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Surrender the Dark, Tibby Armstrong

Surrender the Dark, Tibby Armstrong

Surrender the Dark by [Armstrong, Tibby]

Genre: Romance

Vampires and Romance, check and request. sadly though its a fail for me.
I didn’t like the characters, didn’t follow all the odd terms though most could be guessed at. I couldn’t get a feel for Benjamin or Tzadkiel as people, didn’t feel I knew them, and they certainly have a real hate going on.
I know its said there’s a thin line between love and hate but here I just didn’t feel the lust between them was genuine, they were both so mired in hatred.
Its that old bearing a grudge for history, we can’t change it, both sets of ancestors did things that were wrong, but which they felt justified. someone has to make it stop sometime.

There were things too that just didn’t feel right for me, the times something weird, different, new comes up that gets them out of a tight spot, the way Benjamin’s freinds take off when he gives them some patently untrue lies, I didn’t feel they’d have believed him or abandon him like that.

I gave up about halfway through, just couldn’t bring myself to read more.
Shame as it sounded perfect for me, and maybe sometime in the future I’ll give it another go?
I can see others love it so perhaps I’m missing something, need to be in a different mindset to appreciate it? Who knows…it happens. Everyone likes different stories so some will love this, others like me won’t connect.

Stars: Two, just not the right story for me, but perfect for others. You choose.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Every Little Thing, Samantha Young. Souljacker, Yasmine Galenorn

Today I’m planning to read the latest Mercy Thompson novel,  Silence Fallen, Patricia Briggshttp://amzn.to/2mkqZJd That’s my all time favourite series, and author, and I’ve got another great book to read from a couple of days back, Jeanine Frost’s Into the fire, the final Night Prince novel

http://amzn.to/2mWvZoW I loved this series when it started, but unlike the Briggs one its an ongoing story rather than each book having one main theme that’s part of an ongoing story. TBH its taken so long I’ve kind of lost the impetus that made me love it. Maybe I’ll start from first book and pick it up that way. Then I log in to netgalley and see I’ve been approved for three more reads, among them one from the Queen of rock band reads, Kylie Scott for Twist, the latest Dive Bar novel, a spin off from the wonderful Stage Dive books

http://amzn.to/2m10cin So, housework? Tidying ready for selling house? Gardening – well that’s an easy out, its raining….

And a couple of reviews today

Every Little Thing,  Samantha Young

Every Little Thing (Hart's Boardwalk Book 2) by [Young, Samantha]

Genre:  romance, erotica

Like thousands of readers I got sucked in to the magic of Samantha’s romances by way of the wonderful Joss and Braden, in On Dublin street, and their book is still one of my all time favourites.
I’ve read several from that series and enjoyed them and have been looking forward to this new series. Tjis one is tagged Erotica, but to me its more eotic romance, a great romance but withsome hot and steamy sex rather than just erotica,

I enjoyed the first book, The One real Thing, but wasn’t blown away by it. First books do have  a hard job though, and few achieve the great start that Dublin Street did.
The couple that intrigued me the most in book one were Bailey and Vaughn – the ST between those two jumps of the page! They had sparks jumping between them at every meeting, and the caustic wit the two share had me smiling widely.

Bailey is so bright and bubbly, always out to help others, see that everyone is happy, so running her Inn is perfect for her. Still, the awful Devlin family are trying to find a way to oust her, they want to own as much of the town as they can and have used some very dirty tricks in the past. I love the way Bailey not only stands up to them but uses her sharp wit against them.
She’s been with boyfriend Tom now for ten years, hoping that they will marry and have a family soon. She’s in for a big shock though….and it changes things between her and Vaughn.
They’ve always hate a hate hate relationship, but underneath that everyone feels that its defensive on both sides, and it really seems to have started with Vaughn rebuffing the open friendship Bailey offered him when he arrived, the same as she does to everyone. He wasn’t impressed at her initial opposition to his plans for his new hotel, and things went downhill from there.

Its clear Vaughn is attracted to her, and just as clear he doesn’t want to be. He’s always been Mr No Commitment and it suits him, but he knows that Bailey spells danger to that, and seems to use his acerbic wit as a defence even as he cringes inside at what he’s saying. Bailey responds likewise, they both bring out the worst in each other, but that gives some terrific scenes for the reader.

Its a real romance here, but a long time coming, with many forward and back journeys that had me inwardly screaming at them! Of course that’s perfect for me as it brings bucket loads of angst and emotion.

