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Spellbinder, A Moonshadow Novel, Thea Harrison

Spellbinder, A Moonshadow Novel, Thea Harrison

Spellbinder (Moonshadow Book 2) by [Harrison, Thea]

Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy, Romance

I loved Moonshadow, the first novel in this trilogy. Thea is one of those authors who can make fantasy and magic feel real, who has me completely wrapped in the story. This time round we see the other side to Morgan, Queen Isabeau’s magician enforcer, leader of her Hounds.

We met him mainly by reputation in the last book, knew him as a conscienceless killer, and now we see that its not him, he has to act as the Queen commands, has no free will. She took control of him centuries ago by magical means, and he is forced to obey her every command. He hates it, hates her, she killed his beloved Arthur, and he’s been waiting for her to slip, make a mistake all these long years, and then he’s going all out for freedom, even if it means his death.
Then she does, she makes this tiny error in what she says and he takes advantage.
He’s not free, not yet but her words allow him freedom for a short time to research the magical knife at the heart of her control over him. He has to stay away from any of the Light Court, they can tell him her wishes, and it acts like a command. While he’s researching and avoiding everyone he hears Sidonie play, is entranced and that leads to a string of events ending with her the Queen’s prisoner.
If we didn’t know Robin, the Puck, and all he suffered from the last book, I’d think he was an awful person. He knows full well what will happen to Sid when the Queen gets her claws in, but he hates Morgan, hates that he was the instrument of his centuries of torture, as commanded by the Queen. He doesn’t know the full circumstances, thinks Morgan betrayed the Dark court he was part of, thinks he is the Queen’s lover and had a free hand in the atrocities he does.
He sees Morgan is enjoying Sid’s music, and thinks to use her as a trap for him, use her to break up his relationship with the Queen.
Its kind of a long logic thinking that because he’s following her tour, enraptured by her music that he will seek revenge on Isabeau for the atrocities she will inflict on Sid, but I guess Robin’s kind of flawed in his thinking anyhow. He doesn’t see Sid as a person, only a tool, and doesn’t care what happens to her. His plan will work – or it won’t. Either way he loses nothing by trying. I have to think of it the way he would, the way the Fae see humans, disregard them mostly as people, don’t really care what befalls them unless, as with Sophie from Moonshine, there’s some kind of personal connection. He’s devoted to Sophie, determined to protect her despite the fact she’s (mostly) human. He doesn’t know Sid so he’s not concerned about her. That changes though when he gets to know her.
Poor Sidonie, she’s horrified, powerless, distraught at what’s happened and feels so alone. She does what anyone would do, demands she be released, give the queen the sharp side of her tongue and…suffers the results.
As Robin planned Morgan soon gets to know of what’s happened but of course Robin doesn’t know of the restrictions surrounding Morgan, so his plans from there go wrong.
Its another fabulous magical read, making me really feel for Morgan despite the awful things he’s done.
In Moonshadow I hated him, here I see him as another of the Queens victim’s now I know the whole story, and likewise I felt so sad for Robin in Moonshadow, and had to keep reminding myself of what he’d been through when he was so casual about Sidonie’s welfare.
Its like we’ve two sides to the story now, the Dark Fae and the Light Fae, centuries of history, of Isabeau’s horrific reign now look to come to a head, with the key players having a change of situation. I can’t wait for the final novel bringing everything together.
Stars: Five, great second book, roll on the final one 😉

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New Moon, Lisa Kessler. Chief’s Mess, L.A. Witt

New Moon, Lisa Kessler

New Moon (Moon Series Book 8) by [Kessler, Lisa]

Genre:  Romance, sci-fi and fantasy

We’ve reaches the end and I’m always feeling conflicted when that happens. In part because I love a good series and its hard to say goodbye, but set against that is the feeling of satisfaction when the little clues throughout the series are finally wrapped up, when we know who was behind things and why, how it all worked out.
With a good series we’re left feeling hope for the future, that these people we’ve got to know so well are facing a time when they can finally relax, live a normal life, enjoy their friends and family. Still, I love rereading series so from me its not really Goodbye but See you later 😉

The back to back reads through a whole series work best for me too, when each book is still fresh in my mind, so its easier to follow the story, recall which character fits in where. Sometimes after months and lots of other reads its hard to recall exactly who belongs with whom, and how they fit in the overall story.

