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The Alpha’s Temporary Mate, Victoria Davies

The Alpha’s Temporary Mate,  Victoria Davies

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance, Sci-fi and Fantasy.

I really enjoyed this – I loved the first two novels, and its one of those easy to read, fun series that you can just relax with. This time it’s Chloe who’s the main subject, put in a difficult position by Alpha werewolf Kieran. He wants a temporary girlfriend, one that will fool his pack and get them off his back about settling down. That’s something he’s not prepared to do. Chloe needs this to go right, he’s offering big money and if she can land him she’s promised the office managers job, as her boss will use his funds to open the next Fated Match. They don’t do temporary though, they’re all about finding Mates, but the money he’s offering persuades Chloe’s boss to do this as a one off, so long as the other person involved is clear its not permanent too. So far though all the people Chloe comes up with get rejected by him, while his wolf is telling him Chloe would be good. She reluctantly agrees to do it – its only a few weeks but involves living with him, and going on the annual pack retreat. She’s a witch, so that would be the perfect breakup reason for the pack, in fact it’s a win win – or is it?

I love the way it played out, how we learned more about both Kieran and Chloe, how we met briefly the characters from earlier books, and how the friends on both sides needed them to be very convincing to pull it off. As Kieran says though she can’t flinch when he kisses her in public, so they need to practice…and that turns out to be the catalyst for much more emotion than either of them bargained for.

Its a cute story, with some smouldering sensual scenes and some great humour. I did hope for a bit more jealousy from the pack females, who naturally would resent Chloe but what there was worked well. When it all fell apart I was so upset for Chloe – and I need that, need the sad bit.  Its another good addition to the series, and one to read when you want a light novel to relax with and entertain you, not a deep dark drama that needs all your attention and concentration. There’s a place for both in my reading lists, it depends on my mood what I want to read.

Stars: Five, a great addition to the series.


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Dying to Date, A Fated Match Novel, Victoria Davies

Dying to Date, A Fated Match Novel, Victoria Davies
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre:  Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Another one from the Fated Match series. This time it’s  Vampire leader Lucien’s daughter Melissa looking for her match, and in comes a new customer who looks good – on paper as well as in the flesh. Only issue is he’s refused to give his supernatural type – but the business doesn’t insist on that, and Melissa has already seen him and is attracted. So they go off on their first date, get on well and much to Melissa’s surprise ( and secretly her dismay too..) he’s a perfect gentleman and kisses are all she gets.
What she doesn’t know is he’s a Necromancer, a very old, skilled one and they are outcast from everywhere. The vampires fear them as they can be controlled by them, and as the largest group everyone follows them, so for generations now the necromancers have been always hidden, always living secretly and on the edge of society. Tarian doesn’t want war, he’d love to be part of the supernatural society but so long as he can lead a quiet life he’ll stay hidden. Melissa wasn’t in his plans, he’d no idea he’d feel such a pull to her, and as such a prominent person she’s a real danger to his live quietly ideal. Not all of the necromancers are happy living a quiet life on the outskirts though, and Melissa gets kidnapped by a group who want to take over New York for themselves. Of course as this was just before their date the blame looks to fall on him. He doesn’t want war, but knows this will bring it. He knows who’s behind it and what they want, and is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Its a fun read, light but with a decent plot, and it did make me wonder how on earth he was going to rescue Melissa without her dad killing him!! Lucien’s very, very protective of her, and he’ll be furious, but doing nothing isn’t an option. He can’t just leave her, he feels far too much for her, but can’t go against the others without some backup, and he’s just one person. It makes for a fun adventure, for some really sad and upsetting moments for Melissa when she’s told things by her kidnappers – they make it all sound so believable and she’s gutted.
As expected its a realistic, fun read, with some seductive scene, and  hot, erotic sex. Covets do that well, sensuality without smuttiness that so many fantasy erotic reads contain.  It’s a fun, well written, easy to follow novel and a perfect way to lose yourself in another world for a couple of hours
Stars: Four, a fun, sexy read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Love at Stake. Victoria Davies


Love at Stake (Entangled Covet)

Love at Stake. Victoria Davies

Review from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.

I’d had a run of books that weren’t really working for me, and needed something I’d definitely enjoy so picked up this one. Entangled Covets are always a fun read, always up to standard, sometimes a five star, usually a four but never less than a three, and that’s what I needed to get my reading back on track. Anyway – Abbey and Lucien – what a fun couple. Abbey is “no vamps” while ancient vampire Lucien finds her fun, and determines to change her mind. He bets her that she can’t find his perfect match via the agency in under a month, insisting that she is the liaison and that she waits for thirty minutes to see if the date is working. Of course he’s got an ulterior motive – this way he’s got time to work on Abbey. Abbey needs to do it as the agency numbers are down, and signing up Lucien’s daughter will give them a much needed boost, with other clients then coming forward, and that means job security for Abbey.

There some smouldering sensuality – in romances the old vamps do that so well, and of course with hundreds of years of experience Abbey doesn’t stand a chance with him, he has all the answers to every doubt she has. Slowly he wears her down. He thinks he just needs to get her out of his system, and she thinks one night will allay the feelings she has, get the experience over and back to normal. Of course for both its one night, plus and another , then another…all the while telling themselves its only temporary. He’s not the only one after Abbey though – she’s come up as a close to perfect match for a werewolf and he’s not giving in easily…..

As expected its a realistic, fun read, with some sensuality and hot, erotic sex, Covets aren’t vulgar, they don’t give sex that makes the reader cringe. Well me anyway, sometimes that phrase “ I just threw up a bit in my mouth” springs to mind when I’m reading some books, but never with covets. They’re not deep and dark, but neither are they silly and smutty. This read is a typical Covet, its fun, well written, easy to follow and a perfect way to lose yourself in another world for a couple of hours. Victoria is an author new to me but I won’t hesitate to try other books of hers.

Stars: Four, a fun read.

ARC supplied by Netgalley

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