt so different. Oddly I wanted to be a vet too when I was a kid….I related to the young Daisy too.

The overall story was fun, some lovely humour, great snark and putdown for the two b itches, they were perfect lines.
Loved Masons interaction with the groom at golf too, he deserved that and more.
I was niggled a bit at Daisy, but in general it was a fun read, a light, romantic, fluffy story but not enough drama, sad bits for a re-reader for me.

Stars: hmnn, I’m hovering between a three and a four. Three and a half then.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

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