I remember Sebastian from the first book, and he’s changed. Or has he? Maybe its just my perception of him, as looking back the seeds of his discontent were clear even back then, but i just didn’t see it.
Its a great author who can turn around a character so the callous, murdering, immoral man we met becomes someone we love, who we want to have that HEA…but Lisa does it for Sebastian.
I found he was a terrific man, that he had been trying to put things right as much as he could for a long time, and with a father like his no wonder he grew up to be the man he was. Thank god for his mother’s influence, its whats kept that core of humanity in him.
Sebastian and Isabelle don’t have the best start, with her trying to kill him….well, until her wolf tells her she Just Can’t Kill Him! That’s a bit of an eye opener and changes everything. Isabelle is shocked.

Its another fabulous adventure, when plans get made, and changed and remade all the time. Nero has really hit bottom in its actions here, kidnapping a child for Antonio Severino’s cruel crusade, but it proves the catalyst for some unheard of co-operation.
Things quickly change in the story as the plots unfold, and this final book brings in many of the characters we’ve met in the preceding books. It opens up the Packs even more than they have been. It was a struggle getting Lana accepted into the pack, as she was a jaguar shifter back in the early books but since then they’ve become more accepting, less Wolf only insular and that’s given them an edge they needed for this final battle.
They’re not just a wolf pack now but have Jaguars, Psychics and humans among them and that’s given them strength, and maybe what Fate intended, that supernaturals work together, find power in collectivety.

I’ve enjoyed the series as a whole, and love this last book. Looking back to some of the books that weren’t quite top whack I can see the gaps that bothered me back then filled in now and I understand why things played out certain ways.
Despite not all the books being five star reads for me, the series as a whole deserves a solid five stars, it all adds up now.

Stars: five,a great read to finish a fantastic series

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Chief’s Mess, L.A. Witt

Chief's Mess (Anchor Point) by [Witt, L.A.]

Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I loved the first book in this series, but the second did nothing for me.
Still,  LA Witt is one of my favourite m/m authors so I thought I’d try book three.

It wasn’t a great read for me, I just didn’t feel I Knew the characters, just a surface opinion of them, and I really want to feel book characters can be people I know. I need them to feel real for me to get invested in what happens to them.
Here I just didn’t, they were just two anonymous guying hooking up for hot sex.

They were very alike in many way, and TBH I kept getting confused, right up to the end, about which was which.
Not a good thing, and when characters are well fleshed and distinct not something that happens. I think maybe there could have been – for me, not for everyone of course, a little less sex in the first half and a bit more character and plot building.

I mention the plot, and that really is pretty simple, Noah ( and see? I almost wrote Anthony there – had to check it) is a functioning alcoholic, and like many others doesn’t recognise he has a problem.
Of course for Anthony that’s a bigger trigger than it maybe would be for others, his ex brother-in-law was an alcoholic, and that caused great distress for his sister and their kids.
I liked the build up, though it was pretty muted and did make Noah come over as judgmental rather than sympathetic, but the way things played out felt very simplistic, and its rarely as easy as that.
I guess there wasn’t space to go into any depth, but in reality it would have been far, far harder.

Stars: three, it was just an OK read for me, and maybe I need to look carefully before accepting any more Anchor Point novels.

