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His to Keep, Terri Austin

His to Keep,  Terri Austin

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Genre:  Romance,

I’ve read all of this series so far, and each have been five star reads for me. This one lives up to the others though the first book is still my favourite – time for a reread I think!

Anyway, three sisters and how they met their man. Its youngest sister Brynn’s turn now. I really liked Brynn, understood her so well. I’m a people pleaser too – I hate to say no when I’m asked to do something. I even went to adult ed assertiveness classes for a few weeks but it didn’t help. I hate role playing and every time I had to say no I felt I needed to apologise much to the frustration of the tutor! It means I can really empathise with Brynn, with the way she allows herself to take on more and more, and has to work so much longer to just keep up.

Then there’s Iain, rich, rude and ruthless sums him up really. Yet when he saw Brynn some months ago he was attracted in a way he’s never been before and can’t seem to get her out of his mind. When he and his partner Marc need investors for his latest project and he targets Brynn’s brother in law Trevor it seems a good idea to use Brynn to get to him. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Of course we can see its not a good idea, and his partner cautions him, but Iain’s always very single minded and determined to make it work. He gets a surprise though at just how strong his feelings for Brynn are, how it pleases him that he and Brynn fit so well together, that she likes her sex a little out of the ordinary, that while he likes to dominate she loves to submit – it works for them both. Its not in a heavy BDSM way, just a little stronger than other people would like.

What I really love about Terri’s stories are the characters, they all feel so real, like people I could know, and the situations they’re in are realistic. I need that in a story, that things could happen that way. Its got some terrific drama too when things go wrong. We can take a good guess at what’s going to happen, but not when and how, and when it does happen its heart-breaking, and played out for some time, not over in two pages or so. Just the sort of dramatics that make a read special for me!

Stars: Five. a great read and terrific addition to the series.

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His Kind of Trouble, Terri Austin

His Kind of Trouble, Terri Austin

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  romance,

I loved Terri’s first in this series, His Every Need, and at the end there was a sample of this one and I was keen to read. we see Monica a bit in the first book, now in this one we meet a different version of her, a more subdued, watered down Monica. what’s made her like this? Cal can’t believe how much she’s changed and he doesn’t feel its for the better. He thinks she’s existing now whereas the Monica he met was living life to the full.
Cal is a great lead, hot and so full of life. He’s had his own issues though and reminds Monica too much of the bad boys she’s sworn off. Still, he’s hard to resist and eventually she gives in to his persistence, telling herself its just lust, sex and she’ll stop before getting hurt or letting her emotions get involved. Cal’s OK with that, he doesn’t do love, doesn’t do relationships and all the responsibility that comes with him. he likes his life as it is, with his business restoring old classic cars in the UK and his trust fund allowing him to take off anywhere in the world at whim.

So, there they are, both really enjoying the very steamy and sensual sex, and kidding themselves that’s all it is…then life steps in, things go wrong and they’re forced to reassess. Monica in the first book was a happy, no holds barred, full on fun girl and she’s so changed. I wanted to know what happened and when it was revealed I felt so sorry for her. she’s forced herself into the mould of a person she really wasn’t, at the cost of her own happiness. Cal seems very “playboy” lightweight, and its how his family regard him, and yet as we get to know him he’s so much more and I really really wanted him and Monica to work things out. They were perfect for each other.
There’s some snippets with Allie and Trevor in, and it was good to catch up with them. Its put me in the mood for a re read of their story. The books really complement each other, and as there’s a third sister, Brynn, I’m hoping she gets a story too – there’s a hint, I think anyway – of who might drop in to her life ;- )
Its a fun read, hot and sexy, easy to follow, with some great characters and some very sensual and erotic sex scenes. the drama part was good too, nicely balanced with all the fun and happy parts. I need that contrast, the “down” part and find it makes the good parts even better. Without the balance for me its not a good read.

Stars: Five, a sensual story without going OTT on the sex scenes. Its a great blend of sex and story, with neither dominating and that’s exactly what I need.

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To Be His, Terri Austin


To Be His,  Terri Austin
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance,
I loved His Every Need, so really wanted to read this one from Trevor’s POV. I do like these reads where we get an alternate POV, though I prefer them in one book, in an alternating chapters way. Its a short read, doesn’t cover the whole book, just the beginning where we can see just what type of man Trevor is.
And wow – he he a jerk or what! He really doesn’t want to even consider what he’s doing to Allie’s family – to him its just business, no room for sentiment there. Yet Allie’s so persistent that he makes her an outrageous offer thinking that will get rid of her, and as we know it doesn’t. There are times when despite Trevor thinking he’s the one leading we can see that actually Allie, shy, submissive Allie, is in charge. Topping from the bottom so to speak, and Trevor finds himself doing and saying things that surprise him. Its a fun read and from that jerk, unfeeling, dominating character we begin to see him grow, to think about others, to consider alternate ways and views. We see too some of his background and begin to understand him. If you’ve not read His Every Need this isn’t going to be great because its a character vignette rather than a complete story, but as an addition to the first book its a great read.
at the end there’s a complete of longish samples of other reads and I really like the sound of the one about Trevor’s cousin and Allie’s sister…
Stars: five, a very short but fun read.
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** This read is currently free – I don’t know how long it will remain free so if you want to read it get it now**

His Every Need, Terri Austin

His Every Need, Terri Austin

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, couldn’t find any previous books, and the description was a bit brief…but its labelled erotic romance and its a genre I enjoy so took a chance. And I’m so glad I did a s this was a really good read.

Allie, she left school five years previous to look after her family when mum was ill. Mum died a few moths ago, and dad went to pieces, and Allie has been picking up everything since then. Then she finds out that dad took out loans with Trevor and they’re going to lose their home. She can’t have that for her two younger sisters so pleads with Trevor. In an effort to get rid of her he makes the offer of being his for a period, to cater for his every whim, and after some negotiation she agrees. He’s stunned but moves her in…
She can’t tell her family of course, so tells them she’s working for him as his assistant. Then the fun begins, the sexual tension between Trevor and Allie is sizzling, and leads to lots of very spicy, erotic scenes. But there’s more than that in here. There’s the typical family problems, how death and debt affect families, how teenagers can find their way forward difficult, and Allie has her hands full with her two sisters. Teen years can be hard, add in death and debt and its a nightmare, and they both react in very different ways. Then there’s dad, how he copes with death, how he goes to pieces and leaves Allie to do everything, then when he starts to pick up – well…more problems. Its real life this part, things that most people can relate to and adds so much drama and realism to the story.
Of course that’s just background, with the real meat being Allie and Trevor. His family history is sad, and when his parents decide to stay with him for a while that’s fun! And very telling too..Allie and Trevor have lots of hot sex, and Trevor is determined that’s all it is…at times he’s a right b* stard to her to prove to Allie and himself that’s all that’s between them. Allie though has lost her heart of course, though he can be a jerk, he’s also been really helpful with her family and tender at times, and that leads to some really tearful drama. I love that in a story, where its deep drama, full of dark emotion, there needs to be that for me to counteract the happy and that makes it so much better when it all works out.
Stars: Full five, a really good read, lots of hot sex and with an interesting and realistic back story.
ARC supplied via Netgalley

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