Rogue, Eden Bradley

Rogue (The Midnight Playground)


Rogue, Eden Bradley
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
Well, two days running I’ve been caught by a new series that’s actually turned out to be a continuation/extension of an existing series. Though this is Midnight Playground International, book one, its got all the characters and world building from the original Midnight Playground series. Of course not having read that I knew nothing about it…it’s not that hard to pick up though, but I think readers will enjoy it more if they read the others.
As it was it’s a novel that didn’t really work for me, being a very short book of around 150 kindle pages. That doesn’t really give a story a chance to get set, and I found this was mainly a succession of M/M sex scenes ( fine, I like those) set inside a very thin story line, and that doesn’t work for me. I need the sex to be a part of the story, not the whole thing. More story and less sex is what works for me, and this is more sex, less story IMO.. Its really just an introduction of how Rogue joins the existing group of vampires, by way of lots of sometimes very rough and bloody sex and beatings. I didn’t find the sex scenes very erotic, missed the tenderness of a proper romance, and found the back story just too thin. Sadly a book that wasn’t for me though I can see already its got lots of four and five star reviews. Still, that’s how it goes, and that gives us a good range of books to enjoy.
Stars: Two – just didn’t suit me.
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The Chalet, The Submissive Series, Tara Sue Me

The Chalet: A Submissive e-novella 3.5 (The Submissive Series)


The Chalet, The Submissive Series, Tara Sue Me
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Well, I loved the previous books and was eager to read this one but….I should have stopped at book three. For me the magic was Abby and Nathaniel getting together, all the friction, drama, problems and solutions that made up their journey. Now they are together and this book – novella – is about their wedding and honeymoon and its…Sweet. Its so sweet it’s lost it’s magic for me. Its a good way to complete the story ( except now I see there’s another book planned!) for those who need it,  but for many readers I suspect like me they’ll wish they stopped at the last book. This didn’t add anything for me, its a decent read, well written but no drama, at least not the sort we’ve come to expect and as such its was just a Nice book…nothing special. I’ve noticed more and more authors doing this, writing books beyond what was planned, writing the story in a different POV and I find it very rarely works. Its better to spent time and imagination on something new than to bring down what’s already written by adding more. Think of those TV series which we loved, who then produced more or spin offs that didn’t work. They dragged down the original- always stop at the top, finish where originally planned. This book could have been shortened and added as a brief epilogue at the end of book three, if it was really needed. I actually enjoy series that finish that way – that give me a tiny glimpse into a happy future and that’s all that’s needed. IMO of course!
Stars: Three – its a sweet read, no drama though. I urge Tara to seriously reconsider bringing out a  further book. Best to stop at the top, which was at book three for me.

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For more info see @TaraSueMe and @SignetEcipse.

Light Her Fire Samantha Beck


Light Her Fire Samantha Beck

review from jeannie zelos book reviews

I’ve enjoyed some of the Brazen novels before – they’re an easy, quick and hot read. Sometimes you want an in-depth book, sometimes just a quick, erotic, escapist read and that’s what I wanted yesterday. Light Her fire provided it.

I liked Melody but did find it a bit hard to believe that she’d been engaged for so long without really questioning her ex. They’d stayed friends though, and she kept his secret. That meant she had to put up with the prim and proper reputation, and the pitying looks for having been dropped by what was the town’s golden boy. Then Josh comes on the scene. Its a small town and everybody knows everything – as Josh soon finds out. It’s very different to what he’s used to as a city boy, but as he reminds himself when help up yet again by the locals who see him as interfering, this is just a short stepping stone on the way to his ultimate goal,  Chief of a city fire station. Melody though catches his eye, he’s heard her rep of course but she gives him some searing looks, and he can’t help but keep eye f cking her…and then she calls him on it. Soon they’re embroiled in a passionate affair, but what about the future? She wants to stay here and he wants to move back to the city – its early days, but it’s clear their original short, no strings affair means more to both of them. Rock meet hard place.
There’s some hot and erotic scenes here, with Josh teaching inexperienced Melody what her body really wants. She too has some eye-openers for him, after getting tips from her ex and his boyfriend…surprised Josh! There’s some great humour tucked in too, along with the danger from an arsonist that initially gets passed off by the Mayor and the other fire crew as just local teens messing around. It proves more though, and Josh is vindicated but it leads to a situation where his life is in danger.