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Wraith Hunter, City of Crows 3, Clara Coulson

Wraith Hunter, City of Crows 3, Clara Coulson

Wraith Hunter (City of Crows Book 3) by [Coulson, Clara]

Genre: Mystery and Thrillers, sci-fi and Fantasy

This is turning out to be a cracking series, seems to be full of drama, action, puzzles, danger and each day seems to bring Cal and the crew into more of it. It’s not quite like that though, when this story opens its some months after that action of the last book, the gang have taken time to heal from the incredible injuries they incurred back then and that’s as it should be.
When a book is day after day of non stop action it makes me think” who dealt with all this before?” and “who will do xyz when this gang are gone?”
Spaced out over time feels much more fluid and natural than the one-drama-on-top-of-another story lines too many books have.


The last two books have proved to be openers for more action, and I love that the vampire who was the catalyst for Cal joining the DSI is in this book, and of course wonder about him and his actions. Are they as cut and dried as they seemed? Or is he just as much a victim of circumstance. Or maybe its just his job, that’s going to make him p iss off a lot of people, maybe it is all about the money for him. Who knows? He’s an intriguing character and I want to read more of him.

I love Cal, he’s a great lead, talented and yet flawed too, he knows he doesn’t have all the answers, knows his limitations but throws himself in wholeheartedly when he believes its needed regardless of the cost to himself.
Erica, oh I hated that bit, what she needed to do, and why she felt she had no alternative. fingers crossed that all works out well.
Cooper – a surprise there? Or not, maybe its another red herring – though book one made me wonder if that might happen. I love storylines that make me wonder what if, and how come, and maybe this will….you know the sort, where you get so involved with characters you think of them as real.
The rest of the gang are there, with a few new guys ( and ladies) joining in and it was great seeing them all again. Like meeting old friends, and making new ones.

Its a fabulous read once more, things to puzzle out, drama and action, dangers, and speaking of which, those elevating zombies – what fun they were. The sly humour that had them dressed up in long coats and carrying scythes.
Its little touches like that which lift this novel up, give some levity to the dark dramas surrounding some of the main plots. There are other little touches worked in too, moments of humour, things that make these characters feel real. We all crack jokes at inappropriate times, that’s the kind of human way of dealing with stress and fright and it works so well here. Thats what separate a good book from the crowd, the little extras that keep us reading.

The plots in this part wrap up well, but open up the wider one that’s been building, and I really want to read more right now!!

Stars: five, another rivetting instalment, whetting my appitite for more. I know when this series is ended its going to be one I reread right through, in a back-to-back reading fest. I love to read series like that, get fully immersed in another world.

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Deep Deliverance, Z. A. Maxfield

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Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I love Z.A.Maxfield books, but only came across them last year. I’d jumped in with book three of the Cowboy series and had to read the rest…so even though I’d not read first tow here I thought I’d be able to keep up.

I read amazon samples of books one and two and that gave me some background. Adin though – at times he’s like a toddler, short attention span, deliberately disruptive and it was hard imagining him as a scholar, a PHD, very respected in his field. I think if I’d read the first two books maybe I’d have understood him more? Still, I really liked him, and of course when he finds out about Donte’s part in his unwilling turning he’s devastated.

He’s been struggling to cope anyway and this seems to send him into a kind of listless depression. He’s not eating – well not from humans anyway but he can’t survive off animal blood and Donte knows he really needs to be firmer about his education, and formalising his entry into the world of Vampires, but he loves Adin, loves him desperately, and can’t bear to upset him even more. You can feel the way they are both in such a dilemma, not knowing what to do. I kind of understood why Donte did what he did, he’s lost so many people over his centuries long life and he couldn’t bear to lose Adin. It must have been a hard decision and not one you can take time over the way it seems to have happened.

Then the funeral of Ned Harwiche comes up, and Adin goes to it along with Donte’s long time rival Santos. Donte knows though that rival or not Santos will look after Adin and keep him safe. Adin’s a kind of magnet for trouble though and soon he’s deep into a mystery and kidnapped. Poor Adin, I felt for him, he was a bit naive but I did understand why, and he was trying to do his best when he got kidnapped.

