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Part-Time Lovers, Shelley Munro

Part-Time Lovers, Shelley Munro
review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’d enjoyed a couple of Shelley’s novels before, so seeing as this was the first in a new series I thought I’d try it. I found myself a bit lost though, it felt as if I was reading about characters from an existing series, they all seemed to know each other well,  and references to pasts and the reality show made me feel I’d missed something. I looked up Shelly’s other books and saw that the reality show mentioned was from the third in a series, and the characters had all been featured over three books in the Love and Friendship series. Its quite a short read at 125 pages, so I understand why ground covered in those wasn’t explained but I think if you’ve not read any/all of them you’ll find, like I did, that you miss too much to really get “into” the story.
I didn’t understand why Yvonne seemed to give in so quickly – OK it was (supposedly) sex on her terms and I Loved the way she thanked him the first time and said she was off to watch a TV show next! After that though they seemed to slip into being a couple, and though Nolan seemed a nice guy I just couldn’t get past that he’d just left her with no explanation, saying he was going to be away for three months so he couldn’t see her, when in fact he was on TV searching for a wife, dating other people!! What a jerk, and the excuse his mum arranged it all – what was he ? Seven or something? couldn’t he say No to her? I just felt Yvonne got the short straw and that coloured too much of the book for me.
Its a decent read, and I sort of understood Nolan by the end but if I was Yvonne I’d have made him grovel a lot more….if I’d read the other books maybe I’d have had more insight into him. If it was a longer book maybe I’d have had more time to like him, but I hadn’t, it wasn’t and I struggled with a man who could do that. The sex scenes were hot though, and Yvonne made me laugh over the butt plug part….good for her!
Stars: three, I enjoyed parts but really needed to feel Nolan deserved Yvonne.
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Playing to Win. Shelley Munro

Playing to Win. Shelley Munro
Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.
So, in the mood for a straight romance I chose this. Its a romance, and also a puzzle with danger coming to Kate along with the solution.
I liked Kate, she’s mum to her dead sister’s child, and she and Jamie have carved out a contented life for themselves. Then their world is turned upside down when tabloid papers print a story over Jamie being local hero and rugby player Lane’s son. Of course as always they’re not interested in the truth – just want scandal for the ratings. Kate is bombarded with Press at her home, Lane completely blind sided by the fact he may have a ten year old child, and Jamie struggling with insecurity wondering if he’ll be taken from Kate…Kate’s firm and insistent, nothing will take him away from her, though she’s willing to let Lane build a relationship with him.
Along the journey to the truth there’s a potential kidnapping, danger and attacks on Kate’s home and business, and threats to her safety. Lane steps up his protection of her and gradually falls in love. He just needs to persuade Jamie and Kate that they should be a family.
Its a fun romance with a snippet of danger, not heart stopping but a more subtle kind that creeps up quietly and lands with a bang. The police were great characters too, becoming regular visitors. The protagonist didn’t really come as a shock to me, but it was well done, and everything added up – I hate when we find out who the “baddie” is and it doesn’t fit the clues we’ve had, none of that here though. Looking back we can see how things build up to that dramatic climax and reveal.
Priced at £0.99 for 228 pages its long enough to let the reader get into the plot. Its a bargain for lovers of gentle contemporary romance.
Stars: Four, fun read but a one off for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley

Sex Idol Shelley Munro.

Sex Idol


ARC provided via Netgalley.

With all the reality shows that currently dominate TV ( and they’re the reason I spend so much time reading and don’t watch TV) I thought this sounded fun. I get the impression from many of the current programmes that what they really want is to push the sex angle as far as they can without getting banned or reprimanded, so this seemed like something possible at some time in the future. Though I think current TV is dire, this would really kill it for may of us who want programmes designed for those who think and use imagination and don’t need to be spoon fed 🙂
Still, the book. Well, as I said I thought this would be fun. A bit of sexy, spicy, erotica wrapped up in an interesting story. Sadly I was wrong, and what this consists of in my opinion is simply page after page after page of sex, self pleasure, with a partner or with multiple partners, with a flimsy, feeble story as an excuse for carrying it. The plot is thin, really poorly put together, (for instance landlords of commercial properties don’t call round for a cheque days after a rent rise…it’s all BACS transactions..) with the sex part being so repetitive its actually a turn off. I ended up skim reading pages just to see what happened, and get to the end. It certainly wasn’t erotic for me 😦 Its sad really because I think its a novel idea, and could have been really fun and erotic if done in a different way.
If you really like this sort of thing you’ll find the price of £1.01 for 230 pages/369kb a bargain but for me…no – quickly deleted from my kindle.
Stars: sorry but just one.

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