As with all Samantha’s romances its not just a two person story, but brings in many others, some from book one, some who look set to become future books. Story seeds, those hints of what/who might be next. Its always fun to try to spot them, and I think I’ve got a couple here, there are some individuals who really intrigue me. Quiet, shy Emory, what’s her story? Why is she so reserved, so closed off? Dahlia, she seems to have lots of things to reveal, and we’ve only seen her as a very secondary character. Jack Devlin, met him in book one, and he’s here too, and still as much a puzzle as ever. I can’t believe he’s really such a bad guy, and yet the things he’s done, and does here too seem to point in that direction, then he does a couple that point the other way. Even Vaughn’s dad has potential, not as a main character IMO, but maybe a secondary romance thread in a book? He’s certainly got the heart and character for it.

Its a great read, I loved it, was entranced by Bailey and Vaughn, loved the puzzle of their relationship. I did wonder about a few characters in here, Vanessa, will she make a return later, Jack, how can Cooper’s former best friend change so much, do what he does, and of course Vaughn’s awful friend Oliver. What on earth did those two ever have in common?
There’s a couple of surprises towards the end that I didn’t see coming ( and one I did!) and it makes me wonder if they’re future plots in later books?
Stars: Five, a great read, perfect blend of sensual romance and solid story.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Souljacker, A Lily Bound Novel,  Yasmine Galenorn

Souljacker: A Lily Bound Novel by [Galenorn, Yasmine]

Genre:  paranormal and fantasy

Hmnnn, succubus – they’re not characters that really feel empathetic are they? I put off reading Richelle Mead’s wonderful Georgia Kinkaid series for ages simply because I could not see how an author could make a succubus into a person I’d understand, feel I want them to be happy, and yet I was so, so wrong. Add in Jill Myles terrific Succubus reads and you can see just how very wrong my first thoughts were.
So if you’re like me, take a deep breath and prepare to be surprised.
I’ve enjoyed some of Yasmine’s other reads, so I was familiar with her writing style. the story jumps right in with a death at Lily’s house, one of her top clients has been murdered. Not good for business, nor is the fact her clients wife is on the warpath and as a powerful and influential were she can – and does – do immense damage to Lily’s business. So far its worked giving her an income, keeping her alive through sex with Supernaturals, she’s found in the past humans are just far too fragile, and wants to avoid killing people.

In this society Vampires aren’t the Romance kind, but irrational, dangerous killers. Once turned little of the human remains, and they simply lust for blood, sex and power, and have become so dangerous that vampire kills aren’t even investigated by the police any more. That leaves Lily and her friends on their own, as a Vampire Execution the police simple pass on the murder, but she does get given the name of a chaos demon who might help. And Lily and her friends need that help when they learn the killer wants them dead too….

I like Lily, she’s just trying to live, trying to keep her friends safe, enjoy life and she’s found a way that avoids killing humans, something that happened in the past to her and hurts her conscience.
She has some good friends, witch Dani, human Nate, Marsh the…Ghost? spirit? whatever, he’s someone from Lily’s past who’s returned out of the blue, and of course Whiskas the cat – who’s more than a cat, though decidedly not a shifter.
Lily herself belong to the dark Fae court, and we meet the Queen, Wynter in this book. Scary woman, and she’s very powerful. You don’t live for thousands of years without learning a few things.
Archer the chaos demon turns out to be not the type Lily feared, Demons don’t get great press, but in fact he’s a true gentleman, luckily attracted to Lily, and they’re in the throes of him helping her with sex feeding, and maybe they’re developing something more. I didn’t get a great feeling of romance here, its pretty clear one is meant to be starting but I wasn’t really convinced of anything more than a bit of lust between them. Maybe that just takes time, sometimes its better that way.

Its a fun read, a story with elements of many types of creatures thrown in, Vampires, demons, ghosts,witches,  Fae and of course Lily and Whiskas.
In a way that kind of affected the story for me, there were so many different types of character, so much going on that the murders almost took second place. When the climax (Hah!!) came it was almost missing for me, they’d had so many scrapes already that it seemed like it was just one more.

I enjoyed this but I’m waiting for book two to see how the series develops, it didn’t keep me gripped as I’d expected. At times it just felt a little muddled as there was so much happening in a relatively short space of time and pages (GR has it at 292 pages) or 3552 kindle locations.

Stars: Three. Maybe as this continues I’ll feel more for it, its tough for first books in a new series.

ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

Wolf in League, A.F. Henley

Wolf in League,  A.F. Henley  

Wolf in League by [Henley, A.F.]

Genre:  Romance, LGBTQIA

I jumped in to this series having only read samples of books one and two, but that gave me enough info to follow this story and get engrossed in it. At some point I’d like to read those first two books, its always a balance of time and money.  🙂 They never seem to come both at the same time!

So I met Matthew and Gavin, posing as husbands in the home next to the O’Connell family. The Committee are worried as they’ve not heard from them.
Here of course I had to read between the lines as to what part the Committee played, as that was covered in earlier reads.
Matthew is new to the whole supernatural world, a bit scared of Gavin even as he’s attracted to him, and desperate to know more about the wolves. A few weeks back he knew nothing, was a simple research doctor and now he’s had his eyes opened he’s got the research devotee’s enthusiasm for all things new, for information about how and why, and if he’s not careful its going to lead him into danger.
Gavin is trying to keep him reined in and safe, but they don’t know each other, and while Matthew comes over as full of enthusiasm for Wolves he’s not so keen on Vampires, and doesn’t trust Gavin.
Gavin reacts by being a bit sneering, mixed in with doing things deliberately to scare Matthew. Despite that they soon embark on some steamy encounters – why not, says Gavin, they both want each other, want the sex and what’s stopping them? And they are seriously hot together.

When things go a bit further,and we meet the wolves it doesn’t quite go as planned, and soon he and Gavin are in real danger, things aren’t as they’d thought, information comes out that shocks Matthew even further, and an old adversary comes forward.
Its difficult to know who to trust, to know what’s really going on, why they are really placed to contact the O’Connells, and  Matthew finds there’s much more going on that he realised, with everyone seeming to hold secrets. He’s got a crash course in the supernatural along with some tough decisions to make.

I really enjoyed this, its a good mix of characters, reasons, ideas and the reality that if this could happen, then things may well play out as in this novel. That makes a good read for me, that sense of possible reality, and I think if I’d read books one and two this would be a five star read.
I maybe missed some of the more subtle issues, didn’t fully understand how deep corruption could go, which part each character played and what it could lead to.
They are definaely on my want-to-read list and I look forward to the next book.

Stars: Four, a great fun read, with a great mix of characters and suspense.

ARC supplied by Netgalley and publisher

Wolfen Time, Roxy Boroughs

amazon UK buy link


Genre:  Romance

A new to me author and I enjoyed her writing style and this story. I’m not sure if its a stand alone read or beginning of a series. It does end completely, but the world created could go on to stand further stories and I’d enjoy reading them.

Poor Stacy, she’s shocked when she comes across a battle between werewolves and vampires. Well, who wouldn’t be, they belong in stories not out there on the street?  She can’t deny what’s she’s seeing though, and that means she gets embroiled in a battle between two sides, one wanting to protect earth and save millions of lives, the other who are out for their own ends and don’t care who gets killed along the way.

Rafe is attracted to Stacy, and that shocks him. He’s been grieving his wife and child who were murdered, and hasn’t been interested in anyone since they were killed. Its not really the time either to be starting anything. He’s only here for a few days. never the less the attraction is strong on both sides and leads them to do things they wouldn’t usually, and brings out some very sensual but not over the top sex scenes. I like the others in the group too, and the connections between them. The renegades, they’d done some gruesome things in their quest for power. They’ve come back in time from the 23rd century too and are tampering with history, and that’s why Rafe’s group needs to try to stop them. It brings them all into some real dangers, bloody battles, strange new and  different supernatural groups.Stacey is hiding who she really is though, from past experience she knows that’s best. She’s not the only one with secrets though, and when both come out there are some real shocks for everyone.

Its a fun read, not over complicated, but one that’s easy to just sit back and relax into. I liked the characters and the premise of time travel, and ensuring history stays the same. I’d be happy to read more books set around this time travel, keeping history stable theme. There’s certainly the potential for more from this story, it ends neatly but there are openings for further novels.

.Stars: Four, an enjoyable and easy to read story.


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers for honest review


Carpe Demon A Carus Novel, Book 3 by J. C. McKenzie


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Genre:  fantasy paranormal. Romance

Well, onto book three and of course when I got to the end I feel like I need book four now – luckily for me the author had given me an ARC, and for all of you who are just as impatient it’s out soon, next month in fact, so not too long to wait. Once again the story plunges straight into the dramas. Its a series that full of action, with poor Andy right in the centre. She’s still with the SRD but as an Ambassador rather than an agent, though Booth is gone and the obnoxious Agent Tucker is out to get rid of Andy. He’d better join the list, as it seems to be an ever growing number  after her.