Ned’s family are very involved in this book, and they’re a strange and spooky unit. Adin gets a crash course from Barrett Harwiche in Shifters, adding a bit more to his fast growing knowledge of the supernatural world, but it seems the more he learns the more there is to know, and he breaks rules without even having any idea of them. He’s kind of like a moth to a flame, bumbling round into danger, unable to escape.

Its a story that’s got lots of surprises in, and some interesting plot lines and I do want to go back to books one and two sometime. I think this is the end of the series as its labelled a trilogy, but I’d be happy to read more from this world, maybe a side series about other characters? There’s such great potential here for more IMO.

Stars: Four, a really satisfying read.

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Silence that Sizzles, (Urban Dwellers 1), A Werebear Romance Suspense, Ivy Sinclair

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Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy.

I wasn’t sure what to expect here. Ivy has written lots of novels but I’ve never read any yet. Somehow they looked a bit too like the fluffy, cute shifter romances that dominate in the best sellers. They’re clearly right for many many readers, which is great, but just don’t do it for me. I like mine to be more in the Briggs, Andrews, Frost mode. Still, this sounded interesting, it wasn’t a novella as so many of this type are so I wanted to try it, hoping I was wrong.

I feel kind of mixed about it though. Kyle seemed horribly grumpy and whiny for such a respected man,and  Kelly  was a bit cold I felt. I didn’t feel genuine emotions from either of them despite the way the story slanted. I didn’t feel the chemistry between them that I needed. Additonally Kyle has issues he’s keeping quiet about, and I can see by the end they’ll (hopefully) be covered later, but I needed a bit more about them in this book, a bit more understanding of him and his problems would maybe have made me understand him more.  Sophie, one of the bar staff was the best character. She’s got such character, is a real winner. We saw little of Eric, nothing of Anthony and as they were the other two in the trio that runs the city and oversee everything it seemed strange. I thought they were friends but they didn’t feel like it. It just felt like everyone was detached, no real cohesion between them.

The plot(s) were really very interesting and I can see will make for a great series but… once more I just felt it was Problem – oh, meet Solution. Something that seems to happen a lot and that doesn’t work for me. There was very little real struggle, real action and everything fitted together very slickly. I need more struggle, more potential for everything to go wrong. It seemed an anti climax, over in a few pages when it could have been chapters long, led to so much complex actions. This part, about 80-90% of the book location, was for me by far the best. Sadly  I felt so much of what is a really good idea, a plot that could go far, was rushed and condensed into this short section, when it had the potential to be really drawn out and complex.

First books in a series are hard to do though, they have a big ask with world setting, characters and plots all being introduced at once, and maybe I’ve been overly harsh. Its a good read, but I just felt it had the potential to be a five star Great read from me. Still, – like those best sellers – it’ll be five star for many many readers ;-). Not everyone wants in depth drama and plots. I’ll look out for the next one before finally deciding whether to pass or stay with this series.

Stars: Three, great potential series

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Carpe Demon A Carus Novel, Book 3 by J. C. McKenzie


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Genre:  fantasy paranormal. Romance

Well, onto book three and of course when I got to the end I feel like I need book four now – luckily for me the author had given me an ARC, and for all of you who are just as impatient it’s out soon, next month in fact, so not too long to wait. Once again the story plunges straight into the dramas. Its a series that full of action, with poor Andy right in the centre. She’s still with the SRD but as an Ambassador rather than an agent, though Booth is gone and the obnoxious Agent Tucker is out to get rid of Andy. He’d better join the list, as it seems to be an ever growing number  after her.