Stars: four.  Its a fun read, a good escape and it is exactly what it pitches, a quick, hot, entertaining novel.
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Two Bar Mitzvahs, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

Two Bar Mitzvahs (No Weddings Book 3)


 Two Bar Mitzvahs, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastion

Review from jeannie zelos book reviews

Genre:  romance, women’s fiction

Well, I loved the first two books and the heat has definitely turned up now – it took all of book one to get to a first kiss, all of book two to get Hannah into bed, but now they’re hot and heavy at every opportunity! It fits well into the scenes though, not added sex for the sake of it, but a natural progression as their relationship matures. Hannah is still struggling with her confidence though and having Cade’s ex turn up and make it clear she wants him back isn’t helping. Cade is wonderful, and tells Hannah he’s not interested, but he’s busy micromanaging every aspect of the businesses, and as they’ve grown and become more popular his time with Hannah is taking a knock. Plus of course he’s a guy (!)– and doesn’t know when he should tell Hannah things that he may think is irrelevant but she doesn’t, and it leads to some friction. As ever the family and co workers/friends are a fabulous group. The story centres around Cade and Hannah, but the others play some important parts in the story. Madison – the ex – is a great character, a real nasty piece of work, manipulative and out for what she wants, regardless of the cost to others. I loved ( to hate!) her character. Once again the events are described wonderfully, fitting into the story and giving me a clear mental image of them. The convo with Madison over the food at the bar mitzvah – where she’s planned crab cakes and pigs in blankets, and talks down to Cade when he nixes them, suggesting he’s just being picky – then he points out the Jews/pork/shellfish connection …wonderful. Its that kind of tiny detail that’s potentially a huge problem that makes Cade so good at his job. Hannah’s cakes once again are incredible, I have this mental image of them and I love the way Kat and Stone have cone up with the most unusual ideas for them…
It all wraps up in another fabulous story, taking Cade and Hannah that one step further finally. Its full of emotion, smiles, despair, how to work through dramas, how to deal with ( and not deal with ) exes, and through it all is the shining happiness of Hannah and Cade – well until Cade takes a wrong step and it all crashes  He’s at a loss over how to sort things, how to persuade Hannah he can be trusted, that he will make things right. His dad is just wonderful, and gives him some very good advice about work/life balance and Cade can see where he’s let the ball slip – can he pick it up again though and show Hannah they belong together? That was so sad, I felt for him, we could see the disaster coming, but he was so busy micro managing he didn’t see it and when it hit – oh poor Hannah, with her past it struck her badly, and I was so sad for her, but rooting for Cade not to give up, to pick her up and put things right. They’re such a great couple, and this book has some very explicit steamy scenes, but they’re good both mentally and emotionally and not just in the physical sense.
There’s a theme of helping others less fortunate running through the series. Cade’s parents support an anti slavery charity, the businesses hold charity events, and the theme of one of the parties is about Fair Trade with only Fair Trade products used and partygoers encourages to purchase FT clothing. Its a reminder of the small things we can do in everyday life that can have a huge impact on other people’s lives. There’s a section at the end of the novel about the charities mention in the books. They are fictitious but there are real ones like them who need our help, and some of the proceeds from the  sales of the No Weddings series go to support them. See the website for more info.
Stars: Five , loved it.
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Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set, #1 Resisting, #2 Falling, #3 Choosing (The CAN’T RESIST Series) Violet Duke

Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set (#1 Resisting, #2 Falling, #3 Choosing) (CAN'T RESIST)