She’s still trying to find out more about her role as Carus and her family. Without much success, but who knows what’s round the corner. There’s still the Wick/Tristan triangle. They’re both great guys but for me Wick has the edge. Whether that’s because she met him first I don’t know – I just feel they fit together so well,  and he was so patient with her when she was really being difficult. He understood her reactions and allowed for them and that’s where he scores for me. Tristan is patient too, but he hasn’t had to go through so much with her, to let her work through issues in the same way. Still….we’ll see 😉

Its another story of murder and mayhem with an old enemy coming back. The demon Bola, the one who took control over the pack she was with years ago, until finally her Beast had enough and decimated them. She tries hard to keep her mind away from that time – it took her many years to get past it and thoughts still have the power to render her helpless. Who wouldn’t be, we know some of what she went through, but I suspect its just the tip of the iceberg. Wick can’t help her much tied as he is to Lucien, but where he can he does. Tristan doesn’t have those ties though but she doesn’t want to bring anyone she loves into danger so she’s off once more putting herself head first into trouble, with Lucien demanding she and Wick get rid of the demon yesterday, the SRD not being helpful, her witch neighbours…well, as usual they’re in the mix. I do like them, they make me smile with their odd ways, the karaoke nights and such.

There’s so much to puzzle out. How did Bola get here, what does he want ( other than a killing spree) and how can she get rid of him? He’s incredibly strong and she’d really like to kill him for good, not just banish him so he can get loose in the future. No-one seems to have any answers though, and Lucien is champing at the bit, threatening to gut Wick so as to hurt Andy, just to hurry her up. He doesn’t seem to realise she’s doing her best, he only cares how things look in the eyes of other vampires, and to stop any threats to him by them if they think he’s weak. Andy would love him to die, to finish the endless threats to Wick and his pack, but she’s tied to his life and she’d die too so she needs to do what she can to aid him.

Once more its a mix of multi-layered plots, of the love triangle and the need for her to make a choice, of her search for her roots and what lies in her future, and of course she feels a strong need as always to protect everyone, humans, Supes, Andy feels protective of all for different reasons. The end – that made me sooo sad, and yet I understood why. Just didn’t like it 😦 but in stories like this changes come thick and fast so I’m still hoping.

I love the chapter headings, make me smile and then I found a quote on one from another favourite series of mine, Darynda Jones Charley Davison novels. they have chapter headings that make me smile too and it was great to see a link between the two books. One of my all time favourites is the hospital sign On a scale from 1 to standing on a LEGO  brick how bad is your pain?  Anyone who’s been in contact with kids knows that pain!! My daughter told me LEGO are bringing out LEGO proof slippers….true or not I don’t know but as its usually in the early morning hours when we’re not wearing slippers that the worst attacks hit I don’t see them helping….

anyway, back to the book, its another great read and one for the keepers files.


Stars: Five, cracking read, fast paced and full of emotion.


ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Wounded, Volume 1, Amy Lane


Wounded, Volume 1, Amy Lane
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Sci-fi and Fantasy
Strangely, although this is book one, you really need to read the earlier book Vulnerable to understand all that goes on. I’d seen this one for review and when looking up info came across Vulnerable, read the sample and was so blown away by the story I had to buy it ( wow – with my own money – even though I’d a slew of books to read!), and read it before starting this! Its a fabulous series, full of the best of the supernatural world, vampires, shape changers, elves and all sorts of strange people living hidden in plain sight in the “normal” world. I love the way Fae in a book lets in so much beautiful fantasy, the way it can be so magical and unexpected.
Cory has now become part of it, very unexpectedly, and is in a kind of limbo. At the end of the last book her lover Adrian died – I was gutted, heartbroken for her. I hate when things like that happen and yet…I also love it, it shows that there’s going to be unexpected events, that the author isn’t scared to kill off major characters and makes the books unpredictable. I have read series where it didn’t work, where I was put off the stories that followed, but here Cory also has Green, and that keeps that continuity going. There both grieving, along with others of Green’s people, for Adrian and for others that died in Vulnerable. Now they need to move on, life continued despite all the grief in the world and there are people depending on them as leaders.
Cory goes off to college with Renny, returning when breaks allow. Then something huge happens, and they need to regroup, to get back together, to defeat yet another enemy, but away from home territory. Their grief shows, they’re thought weak, and to an extent it had weakened them. Green and his seconds have always welcomed everyone, unlike the other Sidhe leaders, and it makes them stronger when those they’ve so long supported are now able to support them.
Its another great read, taking in battles and dangers, learning more about Green and Adrian’s past, bringing in more people to the protection Green offers. I love the way that the dangers are worked in, caught in to the everyday lives of Green and his group, so the personal touches and personalities can really shine. I don’t want to watch from afar but get right into the story, and knowing the characters and their issues brings me into it best. I feel I’m there with them, scared and wanting things to go right, happy and elated when they do. There’s sex here – lots of it. Its not graphic, but it is frequent and its not just m/f but m/m too and ménage. That’s fine by me but I know some people don’t like it. I feel it works well in the story, that without it things wouldn’t have such clean explanations. Sometimes sex comes into a story just for titillation it feels, but here its integral, a needed part of the story. I love too the way that Officer Max has been drawn somewhat reluctantly into the group, even though he’s human. It ends on a natural point, but showing that way for the next book ( s) I just wish they were out now!
Stars: Five, a fabulous read for fantasy lovers.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Cast in Stone, A. F. Dery


Cast in Stone, A. F. Dery
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance, Sci-fi/Fantasy
Second book in the series, I’d not read book one but that wasn’t a problem, it’s easy to keep up.
Celia has been trained as a Judge, someone who uses their magic to see a persons past crimes and Judge them. The magic ensures the sentence is carried out. Its a tough job, but Celia feels she owes it to her Lord, who has taken care of her and her mage brother since they were children. She needs a Guardian though, but somehow all the ones she’s had so far have ended up dead very quickly. Being a Judge means she’s disliked and feared, so she copes but shutting off her emotions and concentrating on doing her job. The one thing she longs to do is to find and Judge Sebastian, a warlord who she holds responsible for the horrific torture she endured before she was rescued. Without a Guardian though she’s unable to travel.
Then she meets Rupert, and she thinks at long last she can undertake her journey. Things aren’t as they seem though, and she and Rupert have to sneak out from the castle. She’s promised her Lord, Tristan, that she’ll check out something for him that’s in the opposite direction to where she needs to find Sebastian, but she’s always conscious of duty and how much she owes him her life so she and Rupert set out that way. It brings them into some strange and dangerous adventures though, risking their lives, traveling incognito and finally finding out the truth. Along the way she goes from being cold and unemotional, to finding that she can have feelings, she can let go and not have to seal herself up- that change is brought about by Rupert. They start by disliking each other but travelling and going through such danger together opens their eyes to each other, bringing respect at first and slowly turning to more. When they reach the end of their journey Celia has a hard choice to make, her long help Vow of Judging for her torture, or her new love.
Well, its an interesting story, a very slow burn, almost innocent romance, nothing heart stopping or breath taking. I can’t even think they get as far as a kiss at the end, so not that sort of romance, but a simple, clean chaste type. The dangers were interesting and fit the theme of the story, the fantasy part, but overall it was just a simple one off read for me, and I’m not intrigued enough to search out the next book when its released. Horses for courses, and this just isn’t my kind of fantasy read. Its a wide spectrum and I want reads on the further side from this. I’m not a Terry Pratchett fan either and yet millions are – everyone enjoys different reads.
Stars: three. Interesting but a one off for me.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers

Alphas on the Prowl, Shifter Paranormal Boxed Set, Catherine Vale, Lashell Collins, Gina Kincade, Bethany Shaw, Phoenix Johnson, Annie Nicholas, Jami Brumfield, Sarah Makela, Amy Lee Burgess, Anna Lowe, Tasha Black, Michelle Fox