She’s still trying to find out more about her role as Carus and her family. Without much success, but who knows what’s round the corner. There’s still the Wick/Tristan triangle. They’re both great guys but for me Wick has the edge. Whether that’s because she met him first I don’t know – I just feel they fit together so well,  and he was so patient with her when she was really being difficult. He understood her reactions and allowed for them and that’s where he scores for me. Tristan is patient too, but he hasn’t had to go through so much with her, to let her work through issues in the same way. Still….we’ll see 😉

Its another story of murder and mayhem with an old enemy coming back. The demon Bola, the one who took control over the pack she was with years ago, until finally her Beast had enough and decimated them. She tries hard to keep her mind away from that time – it took her many years to get past it and thoughts still have the power to render her helpless. Who wouldn’t be, we know some of what she went through, but I suspect its just the tip of the iceberg. Wick can’t help her much tied as he is to Lucien, but where he can he does. Tristan doesn’t have those ties though but she doesn’t want to bring anyone she loves into danger so she’s off once more putting herself head first into trouble, with Lucien demanding she and Wick get rid of the demon yesterday, the SRD not being helpful, her witch neighbours…well, as usual they’re in the mix. I do like them, they make me smile with their odd ways, the karaoke nights and such.

There’s so much to puzzle out. How did Bola get here, what does he want ( other than a killing spree) and how can she get rid of him? He’s incredibly strong and she’d really like to kill him for good, not just banish him so he can get loose in the future. No-one seems to have any answers though, and Lucien is champing at the bit, threatening to gut Wick so as to hurt Andy, just to hurry her up. He doesn’t seem to realise she’s doing her best, he only cares how things look in the eyes of other vampires, and to stop any threats to him by them if they think he’s weak. Andy would love him to die, to finish the endless threats to Wick and his pack, but she’s tied to his life and she’d die too so she needs to do what she can to aid him.

Once more its a mix of multi-layered plots, of the love triangle and the need for her to make a choice, of her search for her roots and what lies in her future, and of course she feels a strong need as always to protect everyone, humans, Supes, Andy feels protective of all for different reasons. The end – that made me sooo sad, and yet I understood why. Just didn’t like it 😦 but in stories like this changes come thick and fast so I’m still hoping.

I love the chapter headings, make me smile and then I found a quote on one from another favourite series of mine, Darynda Jones Charley Davison novels. they have chapter headings that make me smile too and it was great to see a link between the two books. One of my all time favourites is the hospital sign On a scale from 1 to standing on a LEGO  brick how bad is your pain?  Anyone who’s been in contact with kids knows that pain!! My daughter told me LEGO are bringing out LEGO proof slippers….true or not I don’t know but as its usually in the early morning hours when we’re not wearing slippers that the worst attacks hit I don’t see them helping….

anyway, back to the book, its another great read and one for the keepers files.


Stars: Five, cracking read, fast paced and full of emotion.


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A Very Alpha Christmas: Over 25 Paranormal Holiday Tales of Werewolves, Dragons, Shifters, Vampires, Fae, Witches, Billionaires, Magics, Ghosts, Demons and More


As always a terrific value bundle from some very talented writers. Of course with it featuring a novella from one of my favourite series Allie’s War I am biased, but this set is a great way to meet new to you authors and find stories that haven’t yet been published.I’ve read books by some of these authors but others are new to me and I’m looking forward to seeing if they become favourites.

Sometimes these bundles contain previously published stories that you may have read but this time the stories are All New, and a great way to lose a few hours reading something different.

My review of the Allies War story
A Glint of Light ( Allie’s War Christmas Story) J C Andrijeski.

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:   Sci-fi and Fantasy.