Nice Girl to Love: Trilogy Boxed Set, #1 Resisting, #2 Falling, #3 Choosing (The CAN’T RESIST Series) Violet Duke
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary romance
This is the way I love to read a trilogy, where all the books are out and I can read through back to back without waiting for more. I hate waiting months – years even – for the next part of a book, I find I just lose the impetus of the story so this was a perfect read in that sense for me.
I liked Abby – who couldn’t, she’s one of those genuinely nice people, who help others just because they can and don’t have a malicious side to them. Abby has a good girl front, but in her past there’s a dark side that still shadows her actions. She’s known Brian for years and helped him with Skylar while his wife was ill, and after she died. she’s been a solid support. Brian – he seems the nice guy too, and perhaps a perfect match for Abby. He was certainly a loyal husband and a wonderful dad, with Skylar being his priority. Connor is described as the “bad boy” type and yet…to me he didn’t seem that way. He’s a playboy but he’s honest, upfront with what he expects and doesn’t lead ladies on to think he’ll change. Everyone knows after one month that’s it – that’s the way he is and while I’d find that hard to take I admire his honesty about it.
When we get to know all of them better we see more, we learn about Abby’s past, can see much of why Brian is so independent, and that Connor isn’t as black as he’s painted. In fact he gave up a lot to help Brian when Beth was pregnant and has been a huge support to him since.
So, Abby starts with one month with Connor, falls in love and then the month is up. Connor though has shocked himself, he doesn’t want this to be the end but…Brian seems to have finally recognised what’s under his nose and he wants a shot at winning Abby’s love. Connor agrees to step back and let Brian try to win Abby’s heart, even though he loves her himself. That’s where for me Brian falls down – he Knows Abby is in love with Connor, he Knows Connor loves Abby, he Knows she’s distraught at his dropping contact and yet – he wants her for himself never thinking of what either Abby or his brother want. To me that’s quite selfish, if he genuinely felt for Abby surely he’d be honest, and let her go the way her heart wants. Why only now does he want her when she’s been there for years, it’s as if he only noticed her once Connor did.
After dating him for one month, and learning some surprises Abby is stuck, both brothers want her but how can she choose. To me its the one that makes her heart spin, Connor, but being Abby she can’t bear to hurt Brian, he doesn’t affect her heart the way Connor does, but that long friendship they have is confusing her, Brian’s presenting himself differently, and he’s a man she is attracted to – is it enough though? Of course there’s also the fact that if she chooses him Connor will be hurt. They all make an agreement that personally I think is weird….but that’s fiction Winking smile
There’s some heat here, some really sad events, and some humour too. I’d have liked more of Connor’s jealous exes – just because I love that bitch snark that comes out. Skylar was a gem and I was really sad for her in parts, she deserved so much after losing her mum but life is unfair. I can see where she wanted Abby and her dad to be together, a young teen would hope for that once the option is presented. She’d have been happy if Abby and Connor were together before Brian made a play, once that was done though her views were inevitable – a new mum who loves her and she knows, respects and loves, or an new aunt. Well, look at it from her side and its an easy choice. Its not hers to make though, but whatever happens she’s affected closely.
Its a good series, not heart stopping dramatic, though there are moments that are breath holding, and overall its a trilogy I enjoyed but not one I’d re read. I don’t have the same criticism of Connor as other reviewers have – to me he was honest and upfront, and I’d rather that than a sleaze who leads people to think there’s more, then drops them. His views were practically considered and he did it to stop anyone getting hurt – or at least try…Abby sleeping with both was a bit …strange. I think she’d have felt more uncomfortable about it than we’re told. There’s nothing actually wrong in it – just that the side of her we’re given I wouldn’t have expected her to do that.
Stars: three and a half. Better than just Good, but not a Great book. Its well written and everything adds up neatly its just emotionally it didn’t get me deeply and I want that from my romances.
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The Demon Count Novels, Anne Stuart