Alphas on the Prowl, Shifter Paranormal Boxed Set, Catherine Vale, Lashell Collins, Gina Kincade, Bethany Shaw, Phoenix Johnson, Annie Nicholas, Jami Brumfield, Sarah Makela, Amy Lee Burgess, Anna Lowe, Tasha Black, Michelle Fox
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy, Romance,
Box sets like this are a bargain way to get a taste of an authors style. This set features stories that are all new, not ones previously available and so makes this a fun new read. I’ve enjoyed works by some of these authors already, Annie Nicholas, Gina Kincade, Bethany Shaw and Amy Lee Burgess, but the others are new to me and I’m looking forward to exploring their works. Amy is one of my favourite shifter authors. The story of hers in this set is a very light and easy intro to her shifter world, but the stories in her series The Wolf Within are far more in depth and solid, so don’t get put off that if you find this story a little light.
Most of the tales here are novellas so that limits how in depth they can be of course, and the full novel the author’s write may have a much deeper content. Many box sets are intros to full series, which of course is fun and still a bargain but in this set each story is a complete stand alone one so if you just enjoy short reads/novellas this is perfect for you.I tend to like longer reads but love these quick ones in box sets to try out new (to me ) authors. I’ve not yet read all of these ( too many books too little time!!) but look forward to them soon as time allows.

Stars: Five, If you like to try new authors, want a dip into the paranormal world or simply enjoy novellas this is a bargain set.
ARC supplied by authors

The Werewolf Wears Prada, a San Francisco Wolf Pack novel, Kristin Miller



The Werewolf Wears Prada, a San Francisco Wolf Pack novel, Kristin Miller
Genre:  Romance, Fantasy/Sci-fi.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
I’ve read  the Seattle Pack trio and enjoyed them, so thought I’d try this one from the San Francisco pack. These aren’t deep, heavy, complex reads, but a kind of werewolf lite read, one where humour plays a part, and the romance is…well, fluffy sounds wrong when talking about werewolves, but it gives an idea of the type of read these are. Fun reads, ones you can read, put down and pick up later without losing the plot…there’s a place for all books, and this one suits those moments where time is limited and you may only have an odd few minutes to keep up with the story.
Its a fun read as I said, Melina is a good female lead, and did remind me a bit of the lead in the Devil wears Prada, which I read many years ago long before it was a film. Ambitious but also genuinely kind, and the the conundrum of job security v fairness is well done. Hayden, he’s the consummate playboy – or is he. Like we see so often ( and I hate) the media shows only one side, the side that sells the most, regardless of the truth or who is hurt by the story. Still, I enjoyed the growing( and growling) romance between the two, and the dilemma Melina faced.  It’s a kind of simple plot – light and easy to read, with some humour and a decent romance. These types of read are rarely five star for me, though they are for many others, but I find they are perfect for filling a gap when I want a lighter read, or for people with limited time to enjoy novels. Nothing is explored in any real depth, the story and plots are very surface based, and of course the length of just over 200 pages doesn’t allow for too much detail. Within those restrictions though is a fun read, perfect for when you want something easy to relax with.
Stars:  Four, fun story.,
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers

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Shadows of Fate, Angela Dennis


Shadows of Fate,  Angela Dennis
Genre:  Paranormal/Fantasy Romance.
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
This sounded a great read, and looked to be one that may continue into a series, and I love those. Sadly, though its well written, somehow I just couldn’t really get into the story.
I found myself putting it aside for other reads then picking it up again. I restarted a couple of times thinking maybe I just hadn’t quite understood who and what everyone was. Its a very different sort of paranormal, with so many types of creature/person that its hard for me to sort out who did what and how they fit together. Each of them had different skills, and even within the small groups they all kept things hidden from each other. That I think is why I didn’t feel I knew any of them well, and couldn’t feel connected or invested in the story.
Its a romance, but not in the usual way, with a slowly developing connection between Brenna and Gray, even though they don’t trust each other. There’s lots going on, murders and double dealing, lots of things to try to understand in the different ways people are killed, and trying to work out who is behind it and why. There’s one fairly major thing I’d worked out pretty early on, but that didn’t spoil it for me, just led to me looking for things that supported my theory.
Its a possible five star read for many, full of twist and turns, paranormal creatures, plots to overthrow groups and dastardly murders – and of course that slowly growing romance, but somehow it just didn’t connect with me. I’m hovering between a two and a three but on balance I can’t quite bring myself to rate it a three – for me that’s a good read, just not a great one – and this wasn’t good for me, even though I just know it will be for many others. That’s how it goes, we all want different things, so I’m giving a two and a half – will show as a three of course, as no half stars…
Stars: Two and a half, but as I said it’ll be five for many readers. It has quality but just not a book that worked for me.
ARC provided by Netgalley and publishers.

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We are four cousins hailing from Australia. Love of books runs in our family and we have decided to share our exhilirating gossip sessions with you. Here you can find book reviews from multiple genres, bringing you the best of buzz worthy popular fiction.

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