A novella length book featuring Cassandra and Balidor. Cass has never been a favourite character of mine. I know she had a horrific childhood, that she’s been through some awful traumas over recent years, but though she was Allie’s friend since childhood I always felt she was jealous of Allie, took every opportunity to undermine her confidence, and that she never really acted as a friend or appreciated all that Allie has done for her.
She’s now back with the group after having betrayed them to Shadow with disastrous consequences, and of course in seclusion, under Sight and physical restraints. Balidor seems to think there’s hope for her, that they can bring her back by delving into her psyche, seeking out her past and maybe finding and breaking Shadows hold. To me though Shadow just enhanced what she really felt, she was always jealous of Allie, always selfish, always out to put herself first. She uses people in my opinion and Shadow just built on what was there. Who knows though – maybe Balidor is right, he certainly has a connection with her. Its fascinating seeing how they react to each other and just who is playing who even though I don’t like Cass much. Of course all this is unsanctioned and against protocols set by Balidor himself!
Its a shortish read, interesting and with some trademark JCA sensuality. I just can’t see things the way Balidor does, but he’s got centuries on me and I guess must know best – or is he blinded by his emotions. They’re strong things in Seers. When he’s talking to Jon about why she should be given a chance he says how Revik also has done some horrific killings in his past under Shadow and yet he was brought back. Maybe he’s right and its just my feelings about her personally that shape the way I think. It’ll be interesting to see just how/if things resolve over next book.
Stars: Four. Made me think over the emotional v the logical, and how it influences what we do.

ARC supplied by author

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Shifter Planet, D.B. Reynolds

Shifter Planet,  D.B. Reynolds

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance,

Well, I’ve read and re read all of Debbie’s Vampires of America series so when I saw she’d a new series out ( at least I hope its a series) it was a cert that I’d want to read it.

I don’t usually go for the space type sci-fi, but this isn’t all trailing endlessly through space, but concentrates on one planet Harp, where people from Earth took up habitation some 500 or so years ago. I was fine with the space bit in that context, and it allowed some new and unusual issues to arise. Amanda is a great lead, strong and independent but tired of living on a spaceship – she was born on one and has lived in space ever since. When they land on Harp for what should be a brief visit, she’s amazed that she can hear the trees singing – and it seems no-one else can….and she wants to stay, to find out more, to live with her feet on the earth ( well Harp earth anyway ) for a while.

There are Shifters here, all males, all very Alpha, and its one of the things the Harpers keep quiet about to strangers. They’re in the minority of the population with the others being called Norms. Amanda seems to bridge the two – she can hear trees, which Norms can’t, but she’s female and cant shift. She takes up an apartment in town and starts exploring, but there’s a massive secret hidden from her, and when she discovers it she becomes a target and her life is in danger. The delicious Rhodry gets involved too, and the two have a long and perilous journey involving natural dangers and those made by jealous individuals, that brings them close to death several times.

Its a fun read, quite simple in plot and most of the book covers this journey, but sets out politics and ways forward for more books – well, that’s what I hope. I didn’t love it as much as V of A, but it’s a first book and they often struggle with introducing a new world, set in the future here in the 4000’s and giving us a plot to start the series off. It felt a bit light for me even though the dangers were real and played out well, no superpowers found off the cuff, but good old fashioned slog and training! One of my pet hates is when characters get out of a scrape by some new unheard of superpower and Debbie doesn’t do that either here or in V of A.

Its a great start and I’ll be looking for more books but hoping they get a little more complex now the setting had been introduced to us.

Stars: Four, a little denser plots and this series will be a five for me.

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Menagerie, Rachel Vincent

Menagerie,  Rachel Vincent

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Literature/Fiction,  fantasy/paranormal.

I read Rachel’s Cat Shifter series years ago and loved them all, then recently the first book in the Blood Bound series, which I enjoyed also, and yet found that  soul screamers just didn’t cut it so wondered how this would work out for me…it was terrific. something fresh and original encompassing traditional supernatural creatures with mythical ones.

Its based upon a world like ours, but where there’s been a terrible slaughtering in the 1980’s they call The Reaping in the USA. Interspersed between chapters are snippets of TV and News report from that time. It led to some harsh legislation where people deemed to be not wholly human have no protection, can be used in experiments, sold, exhibited, abused and have no rights. Delilah thinks she’s human but then when viewing ( as a present from her boyfriend, not something she would have chosen to do ) a visiting attraction, Metzer’s Menagerie, she has a kind of freak out when she see’s a shifter child being badly treated, electrocuted to make her perform, and it leads to horrors for her. She loses everything, her home, her job, her friends and becomes Property and sold to the Menagerie.