The Demon Count Novels, Anne Stuart
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Historical Romance.
These two stories were fun to read, they reminded me of the books I’d read as a teen, Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy etc.. a bit of romance, a bit of mystery and lots of local colour. I loved the Venetian setting, I felt I was there, back in time among the old buildings and canals. I’ve seen comments that question whether a young lady could/would travel alone in that time. For me I’m not too worried about the reality of facts like that so long as they lead to a fun story, and it does. I like Carlotta ( so much nicer that Charlotte, more romance about it) and the way she was just too inquisitive for her own good. Luc, well he was a real man of mystery and it doesn’t take too many guesses to work out where he stands, but Carlotta is taken in by the rumours, is he the murderer, is he a vampire, is he an enemy to England…and for an impressionable and inquisitive young lady its a puzzle she can’t let pass. I loved Patrick the cat, even wondered whether he was more than he seemed Winking smile at times.
The second story didn’t quite grab me the same way, it was fun and felt similar to the first in that it was reminiscent of past novels but the story itself didn’t quite fit with me. I think its the characters, in the first book I was really into them – they seemed very clear cut and maybe I got spoiled a bit – perhaps some distance before I read book two would have been better. I really wanted more Luc and Carlotta not the next generation, I wasn’t ready to leave them.
Stars: three and a half. They were fun to read but no something I’d re read.
ARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers
Edit: After reading the books and writing my review I noticed these were originally published in 1980. That accounts for why they felt so reminiscent of books I read back then….but tastes change, and they do feel a little dated compared to todays market. Still, a gentle romance with some history and colour colour added and they were fun and easy read.

Alex (A Cold Fury Hockey Novel), Sawyer Bennett

Alex: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey)


Alex (A Cold Fury Hockey Novel), Sawyer Bennett
Review from jeannie zelos book reviews
My second Sawyer Bennet novel..I loved the fabulous Confessions of a Litigation God so was hoping for good things from this one, and I wasn’t disappointed.
It’s a tale of two people who’ve had horrific childhoods, and who’ve taken a very different path in adulthood. Alex is a top hockey star, still inwardly suffering from his controlling, dominatiing father’s cruel childhood abuse. His dad was determined to make hima top hockey player and was so OTT in the things he did to poor Alex from when he was very young. He was punished for every tiny mistake, even if the team thought he’d done really well. His dad still phones after every match to ream him about what he thinks he did wrong. Never praise just the lecture. Alex copes by closing himself off from everyone and by being a jerk. He’s not ashamed when he gets the MVP awards and the fans name him Most Valuable Prick….it all rolls off him. He does his stuff, plays the game and suceeds, and he doesn’t care what others think. Not the fans, not the players or managers, no friends, he just does physical sex, not relationships. Then he meets Sutton. His team managers have tired of his antics, and punish him by making him take part in a drug, alcohol and addiction outreach project. It’s actually somehing he’d do anyway, as it involves visiting schools etc to talk to youths and maybe stop some from getting stuck in the spiral he was caught in by his alcoholic father. He needs the money from the sport, otherwise he’d tell management what to do with their attempts to rein him in, but though he doesn’t enjoy it Hockey is all he has ever done, and he’s unqualified for anythng else…
Then he meets Sutton and he’s attracted straight off, but she shooots down his attempts to get her to his house ( she knows what he means by his offer to cook dinner at his house!!) They have a couple of false starts where they irritate each other, but then a corner is turned and Alex finds that its not just Sutton’s body he likes but her mind too. Gradually he finds himself talkiung to her as a friend – and he’s never had one of those. She makes him look at things in a different way, and he begins to change. They get closer too til they are finally immersed in a fully fledged, hot and sensual relationship. That Alex has some great moves…. As always though there’s a worm in the apple and Alex gets scared…I’d have liked that part to have been more drawn out – I like to really feel the hurt, to get upset for the characters, to wallow with them in their sorrow – then when they make up it makes me so much happier. It was still good though, still a terrific read and one full of drama and emotion, one that made me look at the characters and how their pasts affected them differently.
Stars: Almost a five, a four and a half.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and publishers.

