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The One, Maria Realf

The One,  Maria Realf

The One: A moving and unforgettable love story - the most emotional read of 2018 by [Realf, Maria]

Genre: Romance

I should have known when I saw the Jojo Moyes comparison. There’s a reason I haven’t read Me before You, I read to relax, to enjoy. I love books which are full of angst, which move me to tears, where it looks like there’s no solution….but at the end I want happy, I want the solution, I want all the angst to have been worth it, and most of all I Need a HEA. Or at the very least a HFN, that gives the possibility of ever-after. This book, like Me before You, doesn’t give that.
Its am amazing emotional story, full of characters that feel real, flawlessly written and a gripping story. But the end though….when its that kind of ending I feel flat, cheated, bereft. Real life has too many endings like that for me to want to read them too. Sadly the subject hit very close to home too, and I don’t chose to read books that end this way. My bad, I was thinking the blurb meant the Jojo Moyes writing style not the emotionally sad, gutting ending.

Its one of those times when I can see just how subjective writing is, this book is written erfectly, others adore it, can’t stop praising it and yet me? That ending just killed all appreciation. There were parts I loved, but ending that way overtook all of that, and left me feeling wrenched emotionally without the positive buzz a HEA brings. For me thats not a good way to end my reading.

Stars: Three, I didn’t like the ending, big time dislike, and yet some parts of the story were perfect so I’ve taken a middle stance, a decent read but not one I can personally rate higher.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

The One Kiera Cass


The One  Kiera Cass
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Teens and YA,
I was attracted to this trilogy by the fabulous covers, and on reading the sample of book one was hooked. I don’t read much YA, but sometimes books in that genre have an appeal to all ages and this is one of them. There’s romance here, but as befits the genre its very “clean” romance, no more than heated kisses. Its been a fun read, I’d had books one and two for review and though the request for this one was pending I actually bought it, wanting to know how the story ended and being too impatient to wait for request approval….that’s me, want everything yesterday. Anyway that was a few weeks back, now I’ve got it for review I’ve re read this one to have a fresh mind ready to write.
Well, the girls have thinned down to just four. There’s still some bitchiness, a lot of unease between them knowing that only one can be chosen, but they find ways to get along encouraged by the Queen. America knows Maxon likes her, she’s fallen in love with him but won’t come out and say it before he does, in case he doesn’t and choses someone else. Maxon loves her but won’t say so, wanting her to choose him first – real catch 22 situation. He’s still dating and kissing the other girls, keeping his options open in case America doesn’t want him, and she’s jealous of course. Its a dilemma that can only end if one of them makes the decision to speak first. Alongside that there’s still trouble from both rebel factions, and of course America still says and does things that upset the King. He Really doesn’t like her but her popularity with the public means he can’t just get rid of her. He tries therefore to make things very difficult and to show her in a bad light as much as he can, ensuring she gets the most difficult tasks, ones that go against her principles.
Its an action packed ending to the trilogy, lots going on, lots of secrets and discoveries. I kind of understand both America’s and Maxon’s views but feel he’s in the more difficult position – if he tells America he loves her and she doesn’t want him, the one he does then chose will always feel second best, and that’s not a good way to start a marriage, whereas all she need do is leave. She has a choice and really he doesn’t.
There’s some real drama here and at the end some heart-breaking things happen, and just when it looks like it’s finally worked out for them something comes out that throws it all up in the air. Its been an easy to read, fun story and I enjoyed it. Its not one I’d read over and over, but at some point I may well go through all of them again. Sometimes all I want is a light, fun read with a HEA.
Stars: Five, its not grand literature but a fun, easy to read story.

The One, Bel Ami.


The One (The Only One)

The One, Bel Ami.

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

So, this interested me but I hadn’t realised its not a standalone – I’m still unsure of whether its a duo or trilogy, Bel says on Amazon that the sequel The One and More will be out later this year, and my assumption is that this means a duo. I do wish authors would tell readers what to expect and when – I hate the trend for these serialised romances that have cliffhangers ( though thankfully this one stops at a natural break) and novels broken up into parts, released at times and prices unknown…I think they’re doing readers a disservice.

Anyway – got that whine off my chest so back to the book! Its well written and complex, full of separate incidents that you just know are going to collide somewhere along the line. The characters are great too – very well put together to provide for the drama that’s inevitably going to come out.

Miles is an arrogant B, and yet…I liked him. His plans with the awful sister Karolin were cruel, but made out of love for her. Then he fell in love with Adelia and all plans were off..but the bitch wasn’t giving in that easily. I felt once he got to know Adelia he found a softer side to himself, he didn’t ever expect to fall in love and be loved, and it shocked him. Although he’s treated people shallowly and without consideration, he’s also got a different side as evidenced in the beginning with Helene where he doesn’t want to use the crop, and how he helps her after their interlude. OK, maybe I’m just making excuses 🙂 but I love Miles, and can’t help feeling ( hoping?) there’s more behind his actions than we know. Karolin, twin sister and two faced bitch extrodinaare is a perfect foil to him, she’s a terrific actress playing a part to get what she wants..and to her she always gets what she wants, no matter the cost to others. She knows Miles loves her, and thinks that will transcend any wrong doing of hers. I think she’s wrong in this case – but we’ll see come the next book 🙂

Adelia, I loved her, kind and loving, devastated at her parents death and fallen totally in love with Miles. She reaches out and is a good friend to Karolyn, letting her take over the wedding etc just to keep her happy even though her plans would be so different. The detective David Weiss – well, to me he was like a lap dog, trailing Adelia for crumbs. He’s looking into her parents death as she asked, but really it seems to me its just an excuse to be round Adelia, he doesn’t make any moves or anything and then is irrationally jealous when pipped at the post by Miles. You can see in the Miles v David whose side I’m on 🙂 but after the black mailing, bitterness, secrets we know but Adelia doesn’t, secrets we don’t yet know, such as who is involved in her parents death can they ever get past their separation and find a way back. Especially when David is just looking for a chink to move in on her…

Its an action packed novel, full of promise, with openings for lots of different endings so keeps me guessing…and the sex. Yep, lots and lots of that as promised – mostly hot and heavy, steamy and sensual, but there were a few times when the dialogue got a bit too “icky” for me. Some things are best left to the imagination to kept between couples not the onlooker 🙂

It’s priced at £2.45 for 243pages, so reasonable but again my pet peeve of not knowing what book two ( and more) will cost gives me reservations having been caught before when a trilogy became a five part series and novels where pt one well priced, but a steep hike in parts two and beyond. Its why I tend to wait til all parts out now before buying, which of course could lead to a catch 22 where author hasn’t written the rest and doesn’t due to poor sales. Write it all and release in parts close together, at times and prices specified ahead – or write as one book for preference . That way readers know what’s to come and when and how much and don’t have that awful situation where they lose the momentum on a book due to the long wait. If I read a duo/trilogy I find they’re best enjoyed read back to back when the story can just flow naturally, and I don’t have other stories cluttering my brain and detracting from that one.

Stars: 4. I’ve done a lot of ranting but that’s format related not content, the story shows lots of promise and I really enjoyed it. .

ARC supplied via Netgalley

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