Its a scary time for her, she’s lost, so confused and so angry…she’s always been against Cryptid mistreatment but Legislation is so harsh there’s little she could do. Now she’s one of them and forced to endure some horrors and faced with a life of it. She’s tougher than it seems though, and with her strong sense of morality she treats the others as sentient beings – which they are for the most part, just wanting to live free, but forced into a life of horrors where their children and mates are sold at whim, and tranquillisers, semi starvation, abuse and cruelty is part of their everyday life.

Its a fabulous read, Rachel makes the Cryptids feel so real, so in a place they shouldn’t be. Its scary because we can see from history ( and some of it not so far back) how quickly bad Laws can be drawn up in knee jerk reactions to events, and I’ve no doubt that if the scenes we see were real we’d have laws something like this…You’re either human and have rights, or not and have none. Very black or white issue. People are scared of what they don’t understand and this is the result. We have the Dangerous Dogs legislation here in UK, set up in 70’s/80’s in response to some child deaths by dog mauling. Yes that’s awful, but it tars all breeds with the same brush and some are not allowed to live simply because they belong to a banned breed. It doesn’t matter if its gentle, has never caused an issue, its automatically doomed to be killed. Meanwhile other breeds are Ok even if they’ve caused problems, attacked someone, it still needs proving and may not be killed. I see the Law in this book as being similar, the Cryptids, some of which had been like Delilah, living and working, married even with children, but then at the slash of a pen they were automatically Property and sold off or used in experiments. Even animal welfare legislation doesn’t apply to them. See how easy it would be when looking at the past, how if this was real how like Rachel’s  story life could be? That made it so believable to me, and I so felt for Delilah, her mum, and the other Cryptids involved.

I really want to see where this goes next. I wasn’t sure when reading f it was a one off or a series, and this ends as if it could be a stand alone, but I’m pleased there’s going to be more. I’ll be keen to read them.

Stars: five, a great read and very different paranormal story.

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Harvest Moon, Lisa Kessler


Harvest Moon,  Lisa Kessler

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and fantasy


Continuing Lisa’s Moon series we meet Kilani. She’s Jason’s Mate – yes that’s right, Jason the doc who doesn’t believe in Mates until he touches her….she knows nothing of his world though and the dangers within it. Jason’s also having anger issues, feeling he let down the previous alpha and also his father. Had they gone to hospital he could have helped them, but the dangers of exposing themselves to humans is too great so the Alpha died, and his dad now lies in a vegetative state, with any recovery growing fainter the longer it goes on. Poor Jason, I felt for him. It was sad that he had feelings for Nadya but she turned out to be the Mate of another pack member ( that was in an earlier book), then this feeling of helplessness and he’s been getting rid of his anger in illegal fist fights. That’s dangerous too though and he’s in a kind of rut when he meets Kilani.

I love Kilani, she’s also had the same troubled background, same issues with Nero as other gifted people. she’s very self determined, very alone in many ways but knuckles down and gets on with life, she doesn’t whine about unfairness.  Now she’s too close to a killing by Nero and they want her dead, so she goes to the pack Alpha for help. Jason wants to be close to her and protect her and once more the whole pack are faced with Nero.

Nothing really seems to change – its Pack v Nero, with minor wins on each side, and I just felt with this book they’re at a kind of stalemate position. The romance between Jason and Kilani was great, developed well but the overall story arc of Nero seems to be stuck – well that’s how it feels to me. I loved the  last two books but felt this one was not quite up to them. They kept me engrossed and wondering what was going to happen next, but this one I kept putting down and picking up later. It was a good read, and a decent romance but I missed more of the Nero connection.

Stars: Four, a good romance but the action a little slow after the others.

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