Love Me Later, Libby Rice


Love Me Later, Libby Rice
review from jeannie zelos book reviews
I really enjoy second chance romance so was looking forward to this, but I’ve mixed feelings. Parts of it I really enjoyed, but parts just left me feeling confused, irritated, and wondering why.
Scarlet, when we first meet her is a typical Rich Girl, privileged, sheltered, but lacking in love. Ethan is the rough, tough, street boy prize fighter she’s attracted to, and she goes a second time to see him fight, gets attacked and life changes for both of them. She’s left even further from her father, they weren’t close but now they never see each other, and she’s rejected all his money and made her own way ( with the help of selling stuff she already had of course, car, jewellery etc. ) Now she’s a respected lawyer. Ethan lost what little he had when he was imprisoned, it left him with a real chip against her. Why accuse him? Then try to pay him off as if money could make up for all he lost…it made him feel belittled and patronised. Now he’s very rich in his own right and sees a way to pay her back…
When it comes to it though the attraction still sizzles, and they are soon embroiled in a hot and heavy affair.
So what didn’t I like – this novel seemed right up my street, what was wrong? Well, the plane scene, I Really couldn’t see Scarlet acting like that – come on – its only a couple of hours since they’d had a major spat and she was convinced he’s out to ruin her, so would she risk that? Ditto really the whole affair but…then they go back and forth each thinking wrongly about the other, then finding out the truth, and they get back. I really couldn’t be doing with that part, it just felt wrong. Either there was trust or there wasn’t. Either they wanted to make it work – in which case they needed to be open – or they didn’t. No, this back and forth see saw that just felt wrong to me. Still when they were together that was seriously hot. The merger they were working on – after the indications something was wrong and the problems that caused I can’t even remember now what did happen about that, how it was resolved. Its only hours since I finished the book, and yet that major part has drifted from my mind. Was there a conclusion to it or was it a plot that wasn’t ended? Dunno…
The final part, where she’s in danger once again, worked pretty well for me, and tied up some loose ends. Overall its a book I was hoping for more from, it was a decent read but nothing special.
Stars: Three.
ARC supplied from Netgalley and publishers.

Costly Affair: Love, Lies and Liaisons, Les Cochran

Costly Affair: Love, Lies and Liaisons,  Les Cochran
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Contemporary
I hadn’t read book one, but armed with the Amazon sample and a synopsis provided by Les I began book two in the trilogy. Steve – oh how that man annoyed me. He’s messed up his marriage, his professional life and the lives of so many women and been given a fresh start. His wife has divorced him, but Kate his girlfriend from college is sticking by him – he’s promised her that he’ll get help, be a changed man and won’t lie to her again, and he’s also got a new post at a different university. Lucky, lucky man, but what does he do? Yep – starts down all his old tracks saying things are different, lying to the ever faithful Kate and his therapist, and of course himself.
I know there’s lots of different views on sex addiction – for me I just think if it does exist, then like any addiction the addict needs to want to change, and Steve doesn’t really. He didn’t like the chaos his life descended into last time, but here he is, back on the same roundabout telling himself its different this time. I can’t see the link with his childhood either – why would that make him behave like this? Altogether he’s a brilliant man at his job, but a total ar se as a person and I just feel so much for the women involved who think he loves them…he made me really angry!
But my personal issues with Steve apart, its an excellent book, well written and with characters that feel so real, hence my angry stance on Steve. I know its fiction but I have to believe in the characters for it to work for me, and these feel all too real. The university/academia setting is one I’m unfamiliar with except as a student, so I’ve no idea how the behind the scenes stuff works, but guess its like any large organisation, there’s wheels need greasing and egos to flatter to get the funding that is needed, and clearly Steve has a talent for working at that. Just a shame it brings him into contact with those poor women…Once again he’s convinced everything is fine – until it starts to spiral beyond what he can control – and some real shocks come out.
It’s an excellent read, but a one off for me. Though there’s romance in the way Steve has so many dalliances, its not the kind of romance I really want to read, and even if Steve gets some kind of HEA I just can’t feel he deserves it. He  uses every excuse in the book, his father, his mother, his childhood and his addiction to cover what’s essentially just a selfish “I want”  personality, and let him do whatever he wants without pricking his conscience. Its so easy to say “I can’t help it, its the fault of my….” but really the only person who can stop it is Steve and it seems to me he doesn’t really want to. . I’ve really no idea how its going to end, but hope it’s something like the scorned women getting their own back in some way. It would be good for him to be on the other end, to receive some of the shock, pain, betrayal they must feel when they find out about his deception.
Stars: Four, interesting and absorbing read.
ARC supplied by author.

The Morph, Gate Shifter Book One, JC Andrijeski

The Morph: The Gate Shifter Series: Book One


The Morph, Gate Shifter Book One, JC Andrijeski

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Well, I love JC Andrijeski Allie’s War series and this is another paranormal romance. I tend to stay away from books which involve other planets/space travel as being too far in the sci-fi genre for me. Still, I found after the first book I was hooked on Allie’s War, although I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit initially, so knowing I love JC’s writing style I thought I’d try this one. I’m so glad I did, as I love it.

I can see similarities in the two series, and what works for me is there is a strong romantic element in them, though this book is far less sensual so far that the AW series. In fact though I can see a romance beginning they’re still finding their way, and have done little more than a few kisses so far. Still, you can feel the attraction and that puzzles Dakota, knowing Nihkil is from another planet, another race, how she feels about him. It takes some getting used to. I really enjoyed the way the other characters were explained, how we saw their actions, and how they fit into the story. As ever there’s a power hungry group heading everyone, and the Morphs are regarded as lesser than the Humans. They can interbreed, and very occasionally produce a totally different group, the Supernaturals. The children may be Morph, Human or Supernatural but if not Human then they can be removed from the parents. It reminds me very much of the slavery issues we used to have, and that still exist in some cultures….People can be very cruel and kid themselves they’re doing what’s best, when really its just a way to keep their place at the top :-(

I liked Dakota, she’s had a tough life and its made her very self reliant and suspicious of others motives. That stands her in good stead when she and Nihkil reach his home planet. The people there want to know how she crossed with Nihkil, she shouldn’t have been able to do it, and so they think her DNA may hold the key to many of their problems, not least their fertility issues. She’s not ready to become an incubator though, and there are some scary suggestions such as removing her ovaries etc. Nihkil registers a claim on her, though as a Morph he is subject to human laws he can claim her as his, and give her a measure of protection. She’s his lock holder too although she doesn’t understand how that happened, or how to control it…and that creates problems. She needs that lock open if Nihkil is to take her home, but first they need to find a way to get out from the clutches of the ruling group.

As in the AW series, there are people who are more than they seem. One who claims to be Nihkil’s friend certainly reminds me of Terian from AW…and it’s difficult to know if they can trust anyone, or what is planned for them. Its a struggle to stay together with Nihkil using existing laws to help protect them, and Dakota having to trust him. Nihkil is a strange man… a full blood Morph… and we seem him change hugely through the book. From the start there’s a real link between them and that grows, with Dakota getting jealous of his time with other women, but not knowing enough to ask him about it. It turns out that as a full Morph it’s part of his contract to try to reproduce with others. There’s a lot to learn for both of them, and I enjoyed how things brought them closer but not without some real problems along the way. They can’t leave, the rulers want to learn as much as possible from Dakota, and seem to regard her as property, and Nihkil is already regarded as “belonging” to them. Add on to that those who see them as troublemakers, and want to be rid of them and you can see what a thin line they tread. I love how Nihkil gets more and more protective of Dakota as they get closer, she has feelings of jealousy around him and yet they are both dancing around the question of attraction.

A great read – similarities to AW series but overall a different, lighter feel. the world building and characters aren’t ( yet!!) as complex and its an easier to follow story.
Stars: Five.
ARC supplied via Netgalley and author

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